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30: Freight Farms: Shipping Containers as Mobile Farming Units
29: Ring of Smog: Air Pollution Pressed into Wearable Jewelry
28: Micro Mote: World's Smallest Computer is Powered by Light
27: Needle-Free Extraction Device Sucks Blood Through Skin
25: Halfbike: Standing Bike for Best of Both Walking & Cycling
24: Swiss Postal Service Deploying First Real Drone Deliveries
23: FluidStance: Desk Device Blends Best of Sitting & Standing
22: Space Lasers: New Technology to Blast Debris Out of Orbit
21: Real-Life Holodeck: 3D Holograms You Can Touch & Feel
20: 20 Miles of Solar Panels Give Bikers Shelter Along Highway
19: Alien Waters: 9 Extraterrestrial Oceans in Our Solar System
17: 'Bolt' Board: The World's Most Portable Electric Vehicle
16: Tiny Tesseract: Your Portable Peripherals in a 1-Inch Cube
15: Lane Splitter: Concept Car Separates into 2 Motorcycles
14: Russian Man Volunteers for World's First Head Transplant
13: Tiny Tiko: 0 Unibody 3D Printer Raises Over .5 Million
12: VW to Resurrect Classic Camper Van as New Electric Vehicle
10: Mystery Attraction: Science Solves Self-Organizing Drops
09: Seed Startup Aims to Plant 1 Billion Trees a Year by Drone
08: Slip-On Exoskeleton: Walk-Assist Boots Brace Your Stride
07: 18-Year-Old Builds DIY Submarine from Drainpipe for K
06: New System Sucks Plastic Out of Oceans 33 Times Cheaper
05: Flat Free: Airless Carbon-Fiber Bike Tires Use Compression
04: Brew Stash: Secret Underground Power-Free Beer Cooler
02: Computer Killer: Virtual PC for Full Cloud-Based Computing
01: Skate Sans Board: 720-Degree Sidewinding Circular Skates

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31: Japan Has Tech to Wirelessly Beam Solar Power from Space
30: Tiny iPad Add-On Turns You Into an Instant Master Artist
29: Biohackers Can Inject Eyeballs with Temporary Night Vision
27: Double Time: Wall Clocks Moonlight as Stylish Storage
26: Synchronized Paper Cranes Dance on Electromagnetic Stage
25: Plastic Baroque: Fast-Built Furniture Squeezed from Tube
24: Smooth Writer: Vibrating Pen Just for Parkinson's Patients
24: DIY Electromagnetics: The World's Simplest Electric Train
23: Cosmic Tourism: NASA Travel Posters for Real Exoplanets
22: Shylights: Kinetic Fractal Light Fixtures Fall Open & Bloom
20: Glitch Carpets: Hand-Crafted Rugs Look Like Computer Bugs
19: Down Under: World's First Wave Power Station Tied to Grid
18: Backyak: Modular Backpack Becomes Kayak, Sled & Sailboat
17: Drone Defense: Future of Electomagnetic & Geo-Fencing
16: Where's Wallet? Tracking Device Billfold for the Forgetful
16: Sea Segway: Low-Tech, Hand-Powered 'Stingray' Seats One
15: Space Noir: Hauntingly Dim Photos Inside the ISS at Night
13: DIY Analog Memory Desk: 3,300 Feet of Scrolling Paper
12: Living 3D-Printed Food: Output Seeds in Soil, Grow & Eat
11: Swirl Faucet: Helical Patterns Look Sweet & Save Water
10: Sun-Powered Sailboat: Yacht Features Flexible Solar Sails
09: Tiny Handheld Camera Drone Auto-Tethers to Smartphones
08: Student-Built 3D Printer Uses Recycled Pop-Bottle Plastic
06: Lego X: Physical Blocks Auto-Generate Digital Schematics
05: World's First Plantable Coffee Cup Contains Local Seeds
04: Social Textiles: Wearable Networks by MIT Tangible Media
03: Drone Ambulance: Fast Urban Quadcopter Flies with 1 EMT
02: Star Trails in Space: Timelapse Photos Shot from the ISS

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31: Roboshark Ahoy! US Navy's Shark-Shaped Swimming Drone
30: Illuminating Music: Earbuds Pulse Along With the Beat
29: Emergency Power: Paper Micro-Batteries for Mobile Phones
28: Mercedes' Self-Driving Car is a Luxury Office on Wheels
27: World's Most Wearable Multi-Tool is Made of Useful Links
27: Power Wash: Exercise Bike-Driven Clothes Washing Machine
26: Mobile Micro-Cabin: Bicycle-Towed Camper Built to Sleep 2
25: Screen Printing: Create Hard Copies of iPhone Memories
24: Data Stickies: Portable 'Post-It Note' Flash Drive Design
23: Sling-Slang: The Slick DIY Wooden Yo-Yo For Grown-Ups
22: Swap Space for Energy: Free Water & Heat from the Cloud
21: Modular Smartwatch: Rad Open-Platform Wrist Wearable
20: Power Plants: Dutch Harvesting Energy from Live Greenery
19: Hot Swap: Google's New 11-Piece Modular Phone Prototype
18: Retro Hybrid: Remixing Classic Mac & Classy Apple Designs
17: We'll All Float On: DIY Hoverboard With Leaf Blower Power
16: Rocking Controller Takes Gaming Movement to the Feet
15: Outernet: Pocket-Portable Device Has Internet Everywhere
14: Nunchuk-Inspired Case Gives You Mad iPhone Ninja Skills
13: Amputee Tests First-Ever Mind Controlled Dual Robot Arms
12: Desktop Termites: Cool Habitat Displays Wood-Eating Bugs
12: Un-Clouding: Wearable Hard Drive Carries 1TB of Data
11: Rescue From Above: Inflating Float Ring Clips Onto Drone
10: Next-Gen Eco-Friendly Leather Comes From Pineapple Trees
09: Spellbinding Film Shows Earth Rotating as Stars Stay Still
08: Transport Cylinder Glides Along Abandoned Railroad Tracks
07: Futuristic System Uses Eye Reflections to Identify Faces
07: Too Hot to Handle: Backyard Foundry Melts Cans in Seconds
06: This Acoustic Instrument Sounds Like it Comes From Space
06: Forget the Down: Winter Gear Has Customizable Insulation
05: Touch + Go: Modular System Gives iPad Physical Controls
05: How Used X-Rays Brought Banned US Music to the USSR
04: Light + Movement: A Dance With Projected Light Pixels
03: A Better Mouse: Input Device With the Precision of a Pen
02: Electric Trikes Hefty Enough to Carry Cargo + Passengers
01: Stress-Measuring Ring Tracks + Records Your Emotions

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31: Multi-Tasking Seaplane is a Fishing Boat, Sundeck + Tent
30: Platform Robot Can Perfectly Balance a Ball on its Center
30: Fun With Food: 3D Printed Pieces Turn Veggies Into Toys
29: Storage Story: Combo Lock Opens With Pics, not Numbers
29: Terribly Un-useful Home Objects Teach Sneaky Life Lessons
28: Retro Calcs Uncovered: Complex Charm of Antique Machines
27: Safer Skating: Rock Deflector Keeps Skateboarders Upright
26: World's New Deepest-Dwelling Fish is a Ghostly Beauty
26: Sleepy? KipstR Starts Recording Your TV When You Drift Off
24: Fungus Incubator Turns Plastic Garbage Into People Food
23: Pinch: A Simple, Streamlined Wall Bike Mount + Showcase
23: Polaroid's New Camera Prints + Uploads Pics Instantly
22: Watch a Master Carver Make Pliers From One Piece of Wood
22: Future Humans Could Explore Venus From a Floating Blimp
21: Portable Tesla Coils Were Yesteryear's Futuristic Cure-All
20: Wired Ballet Shoes Trace Movements to Make Visual Art
19: Sewn Wood is a Brand New Use for an Age-Old Material
18: Here Comes the Sun: Transmit Sunlight to Windowless Rooms
17: Biodegradable Drone Melts Away Harmlessly After a Mission
17: Extravagant Motorcycle is Right Out of a Futurist's Dream
16: Iconic Art Style Reimagined as Snazzy Sticky Note Set
16: Dancing Mushroom Animation Drawn Entirely With Sound
15: Here's How to Fold the World's Greatest Paper Airplane
15: Scooter on a Half Shell: Lego Wheels Get Turtle Moving
14: Giant Cylindrical Screen Makes You Run to Play Video Game
13: Futuristic Implanted Wearable Facilitates Info Exchange
12: Stop-Motion Film Composed of Rotating 3D Miniature Men
11: Hi-Tech Straw Cools Your Booze Without Watering it Down
11: Aged Industrial Parts Become a Retro-Style Sculptural Bike
10: Self-Watering Flowerpot Keeps Your House Plants Alive
10: Programmable Wireless Controller Makes Creativity Easy
09: Public Phone Chargers Are Artificial Solar-Powered Trees
08: Toggle Power Outlet Turns Off and On With a Simple Switch
08: Smell Your TV Shows With a 00 Aroma Emitting System
07: Make a DIY Hand Warmer With Household Items in 5 Mins
07: Simple Folding Divider Ends Airplane Armrest Disputes
06: Wear Your Power: Stylish Bracelet Charges Your Phone
05: Smart Pan Gets Your Recipe Exactly Right Every Time
03: Pocket-Size Gadget Telescopes Into an Anywhere Stool
03: Convertible VTOL Vehicle Takes Off From Street to Sky
02: Smile, You're On Jacket Camera: Personal Security Coat
02: Everything is Illuminated: Paper-Thin Printed LED Lighting
01: Bionic Bird Drone is Realistic Enough to Fool Other Birds
01: DNA-Laced Security Fog Catches Crooks With Rad Science

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30: Dinner for One: Tiny DIY Recycled Altoids Tin Barbecue
30: Linebacker-Sized Humanoid Robot Can Balance on One Foot
29: All Packed Up: Collapsing Bike Fits Entirely in a Backpack
26: Portable Charger Helps You Disc-over Charging Freedom
25: MINI Scooter, Max Style: BMW's Electric Folding Scooter
25: Beaming with Pride: Sending Solar Power Down from Space
24: Slick Trick: Countertop Expeller Makes Fresh Oil in 15 Mins
24: Point of View: Teleport Your Vision to a Whole New Level
23: Numbers? Where We're Going, We Don't Need Numbers
23: Substitute Finger Keeps Your App Awake When You're Away
22: Tiny 3D Printed Livers Go on Sale to Improve Drug Trials
21: Eye Feel Safe: Biometric Iris Scanner Secures All Your Data
20: Ultra-Luxe Personal Yacht Will Cost Half a Billion Dollars
19: Illustrated Life-Saver: Instructional First Aid Blanket
19: Lasers Ionize Mid-Air Molecules to Make Moving Holograms
18: Cut a Rug: Kids Bike Made Entirely of Recycled Carpet
17: Cringeworthy Contact Lens Fitting Procedure of the 1940s
17: Headset Guides Blind People Through City With Audio Cues
16: World's Largest Vacuum Chamber Puts on a Physics Show
14: Crazy Upside-Down Pickup Truck is Flipping Street Legal
13: Sorry, Paranormalists: There's a Reason You Sense Ghosts
12: Ambulance Drone Delivers Defibrillator in Just One Minute
11: Workout Keyboard: Exercises the Body, Writes Punchy Lines
11: Future Mercedes SUV Could Be Powered By its Own Paint
10: Plug + Play Nightlight Monitors Your Home for Emergencies
07: Significant Sweat: System Measures Health Via Perspiration
06: Nintendo Controller Trophies Will Make You Win Harder
06: Wearable Projector Creates Dynamic Moving Light Jewelry
05: Practically Pong: Weird Analog Version of the Video Game
05: Ingenious Unpickable Door Lock Uses Flexible Key to Open
04: Ship to Shore: Bespoke Wooden Bikes Built by a Shipwright
03: Surprise! Intricate LEGO Sculptures Pop Out From Boxes
03: The Friendly Skies: Europe's First Flying Car Takes Off
02: Click Your Heels + This Device Gets You Out of a Bad Date
02: Hand Exoskeleton Gives You a Firm Grasp on Virtual Worlds
01: The World's First Working Hoverboard Has Finally Arrived

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31: Cosmic Creativity: NASA's 2014 Pumpkin Carving Contest
31: Living Lights: Sea Bacteria Make This Swinging Lamp Glow
30: Sole Saver: Foot-Mounted Device Stops Wandering Patients
30: Hold That Thought! Researchers Learning to Read Minds
29: This is a Gadget for Hands-Free Cookie Dunking, Apparently
28: Meep Meep! Bionic Boots Make You a Human Roadrunner
28: Spooky, Scary Sight: Decapitated Singing Halloween Heads
27: Sleek, Sustainable, Simple: DIY Bamboo Bike Frame Kit
26: Distraction-Free Writing: Retro Typewriter Meets Laptop
26: PrintScreen: Lightweight, Flexible, Printable Displays
25: Smell of Victory: Paralyzed Man Walks After Nose Cell Graft
24: Persistence of Time: Antique Gadgets Unzipped for Art
23: Don't Book My Face: AntiTagging App Foils Face Recognition
22: Hand-Powered Espresso Maker for a Portable Jolt of Java
21: Bucket-Mounted Washing Machine Cleans Clothes in 5 Mins
21: Inflatable Life Raft Tips + Uses Leverage to Lift Victims
20: Digitized Time: E-Paper Watch Swaps Designs With a Touch
20: Magnetic Rails Float Bottles Above Your Fridge Shelves
19: Color-Changing Lamp Sucks Up Hues With a Little Squeeze
18: Conductive Ink Pen Lets You Draw Custom Working Circuits
17: Cardboard Surfboard Doesn't Sink, But Does Carve Waves
16: Information Burnout: Self-Destructing Message Printer
15: The Write Stuff: Luxurious Pen With a Sculptural Twist
15: BMW's EVs Now Have a Solar Charger To Power Your House
14: Old-School Style: Vintage 8-Bit Game Cartridge Wallpaper
14: Serious Selfies: Kickstand Case Makes Self Portraits Simple
13: Sharp Thinking: Kinetic Energy Axe Does Smarter Cutting
13: Inhale Your Food: Scent-Emitting Fork Fools the Taste Buds
12: Slice of Life: Cone Mouse Drops to Pac-Man Shape for Travel
12: 3D Printed Machine Gun Folds + Shoots Paper Airplanes
11: Wearable Wrist Drone is Your Personal Action Photographer
10: Bamboo Flash Drives Look Like Classic NES Controllers
10: Spin Doctors: Disney Creates Impossible Spinning Tops
09: London's Red Phone Boxes Become Green Charging Stations
08: Prehistoric Pedaling: Fierce Hand-Carved Dinosaur Bike
07: 3D Printed Heart Model Saved the Life of 2-Week-Old Baby
06: The Human Factor: Sculpture Sees Homo Sapiens Rise + Fall
06: The Unspillable Drink: Coffee Mug Can't Be Knocked Over
05: The Long Haul: Freshwater Animal is as Good as Immortal
04: The Anti-Gadget Gadget: Put it On and Tune the World Out
03: Strong + Secure: Smart Door Lock is Your Home's New BFF
02: Fast Car: Working Carbon Fiber Car 3D Printed in 44 Hours
01: Water + Wireless: Electric Powered Boat-Free Wakeboard
01: Digital Time Capsule Preserves Your Personality Forever

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30: Storm Shield: Ballistic Bag Protects From Tornado Debris
30: Sky-High Ambition: Facebook's Solar Planes + Global Wi-Fi
29: Fly Like the Wind: Jetpack Helps You Run a 4 Minute Mile
29: Creepy Rubbery Robot Survives Fire, Water, Acid, Car Tires
28: Press to Clean: Hand Sanitizer Built Into Door Handles
27: Rhythmic Waves: Mesmerizing Outdoor Pendulum Wave
26: Revolutionary Salt Water Battery Powers Robust E-Car
25: DIY Folding Headset Takes Your Phone to Virtual Reality
25: Smiling, Talking Robot Hitchhikes Across Canada Unharmed
24: Safety Seat: Ingenious Bike Seat Transforms Into a Lock
24: Best + Brightest: Hollow Flashlight Runs on Your Body Heat
23: My Finger is on the Bttn: Single Control For All Your Stuff
22: Spectacular 200-Year-Old Desk Full of Hidden Mechanisms
22: Rolling Naptime: Driverless Car Comes Equipped With a Bed
21: Space Botanicals: Artist Sends Plants Into Stratosphere
20: End of Aquaphobia: Nanocoating Makes Gadgets Waterproof
19: Time to Die: Annual Clock Marks Time by Dying Tree Leaves
17: Toyota's Tiny EVs Bring 'Last Mile' Green Transpo to France
16: Safer Savoring: Chopsticks Detect Deadly Contaminated Oil
15: Disco for One: A Stress-Relieving Office Desktop Party
15: Custom 3D Printed Cart Helps 2-Legged Dog Scoot Around
14: Yale's Supercool Metals Make for Super-Tough Phone Cases
12: Living Lamp Glows Brighter the More Attention You Give It
11: Camera Goes Two Pieces to Capture All of Your Activities
11: Cloud Shadows: Stunning Pics of Earth Clouds From Space
10: Catercise: Giant Hamster Wheel Keeps Kitties in Top Shape
09: Smart Charging Cable Backs up Your Phone as it Charges
09: Presto! Hubless Bike Folds Down to Fit Into Your Backpack
08: Novel Projection Clock Spray Paints the Time on Your Wall
08: Power to Go: Folding Wind Turbine Fits Into a Backpack
07: Car Diagnostic App Tells You What That Dash Light Means
06: Sitting is the New Standing: Wearable Chairless Chair
05: Clear Charging: Solar Cells Just as Transparent as Windows
04: From the Void: Submerged Turntable Pulls Music From Water
04: Crutch Alternative Supports Injured Leg, Leaves Hands Free
03: Revolutionary Bots Will Bounce and Roll to Explore Planets
03: Creepy Parasitic Jewelry is Powered by the Body's Energy
02: Making Learning Fun: Physics App Uses Playing to Teach
02: Across the Blue: Water Bike Takes Cycling to the Streams
01: Video Explains Why British Wall Sockets Are the Best Ever
01: Peek Inside the Plastic: Ethereal X-Ray Images of Toy Guts

August 2014 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: Paper + Digital: Draw in a Moleskine, Edit it on Your iPad
29: 3D Makeover: Moving Digital Makeup Projected in Real Time
28: Wonderul Wooden Light Bulb Shines With Warm Subtle Glow
28: Designer Dinner: Intricately Laser-Cut Sushi Seaweed
27: Cool Dad Made a Working Hovercraft From Household Stuff
27: Unstealable Bike Uses its Own Frame as an Ingenious Lock
25: Rugged Modular Flashlight is Also a Dual-USB Charger
25: Space Mission Will Shoot Arrows at Mars to Look for Life
24: Shape of Love: Program Turns Love Stories Into Objects
23: Edible Chocolate LEGO Bricks Let You Build + Eat Your Snack
22: 3 Ridiculously Dangerous Vintage Toys of the 20th Century
21: Finally, a Standing Wheelchair Meant for Quadraplegics
21: Swarm of 1,024 Tiny Robots Self-Assemble Into Any Shape
20: World's Most Bare-Bones Phone Does Absolutely Nothing
20: Origami Solar Array Blooms in Space to Collect Sun Power
19: Green VTOL Drone Could Take Freight Transport to the Sky
18: Simple System Lets Bikes Use Other Bikes as Kickstands
18: 3D Printed Bricks Snap Together to Make Entire Buildings
17: Hot Rollin': Car Becomes Artsy but Functional Jacuzzi Tub
17: Genius Standing Desk Latches Onto Existing Office Furniture
16: Swash: A Swanky Appliance to Refresh Your Smelly Clothes
15: Mystical Music: Levitating Orb Speaker Floats Out the Tunes
14: Origami Robot Folds Itself, Then Just Walks Off Like a Boss
13: Water-Based Tractor Beam Could Beam Up Ocean Oil Spills
13: Artistic Devotion: Intricate Hand-Carved Soviet Motorcycle
12: Breath of Fresh Air: Synthetic Silk Leaf Produces Oxygen
11: Conceptual Flying Jet Car is a Luxury Vehicle on Wings
10: Houston, Everything's Cool: Dad-Built Spaceship for Kids
09: USB Business Cards Let You Track How They're Being Used
08: MIT Reconstructs Accurate Sounds From High Speed Video
07: Brave Little Mower Cuts Grass Autonomously on Solar Power
06: Sew Simple: Fabric Pen Mends Clothes, No Needle Needed
06: Mini Printer Produces iPhone Screenshots in Paper Form
05: Propellant-Free Space Engine Seems Impossible, But Works
04: Coffee-Making Alarm Clock: Wake Up with a Fresh-Brewed Cup
03: Car Sensors Detect Drowsy Drivers Before They Feel Drowsy
03: Fighting Ants Create a Liquid Never Before Seen in Nature
02: Smart Little Device Takes Texting Analog During Disasters
01: Agile Micro-Yachts: Adaptible 'Jet Capsules' as Water Taxis

July 2014 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Biovoltaics: Moss Table Generates Power via Photosynthesis
30: Micro-Cycle: Kit Bike Packs Up into Portable Backpack Case
29: Super Convenient Mug Brews Coffee Whenever, Wherever
28: Shake it Up! Music Objects Turn Movement Into Melody
28: Resurrected Tech: Frame Turns Monitors into Touch Screens
27: Virtual Locomotion Device Lets You Run + Jump in Real Time
26: Sleep Well: Sensor-Rich System Identifies Sleep Disruptions
25: Get on Your Feet: First FDA-Approved Robotic Exoskeleton
24: Uber-Efficient Light Bulb Turns Any Socket into a Dimmer
23: Evil Genius Dad Invents Super-Rapid Water Balloon Filler
23: Resurrecting Tesla: Researchers Will Recreate Power Tower
22: Ear Pressure-Relieving Earbuds Make Flying Less Painful
22: Retro Keyboard Revives the Lovely Clicks of a Typewriter
21: Wristband Helps Friends Keep Each Other Safe on Nights Out
21: Handmade Wooden Arcade Cabinet is Equal Parts Art + Tech
20: Gigantic 23-Foot-Tall Transformer Towers Over Rooftops
19: Elegant Wooden Watch Gives a Modern Analog Take on Time
18: Eco-Friendly Electric SUV: Retro-Futuristic Off-Roading
17: Electric Skates Use an App to Connect You to Other Skaters
16: Redesigned Microwave is an Adorable Simplified Appliance
15: Fossils + New Technology Let Ancient Predator Walk Again
14: Handlebar Attachment Turns a Wheelchair Into a Scooter
14: Wearable Sensors Are the Invisible Keyboards of the Future
13: The Rock That Proves There's an Ocean Under Earth's Crust
12: New Epoxy Structures: As Light and Strong as Balsa Wood
11: Bike Safety System Uses Radar to Track Approaching Cars
10: Chest Full of Fun: Wearable, Playable Tetris Game T-Shirt
09: Ray Wants to Park Your Car: Dusseldorf's Robotic Valet
08: A Positive Negative: Wristband Shocks You Into New Habits
07: Robotic Limbs can Make Lighter Work of Factory Jobs
07: Router Lets Kids Onto the Internet Only After Doing Chores
06: Dinner to Die For: Antique Guns Disguised as Silverware
05: Get Pumped: Inflatable Bag Protects Electronics From Bumps
03: Walkin' On a Dream: Floor Tiles Put You in 8-Bit Games
03: Surf's WAY Up: Water-Powered Hoverboards Are a Real Thing
02: Genius Homemade Device Turns Plastic Bottles Into String
02: Up Where the Air is Clear: Earth Tourism at 100K Feet
01: Newly-Discovered Planet Among Most Earth-Like Ever Found
01: Crazy Genius Recreates Dangerous X-Men Powers at Home

June 2014 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: Fractal-astic Voyage: Odd Art of Morphing Fractal Shapes
30: Dream Cars: Some of the World's Most Visionary Car Designs
29: DARPA's Exoskeleton Can Help Soldiers Run 4-Minute Miles
29: Face the Music: Sea Predator Looks Deceptively Delicate
28: Solar Phone Chargers Bring Power to Developing Nations
27: Squish to Activate: Knitted Sensors Power Household Items
26: Genius Cup Knows + Tracks Exactly What You're Drinking
25: Stretchy Reusable Food Covers Do Away With Missing Lids
25: Acupressure Sock Gently Tickles + Massages You Awake
24: Gilded Butterflies: Ancient Tools Get 21st Century Upgrades
24: Redesigned Lid Will Revolutionize Your Coffee Experience
23: Headband is an Early Warning System for Child Drownings
23: Let's Get Physical: Adobe's New Set of iPad Sketching Tools
22: Let's Go Lego! Build in Real Life, Play in a Virtual World
22: Instrument Sparks Love of Music + Brings Power to Homes
21: Simple Table Turns Into a Screen-Projecting Computer
20: Renault's High-Tech Concept Car Comes With its Own Drone
19: Wall Sockets + LEDs = Convenient Nightlights, Free Outlets
19: First-Ever Floating Turbine Will Power Off-Grid Homes
18: Ingenious Devices Use Bees to Detect Diseases in Humans
18: Power Blocks: Power Strip Redesigned as Playful Sculpture
17: Little Solar Tree Collects Sunlight to Power Your Gadgets
17: Digital Shirt Exposes More Skin as You Share Info Online
16: Splinter-Free Swiping: Stylish Wireless Wooden Touch Pad
16: Folding e-Bike is the Smartest City Transpo on 2 Wheels
15: Nano Desalination Chip: Clean, Affordable Drinking Water
14: Use Bodily Fluids to Track Your Health Metrics At Home
13: Artificial Precious Metal Ore "Mined" From Old Electronics
12: Ringing Bling: Connected Jewelry Keeps You in Contact
11: Calf Frozen to the Ground Rescued + Given Shiny New Legs
11: Largest-Ever Space Veggie Growth Chamber Boards the ISS
10: Coke Introduces an Electricity-Free Evaporation Cooler
10: Smart Hoodie: Wearable, Stylish, Always-On Communication
09: Ancient Waterwheel Recast as Modernized Laundry Machine
09: Inflatable Suits Facilitate Turn-Taking in Conversations
08: Robot Love: Emotional Robot Designed to Keep You Happy
07: How to Make Your Very Own Edible Water Bubbles at Home
06: Find Your Lost iPhone by Playing a Game of Marco Polo
05: Makeup Transforms Lovely Talented Woman Into Monsters
05: Walk, Run, Ride: This Weird Electric Vehicle Does it All
04: Creativity Taking Flight: 3D Pen Doodled Flying Machine
03: Student Built Solar and Wind-Powered Car for Just ,000
02: LEGO Crazy: Awesome Blocky Replicas of Retro Technology
02: Drink Up: Tree Branches Can Be Effective Water Filters
01: Fishing Line Muscle is 100X Stronger Than Human Muscle
01: Sweet Ride: A Visual Evolution of the Humble Bicycle

May 2014 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Illustrated Device Teaches CPR in a Few Simple Pictures
30: Revolutionary 0 3D Printer Makes Object Printing Simple
29: Augmented Reality Tech Makes the World Your Touchscreen
29: Google's Self-Driving Car Lacks Pedals and Steering Wheel
28: Minuscule Pacemaker Powered by Wireless Electricity
28: Running Late? China Develops Super-Fast Maglev Train
27: Mysterious Device Found in Shipwreck is an "Ancient iPad"
27: Redesigned Snorkel Mask Simplifies Underwater Adventures
26: The Future of Food: 3D Printed Fruit Comes in Any Flavor
26: Zombie Satellite to be Resurrected Through Crowdfunding
25: Clever Print Ad Contains Smart Kid-Tracing Beach Bracelet
24: Smartwatch of the Future is Controlled by Moving its Face
23: Wired Color-Changing Fabric Reacts to Heat and Sound
22: Stick-On Posture Sensor Helps You Stand Up Straighter
22: Raspberry Pi Powered Camera Makes its Own Instant GIFs
21: A Media System That Gives Physical Life to Digital Media
21: Flamping Time: Flying Bike Designed to Get Away From it All
20: Can Harvesting Cow Gas Slow Global Climate Change?
20: Beautiful Book Contains Complete Set of Barbecue Tools
19: Face Off: Wear This Man's Face to Protect Your Own Privacy
19: Electro-Tactile Display Lets the Blind "See" Touchscreens
18: Flick to Quit: Smart e-Lighter Helps You Kick the Habit
18: Not Available on the App Store: Stickers for Real Life
17: App Lends Your Facial Expressions, Mannerisms to Cartoons
16: Awesome 8-Bit Paintings Combine Blockiness + Watercolors
15: Gorgeous Electric Motorcycle Goes 125 Miles on Each Charge
14: Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe: DNA-Erasing Privacy Spray
14: Super-Slick Sunglasses That You'll Never Be Able to Lose
13: Space Smells: Wearable Band Brings Earth Scents to Space
13: Spaceship Bike Could Break Human Powered Speed Record
12: Heartbeat Clock Does Away With Time to Mark Mortality
12: Musical Cigarette Receptacle Rewards Responsible Disposal
11: Redesigned Ketchup Cap Eliminates the First Messy Squeeze
11: Simple Security System Installs in Minutes for Under 0
10: 3D Printer Produces Your Makeup at Home With Regular Ink
09: Triple Threat: Military UAV is Helicopter, Truck + Boat
08: Mighty Shrimp: Tough Bio-Plastic Made From Shrimp Shells
08: Hi-Tech Ring Gives You Ultimate Power Over All the Devices
07: Heating + Cooling Bracelet Lets Everyone Pick a Comfy Temp
07: Panoramic Action Camera Makes Thrilling 360 Degree Films
06: Safety to Go: Remote Control Brake Prevents Bike Accidents
06: Coffee as Art: Mug Uses Beverage Heat to Display Pics
05: Multi-Sensory Bubbles Display Digital Messages, Emit Aromas
04: A Bumpy Ride: Perfectly Replicated Jurassic Park Tour Truck
04: Conceptual Digital Tools Use Real-World Hand Gestures
03: Charging is a Breeze With a Portable Turbine Phone Charger
02: Our Technological History: Photos of Obsolete Technology
01: 3D Printer Addition Inserts Circuits Into Printed Objects

April 2014 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: Mattel's New Dart Gun Line Blows Away the Competition
30: SmartyShoes: Haptic Insoles Guide Your Steps + Schedule
29: 3D Printed Ultrasound Cast Doubles as a Fashion Statement
29: Ta-Ta, Towels: Cool Concept Is a Blow Dryer For Your Body
28: Bolt Wall Charger Lets You Take the Battery Power With You
28: Water Flowing Uphill: Weird Physics Experiment Defies Logic
27: Meet Bossy, the Friendly Digital Sticky Note Task Organizer
26: Smart Bricks: RFID-Enabled Bricks Guide Blind Walkers
25: Homemade Covert Listening Device Disguised as Light Bulb
24: Futuristic Handheld 3D Printer Pen is World's Lightest
23: Bicymple: Nimble, Ultra Pared-Down Version of the Fixie
23: Seeing the Music: Beats Made Visible With Jets of Flame
22: Super-Strong New Material Has Lower Density Than Water
22: Gaming Toothbrush Makes Brushing Fun + Easier For Kids
21: Supersonic Jet Gains Speed by Ditching the Little Windows
21: Evil Geniuses Turn 3D Printer Into Robotic Tattoo Machine
20: Wearable Generator Uses Body Heat to Power Smart Devices
19: NASA Finds First Earth-Sized Planet in Habitable Zone
18: Getting Warmer: Inexpensive Tag Keeps Track of Lost Stuff
17: FingerReader Uses Camera to Read to the Visually Impaired
17: Next-Gen Kuala Lumpur Subway Cars Designed by BMW
16: Hypnotizing Automaton Replicates Water Droplet Ripples
16: Nerve Stimulation Allows Paraplegics to Move on Their Own
15: Lighted Baton Replaces Boring Stationary Traffic Signs
15: Palm-Size Portable Printer Scoots Deftly Across Paper
14: Smartphone Fitness Game Pits You Against Other Runners
14: Hamster Powered Walker Ushers in Era of Rodent Rule
13: Xbox Controller Modifies Game Based on Ability + Boredom
12: Your Life on Your Wrist: Google's New Smartwatch Interface
11: Incredible Time Lapse Video Shows Hidden Underwater Lives
10: Artificial Self-Healing Muscles as Strong as Biological Ones
09: Nerdiness On the Go: Nintendo Controller Train Car Graffiti
09: Generational Mashup: Etch-A-Sketch Controlled Laser Cutter
08: Face-Obscuring Cap Makes You Almost Invisible to Cameras
08: Quantum-Powered Charger Juices Up a Phone in 30 Seconds
07: Wocket Digital Wallet Wants to Take Over Your Pocket
07: Suspended Animation Could be Key to Saving Lives in ER
06: Finally, You Can Own a Flying Fire-Breathing Dragon
05: Friendly Interactive Robot Just Wants to Steal Your Face
04: Sony's Digital Paper Tablet Lets the Office Go Paperless
03: Gigantic Robot Crab Will Bring Terror to the Ocean Floor
03: Dissolving Batteries Serve Their Purpose, Then Melt in Body
02: Modern Rickshaw is a Green Urban Commuter Carriage
02: Adorable Parenting Tools Look Like Colorful Playthings
01: Incredible New Nanomaterial is Great at Multi-Tasking
01: Square Wheel Improves on Ancient Round Invention

March 2014 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: E-Whiskers Will Help Future Robots Navigate Their World
31: Foot-Powered Washer + Dryer Could Change the World
30: Smoke + Foam Act as Theft Deterrents in New Material
29: Talk With the Animals: Device Translates Dolphin's Whistle
28: Capacitive Light Switch Does Away With Grimy Flip Switches
27: Fat-Tired Trike is Meant to Navigate Tricky Snow and Sand
27: Big Bang Proven? Discovery Explained for Non-Scientists
26: Blobbled Water: Edible Membrane Eliminates Plastic Bottle
26: DIY Snap-Together Electronics Can Soon be Web-Enabled
25: Brain Waves Guide Museum Visitors Through Surreal World
25: Power Petting: Using Friction to Charge Mobile Devices
24: Accordion-Like Colgate Tube Would Get Out Every Last Bit
24: Pain-Free Princess: Tiara-Like Headband Prevents Migraines
23: Tiny Stick-On Tag Indicates Food Freshness at a Glance
23: Cybernetic Instrument Reads Arm Tattoo as Musical Score
22: Activate Stealth Mode: App Helps You Hide From Friends
21: Volvo's In-Dash Facial Recognition Stops Distracted Driving
20: Mini Phone Concept Puts Communication at Your Fingertips
20: Tiny Minimalist Bike is a Bare-Bones Approach to Commuting
19: Frank R. Paul's Legendary Futuristic Alien Illustrations
19: Wearable Fitness Tracker Uses Gentle Shaming as Motivation
18: Snap-On Accessory Makes iPhone-tography Even Easier
18: Harvard Invention Could Harness Clean Infrared Energy
17: World's Oldest Rock Band: Ancient Sandstone Xylophone
17: Super-Tough Router is Built to Work in Africa or Anywhere
16: Watch These Bonkers Wooden Cubes Move Like Origami
16: Future Telling System Uses Online Data to Predict Your Day
15: Creepy Black Balloon Will Follow You, Repeat Your Convos
14: The 50 Cent Origami Microscope That Could Save Lives
13: Cold Canadian Bus Stops are Heated by Human Connections
12: Biotech Company Grows Its Own Bricks With Bacteria
12: Huge Vending Machine Dispenses Electric Rental Cars
11: Awesome App: Old Android Devices Become Baby Monitors
10: Headband Headphones Use Acrylic Surface to Transmit Music
10: 30,000 Year Old Frozen Virus Brought Back to Life in a Lab
09: Travel Back in Time With the Classic Arcade Game Watch
08: Simpler Sipping: Swiveling Drink Holder Keeps Hands Free
07: Brick Power: LEGO Phone Charger is Half Serious, Half Play
06: Triangulate Your Outlet Efficiency With These Multi Plugs
06: Ingenious Netflix Hack Pauses Movie When You Fall Asleep
05: Never Forget to Dry Your Utensils With This Elephant Caddy
05: Luxe Driverless Car: First-Class Travel on the Ground
04: Lime Light: Produce Powers Light Source In Photo Series
04: Paint-On Liquid Turns Any Gloves Into Touchscreen Gloves
03: Augmented Reality System Could Improve Workplace Safety
03: Tiny Probe Will Swim Through Arteries to Provide 3D Images
02: Wearable Book Takes Some Imagination Out of Reading
02: This Blue Rock is the Oldest Known Object on the Planet
01: Nature-Inspired Robots Build in Teams Just Like Termites

February 2014 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

28: Making Contact: A+V System Creates Music On Any Surface
27: Write, Erase, Repeat: Reusable Never-Ending Notebook
27: Robot 3D Printer Can Build Self-Supporting Metal Structures
26: Sony Proves Latest Gimmick With MP3 Player In Water Bottle
26: Fowl Science: Chickens With Prosthetic Tails Mimic Dino Walk
25: Bad Drivers Beware: HD Cam Catches Car-On-Bike Aggression
25: Hiding in the Dark: No Longer a Reindeer Game in Finland
24: Color-Changing Pants Display Paraplegic Athletes' Injuries
24: Gecko-Inspired Self-Cleaning Adhesive = Always-Sticky Tape
23: Digital Motorcycle Helmet = Crazy Heads Up Display Features
23: See the Music: Recycled Records Make Hip Vinyl Eyewear
22: The Stars Aligned In This Series Of Nature Photographs
21: Six Books None the Richer: Antique German 6-in-1 Book
20: Choose How You Cruise: Electric Car Converts to Cargo Van
20: Silent Nights: Pillow Nudges Snorer's Head to Stop the Noise
19: Our New Scaly Overlords: Goldfish Learns to Drive a Tank
19: Earbuds Act as Music Player, Fitness Tracker + Smartphone
18: Low RPMs in the AM? Espresso Your Love For Caffeine, Cars
18: Impermanent Art: AR Temp Tattoos Shake it On Your Skin
17: User-Friendly Alarm Clock Prevents Morning Freak-Outs
17: Safer Stepping: System to Avoid Car/Pedestrian Collisions
16: New Cancer Treatment Delivers Drugs Only to Cancer Cells
16: Off-Road Wheelchair Redefines the Wheelchair Experience
15: It's a Dog Speak Dog World: Concept Reads Canine Minds
14: Robotic Fish Swim and Frolic Without Any Work on Your Part
13: Wonder Dog is First in the World to Have 4 Prosthetic Legs
12: Zip it: Innovative Magnetic Zipper Needs Only One Hand
12: Absolute Mobility: Firm Designs Concept Car For Disabled
11: Rule the Office With This Gatling-Style Rubber Band Gun
11: Your Next Keyboard Could Be Printed on a Piece of Paper
10: Sensitive Bionic Hand Restores Sense of Touch to Amputees
10: Face Off and On: iPad Faces Explore Feelings of Anonymity
09: World's First Porsche Found in a Warehouse After a Century
08: Military Conscription Helps With Portable Grill Concept
07: Unstructured Building Set Wants to Inspire Little Engineers
06: For Sore Eyes: Concept Allows Glasses-Free Computer Use
06: Feeling the Music: Gadget Reads Emotions to Choose Songs
05: Tiny Injected Sponges Could Halt Gunshot Wound Bleeding
05: Butterfingers Rejoice! Mollusk Shell Study = Stronger Glass
04: Moon, Sweet Moon: 3D Printers Will Help us Colonize Luna
04: Concept Vehicle from Honda Cuts Your Car's Size in Half
03: Ripping Pages: Book Image Becomes a Digital Audio File
03: Machine Turns Color Waves Into Sounds for the Colorblind
02: Video Phone Gives You Mobile Quality Time With Your Pet
02: Revolutionary Pizza Box Design Means No More Soggy Pizza
01: Power Nap: Pillow Charges Your Gadgets While You Lounge

January 2014 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Ford's Futuristic Safety System Steers Away From Hazards
30: Miss the 90s? This Synth Lets You Re-Live the Dial-Up Days
30: Implant Keeps Track of Medicine Levels in Patients' Blood
29: Dali's Design: Melting Wristwatch is a Wearable Work of Art
29: After the Ice: Pics Strips Away Ice to Show Naked Antarctica
28: Diagonal Touchscreen UI Takes it Easy on Human Thumbs
28: Sweet + Not So Simple: Eco-Friendly Sugar Powered Batteries
27: The Segway of Skateboards: 1-Wheel Self-Balancing Wonder
27: Hand-Held Scanner Uses Lasers to Analyze Food's Content
26: Meet the Chefjet: It's the World's First 3D Printer for Food
26: Fancy Foundations: 2 Highly Insane High-Tech Bra Concepts
25: New Species of River Dolphin Has Been Hiding in Plain Sight
24: Fancy Up Your Desktop With a Luxury Spherical Hard Drive
23: Brits In Tiny Cars: Top Gear Showcases World's Smallest Car
22: Sun-Starved Chinese Residents Get Fake Sunrise Videos
22: Get Every Last Bit of Toothpaste Out by Going for a Spin
21: First Self-Regulating Artificial Heart Implanted in Human
21: Team Develops 3D Printing Lab to Make 0 Prosthetics
20: Affordable Philips LED Bulb Is Flat, Light and Energy Efficient
20: Artificial Gill Mouthpiece Could Let Humans Breathe Underwater
19: Pack Shelter Wheel-y Easily With This Tire-Mounted Tent
19: Instant Oil: Making Crude With Algae In Less Than an Hour
18: No Hands Needed: Brainwave-Controlled Wearable Camera
17: Smart Mailbox Gives You the Power to Keep Your Mail Safe
16: Skew Space and Time With These Oddly-Armed Wall Clocks
16: Vibrating Bracelet Makes You More Aware of Passing of Time
15: Glowing Plants Are a Step Toward Electricity-Free Lighting
14: An Audio + Video Track To the Beat of the Same Drummer
13: Neuroprosthetic Technology to Be Displayed at World Cup
13: Smoking Caterpillar Blows Nicotine to Ward Off Predators
12: Museum Lets You See Your iPhone Finger Tricks in Action
12: LED Bulb Doesn't Leave You in Dark When the Power Goes Out
11: Awesome 3D Projection Jar Is a Learning Tool For Your Kids
10: Ford's Solar-Powered Hybrid Concept Drives Right Off the Grid
09: Survive an Apocalyptic Event With This Multi-Tasking Jacket
08: Open Source DIY Vehicle Is Customizable + Eco-Friendly
08: Tokyo Team Achieves Levitation Using Ultrasonic Waves
07: New Wheel Helps Carry the Weight of Water Transporting
07: Light-Up Coat Check System Makes Finding Jackets Simple
06: iPhone Case + App Add Light To Your Dark World of Music
06: Live Inside the Music in a Giant Bubble-Shaped Speaker
05: Riding High: New Idea Would Build Elevated Cyclist Roads
05: Engineering Students Redesign the Humble Cardboard Box
03: Animal Magnetism: Dogs Are Sensitive to Magnetic Fields
02: Ice Road Truck: 15K Pound Truck Made of Ice Really Drives
02: What's That Sound: Spontaneous Music From Odd Material
01: Pendant Hearing Aid Looks More Like a Fashion Statement

December 2013 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: 3D-Printed Mechanical 'Toy' Is the Cutting Edge of Design
30: Fun Movie + Photo Camera Gives You the Gift of Memory
29: Pencil Stylus Makes iPad Sketching Feel More Realistic
28: Create Your Own Oasis With This Unique 'Foldable' Skiff
27: You Can Take it With You: New Volvo Charger Fits In Trunk
26: Inventor Shane Chen and His Funky Ways to Get Around
25: Concept Mobile Device is Like a Tiny Pocket-Size Keyboard
25: Electric Personal Helicopter Boasts a Whopping 18 Rotors
24: Get Just Enough Sun Thanks to a Sun-Safety Wristband
24: Desert Billboard Makes Clean Drinking Water From Thin Air
23: Bicycle Project Uses Car Scrap, Karma As Main Ingredients
23: Colorful Illuminated Clothespins Add Whim to the Mundane
22: Bugged: Insect 'Farm' Could Be Your Next Kitchen Appliance
21: Plastered: New Invisible Speaker Can Be Built Into Walls
20: Moonlighting: Alt-Energy Plan Uses the Moon as Source
19: Da Vinci’s Dream: 15th Century Musical Device Comes to Life
18: Smart Ring Controls Your Smartphone From Your Finger
18: Skateboard Opens Up to Carry Valuables While You Ride
17: Hand-Held Scanner Lets You Copy + Paste Nearly Anywhere
16: 3D Bio-Pen Lets Surgeons Fix Injuries By Drawing on Them
15: Women At Work: LEGO To Produce Female Scientist Figures
14: Super-Exclusive Marine Vessel Glides You Into the Deep Sea
13: In Mid-Air: First Consumer-Available Jetpack Ready In 2015
12: Dutch Team's Speedy Bike Sets World Land Speed Record
11: Wearable Speaker Also Serves as a Retro Phone + Jewelry
10: Death of Carpal Tunnel? Levitating Mouse is Easy on Wrists
09: DIY Subdermal Implant Makes Cyborg Out of Regular Person
08: Simple Game Brings the Fun of Waiting in Line to Computers
08: Green Infrastructure Project to Divert Brooklyn Floodwater
07: Free Your Hands: Game Controllers Use Your Butt + Mouth
06: The World's First Openly-Sourced Conflict-Free Smartphone
05: Current Energy: Power-Generating Propellers for Oceans
05: Best Thing Since Sliced Bread? Toaster-Like iPhone Charger
04: What Could Have Been: App Shows Alternative Manhattan
04: Old School Analog Flip Book Brings Animated GIFs to Life
03: Reinventing the Wheel: Adjustable Tire for Rough Terrain
03: Stacking Outlet Charges Your Gadgets, Keeps Plugs Free
02: Hidden Helmet Hopes to Halt Your Head from Hurting
02: Magnet System Reminds You When Veggies Start to Go Bad
01: A Modern View: Old Toy Transformed Into a 3D Video Player

November 2013 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: Adorable Toys Double as a Communication Tool for Kids
29: Sea Change: Russian Power Plant to Float in the Ocean
28: Neurological Feedback Machine Is an Attention Grabber
27: High-Tech Molten Metal 3D Printer is From the Dark Side
27: Wearable Data Storage Makes You Into a Living USB Drive
26: Additive Tech Company Prints Fully-Functioning Weaponry
26: Flexibility + Functionality: Adjustable Bike Concept Design
25: Interactive Display is Where the Digital + Physical Meet
24: DIY Tech Kit Makes Building Computers as Easy as LEGO
23: Cool Power: Charge Your iPhone with Solar Panel Ray-Bans
22: Broken iPhones Upcycled Into Lovely Modern Home Decor
21: Sign Language Translation System Gets Conversations Going
20: From Deep Space to Deep Sea: Musk Mods Classic Bond Car
19: LEGO Golden Girls Are Here to Make Your Life Complete
19: Card Master: Slim Device Stores All of Your Card Details
17: Wearable System Keeps Loved Ones in Touch With Tickles
16: Mini Yacht Perfect for Luxurious Play or Life-Saving Trips
15: A Very Dramatic Look at RCA's '61 Color TV Remote Control
14: Clock Uses Genuine Alarm and Motivation to Get you Moving
14: Space Race or Insanity? Soviet Union's Doomed Rockets
13: Bionic Turtle Uses Sweet New Lego Wheel to Scoot Around
12: Never Lose the Way: App Turns Phone Into Navigation HUD
11: Working Circuits Printed on Inexpensive Inkjet Computers
10: And They’re Off: Dung Beetle Species Gallops Like a Horse
09: A Classic Made Classier: Wrought Iron Volkswagen Beetle
08: Augmented Reality System Lets You See Right Through Cars
07: Aussie Book Delivery Service is First to Use Flying Drones
07: Now You're Cooking With Sun: Crazy Efficient Solar Cooker
06: Electric Carbon Fiber Panels Can Replace Bulky Car Batteries
04: He, Robot: World's First Bionic Man Breathes, Talks, Walks
03: Futuristic Wheel Turns Your Fixie Into a Powerful E-Bike
02: Telling Time: A Modern Alarm Clock With a Hidden Talent

October 2013 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Smell-O-Phone Attachment Wants to Invade Your Nose
29: LG Puts an Innovative New Twist on Portable Battery Power
29: Bright Idea: Shanghai Team Develops Wi-Fi Light Bulb
28: Build-It-Yourself Camera Teaches Kids Engineering + Art
27: 5 Dollar 3D Printed Prosthesis Makes New Limbs Affordable
27: High-Tech Window Cling is Like a Volume Knob for Real Life
26: E-Car Charging Stations Disguised As City Manhole Covers
25: Janitor Satellite Will Clean Up the Space Junk Around Earth
24: Living Wallet Runs + Screams When You Try to Overspend
23: Electronic Labels Tell if Perishable Items are Still Safe
23: Inventor Creates a 0 3D Printer for Future Mars Missions
22: New Bio-Plastic is Good for the Environment + Employment
21: Disney's Paper Generators Put the Power in Kids' Hands
19: Palm-Sized Projector Turns Instagram Snapshots Physical
18: Fantastic Journey: Electric Propeller for Paper Airplanes
17: Penguin Parade: App Guides You Using Walking Penguins
17: Space-Age "Dog Nose" Can Sniff Out Cancer in Early Stages
16: Ultimate Power! This Massive Watch Hides an Atomic Clock
16: Pocket Size Printing: First Ever Tiny, Portable 3D Printer
15: Truly Wireless Design Finally Sets Your Ear Buds Free
15: Touchscreen Protector Uses Your Finger as a Phone Charger
14: Cleverly Simple Bucket Quarantines Mess as You're Cleaning
14: Hand-held Scanner Creates a Personal Digital Color Palette
13: Fire + Cell Phones? Unusual Charger Uses Flames as Power
13: Decoder Glasses Translate Foreign Languages in Real Time
12: The Power of Kids' Play Brings Light to Ghanaian Families
11: Want to Hear a Secret Message? Put a Finger in Your Ear
10: Musical Stethoscope Helps Decode Seizure Brain Patterns
10: Space Magic: NASA Set to Launch Zero-G 3D Printer to ISS
09: Amazing Self-Healing Plastic Regenerates Like Terminator
09: Gone in Six Seconds: New Toothbrush Erases Plaque + Time
08: Digital Clocks Need Physical Interaction to Tell the Time
08: Slick Car Mod Lets You Take the Wheel from the Back Seat
07: Xerox's Alto Commercial Shows Off Historic Office Machine
07: The Hunger-Zapping Laser Turns Off Appetites in Mice
06: Massive iDevice Accessory Takes Up a Lot of Space
06: Newly Unearthed Fish Fossil is a Missing Evolutionary Link
05: Sculptural Sound: Decorative Wood and Glass Speakers
04: Pesky E. Coli Bacteria Used to Create Clean Gas Alternative
03: Stabilizing Spoon Makes Eating With Tremors Much Easier
03: Never-Before-Seen Matter State Makes Lightsabers Possible
02: Playful Bottle Caps Double as Eco-Friendly Building Blocks
02: Sensor Sticks to Skin to Perpetually Measure Temperature
01: Attention-Powered Car Clamps Down on Distracted Driving
01: Atlantic Ocean Study Reveals "Black Holes" On Earth

September 2013 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: MoMA’s Super-Stylish New Flashlight Works Twice as Hard
30: Brilliant Wheelchair Mod Adds More to the Conversation
29: Meet Shakey, the Very First Mobile Thinking Robot (VIDEO)
29: Remarkable Concept Car May Be Future of Manufacturing
28: Carbyne: The Tough Polyyne Family Has New World Champ
27: Green Bricks + Land: New Factory Could Close Carbon Loop
26: Robotic Ankle Support Gives a Boost to Elderly Walkers
26: Norwegian Ship Uses its Massive Hull as a Built-In Sail
25: First iPad 3D Scanner Maps the World in a Whole New Way
24: Plug + Play Solution to Data Theft Blocks USB Hijackers
24: Thinking Small: Austrian Lab Grows First Mini Human Brains
23: Is This Analog Breathalyzer the Beginning of Apple's End?
23: Experimental Lens Would Give Wide Angles More Focus
22: End Screen-Bounce at the Gym With Fancy New Head Gear
22: Dutch Designer Serves Up Cell Phone Buffet Concept
21: Biodegrada-Bowl: Could Your Whopper Grow a Plant?
20: Magic Mail: Pneumatic Tube Setup for Tooth Fairy Transport
19: Transparent Ionic Speaker Gives Life to All Frequencies
18: Info-Tracking Sleep Mask Helps You Improve Sleep Quality
17: New Software Makes Digital Models From Photos Like Magic
16: Tiny Macintosh Replica is a Working Copy of the Original
15: Groovy Lock Makes it Easier to Get Home After a Night Out
14: Double Take: Upside-Down Camaro Zips Around on its Roof
13: Smart Shirt Adapts and Morphs to Match Your Surroundings
12: Scratch Your DJ Itch with Pioneer’s New Portable DJ System
12: Plug-In Device Gives Android Phones a New Physical Button
11: Instantly Retro: Fujifilm Has Yet Another New Old Camera
11: Intuitive Humidifying System is a Breath of Fresh (Sea) Air
10: Zero-Calorie Caffeine Spray Wants to Get Under Your Skin
10: 21st Century Magic 8 Ball Lets You Set Customized Answers
09: Amazing Compact Mechanical Calculator That Almost Wasn't
08: One Ring to Rule Them All: Cool Transit Card Alternative
08: Brain-to-Brain Interfacing Lets Someone Else Think for You
07: Cleaning System Concept Sends Little Hunters to Find Dirt
06: Triple Play: Next-Gen 3D Printer Can Also Scan and Fax
05: Basketballers' Shooting Sleeve is More Than an Accessory
05: Retro Rider: Crazy Digital Dashboards of Cars From the 80s
04: Awesome Twitter Feed is Just Pics of Things Cut in Half
04: Quirky Animation Explains Why Music Makes Humans Happy
03: Clean + Green: Electric Scooter Made of Hemp-Based Plastic
03: Apple Patents Their New Take on the "Silent Disco" Idea
02: Virtual Reality Visualizations Can Cause Out-of-Body Events
02: Musical Art Display Gives Seattle Streets a Trippy Edge
01: Folding Handle Gives You a Clean Grasp on Public Transport
01: 50-year-old Animated Short Predicts Modern Technology

August 2013 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Simplified Printer Eats its Way Through Stacks of Paper
30: Wearable Automaton: Charming Bird Watch Dances + Chirps
29: Branded Car Key Remotes Are Tiny Cell Phones in Disguise
29: Clever Battery Rolls Up Solar Power for Your Electronics
28: Solar-Powered Tent Can Save Aid Workers in Disasters
28: Shadows of Light: Solar Eclipses as Seen From Space [Pics]
27: Bluetooth Wallet Lets You Know if You Lose a Credit Card
27: Sensory Provision: Haptic DIY Aid for the Visually Impaired
27: Getting Wired: 3D Printer Uses Wire to Create Wild Shapes
26: Getting High: This Tiny Jumping Robot Will Make You Smile
26: Unique Prosthetic Limbs Highlight Wearers' Personalities
25: Pump, Pump, Pass: Water Bottle Makes Seawater Safe
25: 21st Century Thermometer Measures Health, Not Heat
24: Falcon Vs Raven: Slo-Mo Video Compares Birds' Flight
23: Wired Collar Turns You Into a Musical Human Speaker
22: App Turns iPhone Into a Virtual User's Manual for Audis
22: Hauntingly Beautiful Spacesuit X-Rays are Science + Art
21: Sitting up too Difficult? Watch TV or Read While Lying Down
21: Forever Young: Virtual Reality Puts Adults in Kids' Bodies
20: Water Surface Interface Puts a Computer in Your Bathtub
19: New Material Makes Holographic Displays Less Expensive
19: Finger-Tapping Beats: Musical Poster is Activated by Touch
18: Recordable Snow Globe Lets You Make Your Own Memories
17: Feature-Packed Handlebars Turn Any Bike Into a Smart Bike
16: Handheld Device Gives First Responders Instant Translation
15: In This Video Game, You Win by Eating a Plate of Fruits
14: Rain Rescuer: Lighted Umbrella Keeps You Upright At Night
14: Magical 3D Printed Prosthetics Make Human Instruments
13: Grounded Airplane is Still Able to Fly Around the Racetrack
13: Magic Flashlight Lets Cartoons Interact with Real Objects
12: Sticky Luggage Tags Get a 21st Century Digital Upgrade
11: Rotating Sockets Power All of Your Gadgets From Any Angle
10: Slower Clock Challenges Our Perceptions of Passing Time
08: Smart Trash Bin Sensors Ask to Be Emptied When Full
08: Little Generator Trailer Lets Electric Cars Go the Distance
07: Sneaky Spy Camera Doubles as a Piece of Chunky Jewelry
07: Miraculous Scalpel Can Detect Cancerous Tissue As it Cuts
06: Intuitive Home Security Device is a Permanent House Sitter
06: Smart Food Packaging Eliminates Pesky Peanut Butter Waste
05: Vibrating Gear Shifter Tells Noobs When To Shift Gears
05: Tooth Implant Tattles to Your Doctor on Your Bad Habits
04: Send Your Dearly Departed Kin for a Musical Final Spin
04: Solar-Powered Retinal Implant Gives Hope to the Blind
03: Hang Onto That Bottle: Unique Filter Makes Tap Water Safe
02: Gorilla Glass Gets Even Better With Futuristic Additions
01: Twice the Selfies: Two-Part Camera Takes Twin Snapshots
01: Sweet + Delicate: Intricate 3D Sculptures Made of Sugar

July 2013 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Sculptural Wooden Bike is a Rolling Piece of Structural Art
31: Augmented Reality System Creates Textures with Air Puffs
30: Flying at 10 feet: 30-year-old Flying Contest is Won at Last
30: Diorama Project Puts Tiny Spaces in Everyday Objects
29: High-Tech Ring Stores + Shares Data With Just a Touch
29: Simple Tailpipe Device Sucks up Your Car's CO2 Emissions
28: Bubble-Shaped Snowmobile: Saving Injured People in Style
28: Can This Home Grasshopper Grower Ease Food Shortages?
27: Eco-friendly Air Purifier Want to Plant Itself in Your Home
26: Get Ready for a Waterproof World With Insane New Spray
25: Hybrid Transport System Hopes to Ease Travel Crowding
25: Scientists Resurrect Plant That Lay Dormant for 400 Years
24: New Super Lithium Ion Battery Could Last Nearly 30 Years
24: Mega Quartz Crystal Storage Drives Will Hold Data Forever
23: Feet on the Grounds: Coffee Socks Eliminate Your Foot Funk
23: Digitally 'Printed' Fields Can Benefit Farms + Environment
22: Hug Kitchen Waste Away With Clever Fruit + Veggie Savers
21: Tiny New iPhone Charger is the Key to Syncing Convenience
20: Big Ol’ Computers: Huge Historic Precursors to Your Laptop
19: Show Your Facebook Popularity on a Physical Like Counter
18: Orbiting Photograph Collection Will Likely Outlast Humanity
18: Smart Pen Vibrates to Alert You to Errors as You Write
17: Atomic Annie: The Terrifying Little-Known Nuclear Cannon
16: Humans Synthesize Millions of Years of Spider Ingenuity
15: What Would a Human Conceived + Born in Space Look Like?
11: Multi-Function iPhone Case Makes You Feel Like a Superhero
11: Robot Crab Can Fight Tough Waves, Find Hidden Treasures
10: This Little Chip Could Turn Seawater Into Drinkable Water
09: Pocket-Size Blood Purifier Could Save Thousands of Lives
08: Magnifying Contact Lenses Help AMD Sufferers See Clearly
08: Hollow Flashlight is Powered Just by the Heat of Your Hand
07: Disabled Duck Gets Amazing New Foot Thanks to 3D Printing
07: Heart Monitoring Watch Could Help Prevent Heart Attacks
06: Put Your Hands Up…and Use Them to Mold Some 3D Art
05: Automated Key-Copy Service For the Incurably Disorganized
04: Body Mod Subculture Gives Disabled People New Hope
04: Apple TV and iPhone Combine to Make a Wii-Like Console
03: Regenerated Mouse Spines Help the Disabled Regain Control
03: Scent Camera Captures and Preserves Your Favorite Aromas
02: German Ape-Like Robot Can Walk on Two Legs or Four
02: Innovative iPhone Dock Detects Smoke + Carbon Monoxide
01: Stirring Up Kitchen Fun: iSpoon is Half Spoon, Half Stylus
01: PairASight Lets 2 People to Look Through One Set of Eyes

June 2013 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: Auto Fetch Toy Will Make Your Dog Look Cuter Than Ever
30: Whole Lotta Shakin': The Weird History of Gym Equipment
29: See the Music: Nature Sounds Make Psychedelic Designs
28: TokyoFlash's New Watch Design May Just Save Your Life
27: Opening Your Mailbox May Be Electronic Music to Your Ears
27: Flying Bicycle Could One Day Prevent Bike Road Rage
26: Lockable Kitchen Tub Keeps You From Cheating on Your Diet
25: Google's Balloon Network Will Take the Internet Everywhere
25: Inkless Pen Uses Ancient Material, Never Needs Replacing
24: Tiny 3D Printed Batteries Are the Size of a Grain of Sand
24: Microphone System Maps an Entire Room With Just a Snap
23: Annoyingly Cute iPhone Accessory Wants to Dance with You
22: Glass Forces You to Put Down the Phone +Talk with Friends
21: USB Outlet Gives You Multiple Places to Power up Gadgets
20: Augmented Reality Glasses "See" What Students Understand
19: Headband Measures Brainwaves to Increase Concentration
19: Magically Attach Your Mobile Device to Almost Any Surface
18: LED-Lit Flashing Shades Will Make You the Life of the Party
18: King Arthur’s Alchemists Influence Modern Technology
17: 3D Printer is Like an Anti-Gravity Make-Anything Machine
16: Reusable Cling-like Wrap Will Have You Asking for Seconds
16: Camera Glasses Help Visually Impaired See Vital Details
15: Children Print Fantastical 3D Creatures Purely by Thinking
14: New Dental Goo Could Regenerate Your Teeth From Within
13: Water-Repellant Material Wicks Sweat Away Like Human Skin
13: New Internet Limb Control System Gives You the Strongarm
12: Scientists Find Explosive Truth about Speed of Light Travel
12: High-Tech Door Lock Snaps a Pic of Everyone Who Enters
11: Futuristic Internet-Enabled Sign Spins to Show Directions
11: Simple Extension Turns Switch Plates Into Storage Centers
10: Ultra-Efficient Super-Light Car Tops 1000 Miles Per Gallon
10: Universal Mount Combines Telephotos With Smartphones
09: Never Miss Appointments: Magnifying Glass Adorned Watch
09: Tire Valve Plug Gives Heads-Up on Flats Before They Happen
08: View From the Top: Insane 14.5 Foot Tall Bike Hits LA
07: Giving Phantom Voices a Face Could Help Schizophrenics
06: Tron-Like LED Beam Grid Protects Cyclists From Streets
06: Bacteria-Sized Bionic Brain Implants Could Control Epilepsy
05: Concept Motorbike Has Super-Quick Battery Charge System
05: Hand-Held Printer Concept Helps You Put Up With Wallpaper
04: Umbrella Sheds Tail Like a Lizard to Prevent Public Thievery
04: Taking Your Vitamins Will Soon Make You a Living Password
03: Brazilian Building Turns Into Enormous 80s Arcade Game
03: 3D Printed Food Could Make Longer Space Missions Possible
02: Two-wheeled Contraption Turns a Bike into a Cargo Trike
02: New Hydrogel + Light Give Soft-Bodied Robots the Bends
01: Pain-Free Immunization Leaves a Happy Mark on Baby's Skin

May 2013 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Futuristic Suit Will Make Space Diving the New Extreme Sport
30: New Revolutions for Classic Vinyl Lay in Laser Wood Cutting
30: Hand-Held Health Sensor Brings Star Trek Tricorder to Life
29: Numberless Timepiece Lets You Watch Time Pass in Words
29: Wet Phone? This Box Will Rescue it in Under 30 Minutes
28: Draw Your Own Video Game, Then Play it on Your iOS Device
28: Drive it Like You Stole it With This Screwdriver/Key Hybrid
27: Simplified Smartphone is Sustainable, Sleek + Sophisticated
27: The High-Tech Home of 2001 as it Was Imagined in 1967
26: Device Charges Cell Phones With Hot Water + a Plastic Bottle
26: Odor Detecting Robots Tell You Honestly If You Smell Bad
25: Angular Nat Geo Vehicle is a Tank Made for Photography
24: Getting Sappy: Evergreen Resins Make Eco-Friendly Plastics
23: Power Windows: Stick-On Device Makes Instant Electricity
23: Un-Bee-Lievable! Toxin in Bee Venom Kills the HIV Virus
22: Simple Alarm Eliminates Early Morning Touchscreen Mashing
22: Winged Scuba Suit Lets You Experience the Life Aquatic
21: New Airplane Beverage Cart Would Fly Right Out of the Way
21: Turntables Turn From Music to Drawing in Odd Apparatus
20: Paper Beats Rock: Wood Waste Matter Tougher than Kevlar
20: Downloadable Memories: A Benevolently Orwellian Idea
19: Gruesome Antique Arcade Game Lets You Play Executioner
19: Insider Information: A Rare Look Inside the Heart of Google
18: High-Tech Triple Screen Could Bring the Flip Phone Back
17: Brilliant Seaweed Recycling Plan Turns Waste to Clean Fuel
16: King of Speakers Lets You Control Your Phone in Motion
16: Synthetic Synesthesia: Hand-Held Cam Lets You See Sounds
15: E-Ink Lets You Customize Slim Keyboard at Every Whim
15: Brilliant Squishy Light Bulb Solves an Age-Old Problem
14: Marble Measurer Prevents Unfortunate Spaghetti Incidents
14: Insane Magnetic Field Putty Will Consume the Whole World
13: Almost-Hoverbike Levitates and Generates Electricity + Wi-Fi
13: The Marvelously Failed Flying Ship of the Confederate Army
12: Nanotube Aerogels Could Suck Oil Spills Right Out of Oceans
12: Peculiar Aussie Frog Species is Given the Biblical Treatment
11: Ultra-Visible Bike Helmet With a Bevy of Safety Signals
10: Scanner Uses Your Analog Finger to Create Digital Files
09: Transforming EV Will be What You Need When You Need it
09: Flower-Inspired Water Collector is a Gift from the Gods
08: Tantalizing Mystery of the Exploding Prince Rupert's Drop
08: Water in Video Games is About to Get Totally Incredible
07: Power to the Pedal! Charger Harvests Bikes' Kinetic Energy
07: Watch as a Robot Arm Steals Sodas From a Vending Machine
06: Camera Phone's Granddaddy: Antique Camera Wristwatches
06: Moving Art - Literally: Painting + Retro Video Game Mashup
05: Interactive Pajamas Do the Bedtime Story Reading For You
05: Historic Sounds: First Known Recording of A.G. Bell's Voice
04: Build Your Own Customized Rubber Stamp, Pixel By Pixel
03: Turn a Charcoal Stove Into an Efficient Cell Phone Charger
02: Incredible Edible Meds: Safe Electronic Devices in Pill Form
02: Flipping Out on Power: Swiss Army Knife-Like Multi Charger
01: World's First Functional 3D Printed Livers Created in Lab
01: The Barman: Your Countertop Guide to the Perfect Cocktail

April 2013 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: Keep Your Nose Clean: Mug Has Clever Spoon-Holding Ledge
30: 3D Printed Robot Inches Along Power Lines to Inspect Them
29: A Round of Applause to Go: Wearable Sound Effects Jacket
29: Gadget Clutter Killer: The 8-in-1 Device to Rule All Devices
28: IKEA-Defeating Robot Helps Humans Assemble Furniture
28: Famine-Ending Food Source: Soylent Green is Made of Plants
27: Adventures Through Your Eyes: HD Recording Sunglasses
26: Flippin' Cool: Modular Power Strip Twists For High Capacity
25: Digital Look, Analog Feel: Wall Clock is Best of Both Worlds
25: Hive Drive: Shared Car System Modeled After Beehives
24: Breathe Deeply: Breath-Based Controller Will Rule the World
24: Plate-Oh: The Philosophical, Slightly Greener Paper Plates
23: Get it Together: Puzzle Keyboard Has Endless Configurations
23: Take the Stairs: Ultra-Hip Step Scooter for Urban Mobility
22: Little Vampire Will Suck Your Blood to Keep You Healthy
22: Computer Recycling Scheme is Filling Minds, Not Landfills
21: Software Magically Lets You Hold Your Doodles in Your Hand
21: Hold the Mustard: Flat-Pack Bike Easy as a Sandwich to Make
20: No Screen Time: Digital Camera With an Analog Aesthetic
19: Steering Wheel Drum Machine Quells the Highway Hypnosis
18: High Tech, Low-Fi: Headphones Made of Raw Electronics
17: Anti-Kidnap Bracelet Keeps Human Rights Workers Safe
16: Cool 1995 Video Gives Pointers on Using the Early Internet
16: To the Point: Gesture Controls Make Your Hand the Remote
15: Multi-Functional Municipal Vehicle Does ALL of the Dirty Jobs
14: Slam Dunk: Ingenious Milk Cup Will Change Cookie Eating
13: Stick it to Immobility: GPS Cane Keeps Users Safe + Healthy
12: Smart Belt Buckle Wallet Foils Thieves and Your Saggy Pants
11: Little Device Steals From Battery-Rich to Give to Power-Poor
11: Evil Alarm App Makes You Take a Specific Pic to Turn it Off
10: Rip it, Write it, Share it: Compact Tear + Share Flash Drives
09: Slap-On Style: Wearable Stylus Doubles as Colorful Bracelet
09: Ring of Truth: Wrap Timekeeping Around Your Little Finger
08: Transparent iPad Concept: See-Through Future of Tablets?
07: Flying Quadcopters Will Deliver Life Preservers on High Seas
07: Hand-Crank iPhone Case Ensures You Always Have Power
06: ePaper Tablets: Future Computers Light + Flexible as Paper
05: Rubbish to Recess: Hospital Park Revives Old Ambulance
04: Zen Clock Only Lets You Obsess Over Schedule Temporarily
04: Robotic Pop-Up Bee Drones Inspired by Ancient Origami
03: Crowdfunding + Car Buying = Dodge's New Gift Registry
03: Ancient Objects Come to Life With Augmented Reality Fakes
02: Incredible Nanopolymer Coating is Repulsive in a Good Way
02: Ultra-Transportable Boat Goes from Box to Afloat in 10 Mins
01: High-Tech Pen Translator Makes Learning Languages Easier
01: Tank-Like VW Snow Beast Will Bring the Party Anywhere

March 2013 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Tiny Topper-Upper: Mini Phone Charger Fits on a Key Ring
30: Simple Gadget Plugs Into Car to Make it Instantly Smarter
29: Bacteria Could Power Next Generation of Clean Batteries
28: Minimalist Digital Cam Runs on Solar or Hand-Crank Power
27: Emotion-Expressing Visage to Turn Texting on its Head
26: Toss the Tangles: Stylish MP3 Player With Built-In Ear Buds
26: Info Grab: Transparent Computer Lets You Touch Data
25: Self-Driving One-Person Robot Cars Hit Sidewalks of Japan
25: 19th Century Device Recreates Birdsong in Stunning Detail
24: Primate Power! Incredibly Agile Climbing Monkey-Like Robot
23: Tiny Medical Lab Will Measure Health From Under Your Skin
22: Point and Pick: Mouse Can Scan With the Push of a Button
21: In Every Creep's Toolbox: Spy-Ready X-Ray Envelope Spray
21: Mood Music: Brainwave Headphones Pick the Perfect Songs
20: 43K Galaxies: Most Complete 3D Map of the Universe Ever
19: Rad DIY Solar Death Ray Melts Pennies, Incinerates Wood
19: Tough + Talented: iPhone 5 Case Hides a Very Handy Secret
18: A Hidden World: Vast Ecosystem Found in Ocean Crust
17: Emergency Light Translates Between Speech + Morse Code
16: Shocking Solution: Pain Patch Delivers Relief Via Voltage
15: Finger-Mounted Mouse for Conducting Computers in Mid-Air
14: Strong, Hot + Beautiful: Robot Puts Your Face In Coffee
14: Scooter + Pogo Stick = Super-Fast Hopping and Rolling Fun
13: Jump! The Forgotten Inventor of the Backpack Parachute
13: Spray-On Bandage Closes Even Serious Wounds Instantly
12: Twist + Shout: DIY Phone Charger From Household Items
11: Bond Bauble: Ring With Hidden Saw/Lock Pick Escape Tool
11: Transparent Transport: Invisible Bike Gives Public an Eyeful
10: Virtual Reality Gets Realer: Motion-Based Treadmill Control
09: Sounds Emotional: Little Speaker Gives Voice to 1000 Emojis
08: World's Tiniest Mobile Phone Features Wee One-Inch Display
07: Smartphone Scanner Turns Analog Negatives Into Digital Pics
06: Feel Out a Route: Map For the Blind Has Fingers Do the Walking
05: Heart Pumping Fun: Learn Biofeedback to Excel at This Game
04: Welcome to the World of Tomorrow: Smart House Prototype
03: French Public Transport Plan Yields Bicycle + Scooter Hybrid
03: Hidden Hands of Time: Clock Requires a Touch to Reveal Time
02: Drink Safely: Temp-Sensitive Cup Blocks Too-Hot Coffee Sips
01: A Safer Sedan: Volvo Offers First Car With Pedestrian Airbag

February 2013 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

28: Stick-On Electronics: Controlling Machines With Your Thoughts
27: Smart Floor Turns Your Whole House Into a Digital Playground
26: Go Go Gadget Jewelry! Ring Puts Tools at Wearer's Fingertips
26: Concept Bike Fools Thieves With a Clever Show of Contortion
25: Doing the Robot: Marionette Mannequin Mimics Movements
24: Build a Better Cup of Java: Customizable LEGO Coffee Mug
23: Intuitive Tools Make Music From Your Heartbeat + Movements
22: World's First 3D Printing Pen Lets You Draw Pictures in Mid-Air
21: Poorly Parking Neighbors? Alert Them With Anonymous Texts
21: Running Hot and Cold: Device Powers Phone Using Beverages
20: Living on Spy Time: 3 Cameras Disguised as Pocket Watches
20: Smart Filing System is a Clever Blend of High-Tech + Low-Tech
19: Interactive Picture Frame Brings Pixel Art to Life on Your Walls
19: Basket Case: Weaver's Wicker Truck is a Woven Wonder Wagon
18: Giant Nintendo Furniture Set Makes any Gamer's Pad Extra Rad
18: Folding Electric Scooter Makes Green Transport Look Good
17: Watch the Music: Equalizer Watch Reacts to Sound Around You
17: Bicycle Barometer Makes Your Daily Commuting Plans Simple
16: The Key to Solving a Classic Puzzle: DIY Keyboard Rubik's Cube
15: Bluetooth Battery Gives You Remote Power Over Your Devices
14: Spy Writing: Ballpoint Pen is Also a Covert Document Scanner
13: Genius Inventor Creates a Quick Draw Hidden iPhone Holster
13: Starry, Starry Poo: Dung Beetles Use Milky Way to Navigate
12: Tiny Roomba-Like Screen Wiper Robot is the Cutest Cleaner
12: Winning Combination: Secure Hard Drive Inspired by Gym Lock
11: Bandage Printer Prints Out the Perfect Plaster Every Time
11: Interactive Turntable Makes Beats + Songs From Drawings
10: Minimalist Clock is Just the Digits and Nothing But the Digits
10: Rumble Writing: Digital Pen Vibrates When You Make a Mistake
09: Air Filter-Equipped Bike Makes City Riding Safer but Dorkier
08: Parcel Monitoring System Tells if Your Packages Were Abused
07: Redesigned Umbrella Grip is Perfect for Texting in the Rain
06: Cutting Edge Design Re-Thinks the Hard-to-Remove Zip Tie
06: Talking Ramen: Noodle Bowl Doubles as a Handy iPhone Perch
05: Bizarre Knit Head Sock is a Cozy Bit of Portable Laptop Privacy
05: Finger-Mounted OLED Screens Provide Another Display Layer
04: Wi-Fi Signal Strength Made Visible in Data-Heavy Sculpture
03: Safety Tires Let You Know When Treads Are Dangerously Worn
03: Fishy Science: World's First Video of Thought Forming in a Brain
02: The Hills Have Ears: Using Trees as Antennae and Receivers
01: Brilliant or Crazy? IPhone Case With Built-In Coffee Cup Holder

January 2013 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Retro Progress Bar Watch Never Completes its Countdown
31: Light Fashion: Flexible Lighted Suits Look Like Tron in Real Life
30: Clever Packaging Becomes Part of the Product to Cut Waste
29: Choose, Customize + Personalize a 3D Printed iPhone Case
29: Bubble Letters: Smart Tape Lets Anyone Create Braille Labels
28: Roach-Like Search + Rescue Bot is Sturdy, Flexible, Ultra Fast
28: Recycling Project Turns Discarded Appliances Into New Ones
27: Coated Cotton Catches Desert Fog to Make Safe Drinking Water
27: Shocking! Alarm Clock Wakes Your Brain With a Jolt of Power
25: Action Blocks: Gigantic Working NES Controller Made of LEGO
24: Over the Shoulder Camera Gives a New Perspective on Sports
24: Historic Video Shows First Pizza Order Placed by a Computer
23: Putting on the Moves: Device Makes iPhone an Optical Mouse
22: Lost Luggage? Suitcase Tracker Lets You Find Them Anywhere
22: Futuristic Research Could Restore Hearing in Deaf Mammals
21: Smart Ice Cubes Tell You When You've Had Too Many Drinks
21: Dynamic Data Carriers: 5 Cool Creative USB Drives in Disguise
20: Seeing and Saying: Phone Uses Text + Audio for Conversations
20: These Gadgets Suck: 3 Next-Gen Vacuum Cleaner Concepts
19: Death of the Password: Future 'Net Security Lies in Hardware
18: Unique Watch Uses Colors, Not Numbers, to Keep Track of Time
17: Miraculous Graphene Oxide Flakes Soak Up Radioactive Waste
17: Best Thing Ever: Real-Life Mario Kart With RFID Power-Ups
16: Desktop Miracle: Machine Recycles Plastic Into 3D Printing Fuel
15: Wireless Bluetooth Gadget Lets You Know What Plants Need
15: Powerful Change: High-Tech Battery Recharges in Mere Minutes
14: Eco-Friendly Bricks Made With Recycled Paper Industry Waste
14: Customizable Modular Car Comes With a Bunch of Attachments
13: Head-Mounted Cinema Turns iPhone Into Private Movie Theater
13: Touch the World: System Turns Anything Into a Touch Panel
12: Wee Transformer Robot Can Contort Into Nearly Any 3D Shape
11: Mini Secret: Tiny Infrared Spy Camera Disguised as Car Remote
10: Stepping it Up: Kinetic Footpath Generates Energy From Steps
10: Touchscreen Monitor Lets Doctors Monitor Patients Remotely
09: Put a Cork in it: Sleek Little Radio Turns On and Off With a Cork
08: Simple Handlebar Clips Make it Easy to Bike Groceries Home
08: Flexible Fiber Optic Solar Cells Could be Woven Into Clothing
07: Triple Duty: Transforming Car Design is Coupe, Wagon + Pickup
07: Emergency Flashlight Draws Power From Any Size Batteries
06: Sweet Attachment Turns Smartphones Into Gaming Consoles
05: Shiny Slo-Mo: Decelerator Helmet Slows Time Down For Wearer
04: Help on Wheels: Robotic Wheelchair Lets Disabled Folks Stand
03: Bamboo-tiful: Sustainable Smartphone is Stylishly Different
03: High-Tech Bird Feeder Makes Unprecedented Nature Photos
02: Canned Music: Digital Bottle Remixes Sounds Into Sweet Beats
02: Toolbox iPhone Case Turns Your Phone Into Swiss Army Knife
01: Gorgeous Working Golden Caterpillar Robot From 19th Century
01: Biological Concrete Adds a Mossy Living Layer to Buildings

December 2012 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Virtual Traffic Lights Inspired by Insects Could End Traffic Woes
31: 97 Obsolete Office Gadgets Perform as a Scrapheap Symphony
30: Brain Scan Helps Vegetative Patient Answer Direct Questions
30: USB Key Remembers All of Your Computer Passwords For You
29: Hospital Wallpaper Puts On an Interactive Light Show for Kids
28: Wearable Gaming Platform Lets Games Go Anywhere With You
27: Meow Fix: RFID-Equipped Cat Bowl Feeds Only the Right Cat
26: Safety-Conscious Power Strip is a Three-Armed Space Saver
25: Pulling a Fast One: Stretchy Cables Filled With Liquid Metal
24: Tiny Swarming Robots Mean Big Things for Space Colonies
23: Drug-Detecting Drinkware Makes for Safer Sips at the Club
22: Jumping Revolution: Bluetooth Enabled Next-Gen Jump Rope
21: Savvy Navigation: App Shows You The Way With Virtual Path
20: A-peel-ingly Fast Car: Superbly Silly Giant Yellow Banana Car
19: Spinning Time: Corrupted Hard Drive Turned Into Cool Clock
19: Magical Military Tech: Expanding Foam Stops Internal Bleeding
18: Look Both Ways! Camera Ensures No One Gets Left Out of Pics
18: Ingenious Lamp Lights Third World With the Power of Gravity
17: Shocking Handcuffs Give Prisoners a Jolt or Jab for Acting Out
17: New Life for Broken Things: Project Shows Beauty of Repair
16: Unjammable Aircraft Detection System Uses Quantum Imaging
16: Standing Room Only in This Tiny Ride Sharing Electric Car Idea
15: Augmented Reality Window Game for Boredom-Free Journeys
13: Corrugated Cardboard Bike Helmet Is Surprisingly Sturdy, Safe
13: Boogie Shoes: Speakers Attach to Your Feet for Portable Party
12: Video Doorbell Shows You Who's Knocking From Anywhere
11: New Virtual Touch Keyboard Splits Characters Into Wheels
10: Avian Segway: Loud Bird Gets a Sweet Ride to Keep it Quiet
10: Reimagined Remote Control Lets Anything Control Your TV
09: Springs in the Step: Prosthetic Foot Mimics Ankle's Movement
07: Double-Sided Keyboard/Touch Pad for Total Computing Control
06: Measuring a Body's Metabolic Stress Through a Temp Tattoo
05: Unique Power Strip Accommodates Space-Hogging Adapters
05: Hybrid Electric Trike Can Be Powered by Your Legs or the Sun
04: Sleek Laptop Mouse Clips to Computer to Avoid Getting Lost
04: Digital Sticker + Smartphone System Finds Your Lost Stuff
03: Making Paper Digital: Lightweight, Disposable Paper USB Drives
03: If a Bike and a TV Stand Had a Baby, It Would Be a TV Barrow
02: Microbial Fuel Cell Uses Living Plants to Generate Electricity
02: World's First Image of DNA Confirms its Double Helix Shape
01: World's Most Advanced Prosthetic Hand Can Write, Crack Eggs

November 2012 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: Space Colonies Could Be Built from Moon Rocks + 3D Printers
29: Functional Keyboard Plate Combo is Not for the Germ-Phobic
29: Paper Survival Kit is a Lightweight Multi-Functional Travel Tool
28: 1995 AOL Commercial Takes You Back to Early Internet Days
28: Bright Idea: Wi-Fi Light Socket Connects Bulbs + Mobile Phones
27: The Dummies Have Eyes: Store Mannequins Spy on Shoppers
27: Smart Desert Beetle Inspires Amazing Self-Filling Water Bottle
26: Flat-Pack Kit Turns Your Bike Into a Noble Galloping Steed
26: Spin Cycle: Community-Based Bikes Give a Charge for Free
25: Simple Update on the Cardboard Box Makes Moving Easier
25: iMultitask: Dual Function Headphones Work on or off Your Head
24: High-Tech Umbrella Keeps You Dry With Invisible Canopy of Air
22: Double Function Cufflinks Look Cool + Help You Escape
22: Wearable Breast Cancer Test Sees Tumors Before Doctors Can
21: Digital Fun Made Physical: Windows Solitaire Cards in Real Life
21: Untethered Sound: Wireless Speaker Plugs Into Wall Outlet
20: Musical Pen: Hand-Held Scanner Plays Compositions Instantly
20: Helpful Little Car Robot is the Wall-E of Driving Directions
19: Hot + Cool Vending Machine Serves Up Piping Hot Lean Pockets
19: Smaller Than Life: 3D Photo Booth Produces Tiny Figurines
18: Mind Playing Bricks: Geektacular Wigs Made of LEGO Blocks
17: Fold + Float: Origami-Inspired Kayak is Ridiculously Portable
16: Cutting the Cord: Wall Socket is Free to Move Where Needed
14: Bottoms Up! Mobile App Takes the Lines Out of Ordering Drinks
14: Tri-Wheeled Electric Scooter Provides a Smooth, Safe, Cool Ride
13: A Line in the Sand: Clock Carves Out the Passage of Time
13: DIY Patrol Robot Keeps Gardens Safe With Built-In Water Gun
12: Second Skin: Touch-Sensitive, Self-Healing Artificial Material
11: Digital LEGO Drum Machine Lets You Build Beats With Blocks
10: Bouncy Ball Camera Gives a Safe Preview of Dangerous Areas
09: Airless Bike Tires Eliminate Blowouts and Flats on the Trail
08: Sneaky Time: Ninja Face is a Watch You Never Saw Coming
07: Chameleon Clock App Turns iPads and iPhones Transparent
06: Recyclable Circuit Board Loses its Components in Hot Water
05: He'll Never Forget it: Elephant Learns to Speak Korean
05: This Chair Rocks: Kinetic iPad Charger Disguised as Furniture
04: Custom Cork Flashlight Design is Surprisingly Sophisticated
04: Bacteria Laced Concrete Grows its Own Patches for Cracks
03: Laser Guided Injection System Promises Painless Shots
02: Mind-Controlled Leg Takes User Anywhere With a Thought
01: Pepper Spray + iPhone Case = Always-Present Self Defense

October 2012 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Playable Pumpkin Tetris is a Fun Halloween Trick + Treat
30: Ouchless Bandages Perfect for Newborns and Adult Babies
30: Moss-Covered Keyboard Brings Some Nature to the Office
29: 3D Bioprinters Could Make it Possible to Get Meds Via Email
29: Transforming Commuter Bike Has Expanding Cargo Wheel
28: Rubik's Cube Controller Mixes Digital Music With a Twist
27: Volvo's Auto-Driving System Navigates Traffic Jams For You
25: Leaf it to This Temp-Sensitive Paper to Tell the Weather
25: Movie Multiplier: Dock Makes iPhone Movie Watching Easier
24: Dissolving Oral Strip Eases the Pain of Nasty Tongue Burns
24: London Flight Simulator Gives You Temporary Ability to Fly
23: Blood Bricks Are on the Bleeding Edge of Construction Tech
22: And The Bottom Drops Out: LG's Hilarious Elevator Prank
22: Remote-Control Cockroaches are Next-Gen Bionic Rescuers
21: Leg-Powered Raft Lets Intrepid Travelers Walk on Water
20: Our Mecha Past: Impossible Fossils of the Mechazoic Era
19: Equation Art: DIY Calculator Needs You to Draw its Buttons
18: Extra Fuel Stores in Car to Keep You Safely on the Road
18: Robot Wheelchair Uses Wheels as Legs to Conquer Obstacles
17: Portable VR Motion Device Lets You Walk Virtually Forever
16: Kinetic Charger Uses Your Own Footsteps to Charge Gadgets
16: Wristband Tracks Body Stats for Round-the-Clock Fitness
15: TV Technology Pauses the Show When You Leave the Room
15: Microbial Alchemy: Making Gold From a Common Compound
14: So Long Smelly Shirts: Odor-Neutralizing Clothing Hangers
14: World's Fastest Stroller Zips Baby + Dad Around at 50 MPH
13: Beauty and the Beak: Bald Eagle's New 3D Printed Snout
12: Smart Safety: Gas Mask Laser Arrow Leads to Exit in a Fire
11: Sturdy Little iPhone Charging Cable Firmly Holds its Position
10: Done By the Sun: Huge Glass Marble Solar Energy Collectors
09: Functional Finery: Presentation Tool Disguised as Jewelry
08: I'm a Mac: Geek Family Stickers Show Off Your Apple Love
08: Crop Circles of the Sea: Diving Deep to Solve a Fishy Mystery
07: Facebook-Connected Vest Passes Along Your Warm Fuzzies
07: Multi-Functional iPhone Case: the Swiss Army Knife of Cases
06: Reader Giveaway: Win a Stylish, Futuristic TokyoFlash Watch
05: Chewing Gum Batteries Get You Out of a Sticky Situation
04: Crunchy Forecast: Toaster Prints the Weather on Your Bread
04: Sleep Art: Robot Paints the Sleep Patterns of Hotel Guests
03: Gimme Some Space: Urban Bike Folds With Just a Touch
03: Mobile Bluetooth Controller Makes Impulsive Fun Simpler
02: Disappearing Electronics Dissolve When No Longer Useful
01: Water Scooter Uses Elbow Grease to Glide Over the Surface
01: RFID-Chipped Electronic Socks Keep Themselves Organized

September 2012 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: Portable Tire Pump Lets Bikers Inflate Tires With Their Seats
30: Riding the Cute Wave: Wearable Brain-Controlled Cat Tails
29: Flat Out Cool: 2D Wall Posters Function Like 3D Electronics
28: Earthly Chorus: The Planet's Natural Magnetic Field Music
27: Miss the 80s? Rad iPad Case Takes You Back to Days of Mac
26: Prepare Your Mind to be Blown by Some Cool Science Facts
26: Deep Space Find: Ethereal Font Composed of Real Galaxies
25: Crosswalk Craziness: Traffic Light Comes With a Short Game
25: Cassette to iPod Converter Modernizes Your Music Collection
24: Attention Draw: Fully Functional Etch-A-Sketch Belt Buckle
24: Fake History: 6 Photo Manipulations Way Before Photoshop
23: Affordable Consumer 3D Printer and its Web-Based Alter Ego
22: Bike Helmet Sticker Detects Crashes or Falls, Calls for Help
21: Silence! Giant Button Lets You Smash Commercials Quiet
20: Ruby Slippers 2.0: GPS Shoes Light Up to Guide You Home
19: Plastic Lullabies: Make Your Own Fisher Price Player Records
19: Open Sesame! Gesture-Controlled Motorized Laptop Lid
18: Friend Zone: Wristband Alerts You to Potential BFFs Nearby
17: A Touchy Situation: Textural Contextual Touch Interface
17: Bang Bang Bizarre: 2 Odd Multi-Barreled Guns of the Past
16: Flashes of Creativity? Brilliant Light-Up LED LEGO Blocks
14: Art Lebedev's Super-Sleek Watch Design Redefines The Face
13: Fit for Starfleet: Microsoft's Patent for a Real-Life Holodeck
13: Ratception: Scientists Successfully Manipulate Rats' Dreams
12: Smart Protective Fabric Tells Exact Locations of Breaches
12: Room Full of Pac: Immersive Room-Sized Retro Video Game
11: The iPhone Photo Lab That Turns Digital Pics Into Real Ones
10: Sexy Downhill Racer Bike Uses Gravity in Place of Pedals
10: Cool Bluetooth Gloves Make Gesture-Controlled Phone Calls
09: iPad-Driven Submarine Cam Takes Sweet Underwater Pics
08: Generation Battle: Old Vs. New Video Games in Epic War
07: 3D-Printed USB Cassette Tape is a Retro Tune-Trading Treat
06: Programmable T-Shirt Lets You Express Your Digital Self
06: Electric-Assisted Cargo Bike That Doubles as a Family Vehicle
05: Typewriter iPad Dock Blends New Tech + Classic Style
05: Android App Translates Text Speak Phrases For Unhip Adults
04: Retro-Look Hydrofoil Speedboat: Crazy Fast, Crazy Sexy
04: Harvard Scientists Create World's First Living Cyborg Tissues
03: 1-Molecule Thick Material Will Enable Next-Gen Electronics
03: Rolling Robotic iPad Stand Puts Your Face in Remote Places
02: Charge It: Slick USB Charging Device Fits in Your Wallet
02: Sony Idea Will Make TV Commercials Into Interactive Games
01: Transforming Flat-Pack Mouse Lives in Your Laptop CD Drive

August 2012 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Bizarre Bike Concept Subs Harness + Running For Pedals
30: Blow Me Down! Tiny K Compressed Air Powered Car
29: Recycle to Stay Dry: Clever Eco-Brolly Re-Uses Refuse
28: Polaroid's New Camera Blends the Best of Digital + Analog
28: Home System Lets You Control Everything From Anywhere
27: Gadget Locks Down Your Computer Until You Ride Your Bike
27: The Art of Giving up Control: Human-Assisted Machine Art
26: The Augmented Reality App That Turns You Into a Monster
26: Fan-Powered Future Bike: Video of A Working Hoverbike
25: Sunburn Wristbands Change Color to Prevent Skin Cancer
24: Watery Wakeup: Sub Alarm Has to be Submerged to Stop
23: Gadgets of Yesteryear: 10 Vintage Computer Advertisements
22: Blooming Lovely: iPhone Amplifier Doubles as a Planter
22: Army's Troop Depression Answer: Anti-Suicide Nasal Spray
21: Unnecessary Convenience? '30s Pre-Lit Cigarette Dispenser
21: Brilliant Key Ring Solution Makes Putting Things Away Fun
20: Trashed Containers Get New Life With 3D Printed Parts
20: These Pictures Pop! 3D Display "Explodes" Into the Air
19: Sticky Note-Like USB Drive Tells Its Contents at a Glance
18: Collar Text Messages Owners When Dog is Left in a Hot Car
17: Hide and Squirm: Camouflage-Enabled Soft-Body Robots
16: Tactile Tapping: Uniquely Textured Woodgrain Keyboard
16: Totally Crushed: Redesigned Drink Can is Easier to Smash
15: Shoot! Awesome DIY Slingshot-Like Angry Birds Controller
14: Finger-Mounted Camera Provides Pseudo-Sight to the Blind
14: Hovercraft Float Into the Future: Sporty 21st Century Design
13: Instant Turn-Off: Ear Buds Know When They're Removed
12: Smart Flower Pot Feeds + Waters Your Plants Automagically
12: Hand-Powered Minimalist Shredder Destroys Papers in Style
11: In Good Taste: Flavored Envelopes For Pleasanter Letters
10: PS3 Controller + Android Phone + Plastic Connector Piece =
09: Case Turns Your iPod Touch Into a Cheap iPhone (Kind Of)
09: See Hermit Crabs Like Never Before With Blown Glass Shells
08: Curved Mouse Makes Armchair Computing More Comfortable
08: Short Sci-Fi Film Gives a Chilling Glimpse of Our Tech Future
07: Dock Puts iPhone + iPad Retro Games On the Bigger Screen
07: Overhead Digital Screens Bring Sunshine to Subway Rides
06: Working Bike Made of Recycled Cardboard Cost Just
06: Solar Power Pack for Anywhere Off-Grid Gadget Charging
05: Super-Card Combines All of the Credit Cards in Your Wallet
05: Simple Clip-On Lenses Enhance Mobile Phone Photography
04: 3D Printing Tech Gives Disabled Girl Custom 'Magic Arms'
03: Aroma Printer Preserves Pictures + Scents of Favorite Foods
03: Electric Car Made to be Piloted by Wheelchair Bound Driver
02: Oil Cleanup Concept Uses Marine Roombas to Clean Oceans
02: Saucy Sidekick: Lid Design Lets You Take Ketchup on the Go
01: Brain Power: Cap Shocks Your Noggin to Make You Smarter

July 2012 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Amorphous Power Strip Takes Any Shape to Fuel Gadgets
31: Subtitle Glasses System Translates Foreign Conversations
30: Subway Station Agent: Braille Bracelet Keeps Blind On Track
29: Robotic Trash Can Rolls Around To Catch Your Flying Filth
29: The Eyes Have It: Marketing Tech Parses Gazes for Info
28: Scientists Trying to Detect Quietest Sound in the Universe
27: Fan-Tastic Mouse Spins Your Sweaty Gaming Palm Away
26: Geek Chow: 2 DIY Projects to Help You Feed Your Face
26: Gesture Car Control System Keeps Drivers' Eyes on the Road
25: Safety is Afoot? Removable Bike Pedals Become Smart Lock
25: Low-Cost System Allows Control of Computers With Eyes
24: DARPA's Extinguisher Puts Out Fires With Blast of Sound
24: Strange Egg-Like Robot Sends Kisses Over Long Distances
23: Modified Gumball Machine Vends Apps in Exchange for Coins
23: Computer Learns Rules of Games, Then Beats You at Them
22: Future Star Travel Will Be Fueled By Huge Quantum Lasers
22: Co-Pilot Driving System Takes Control When Drivers Fail
21: High-Tech System For the Blind Substitutes Music for Sight
20: 3D Genius: System Develops 3D Models From Regular Photos
20: Weensy Wheels: Tiny Single-Seater DIY Electric Car Kit
19: Fridge Lock Tattles to Your Friends When You Sneak Snacks
18: Draw Your Music: App's Custom Tunes Follow Your Doodles
18: Mind Reading Helmet Detects Evil Terrorist Plans at Airports
17: Reinventing Wheels: 4 Cutting-Edge Automotive Innovations
17: Little Printer Spits Out Combined Physical + Digital Data
16: Augmented Reality App Puts Cartoons on Real-World Stuff
15: Materials Science Gets Airy: World's New Lightest Material
15: Backward Brolly: Smart Design Turns Umbrella Inside Out
14: Feather Touch: Medical Device Makes Starting IVs Simple
13: Portable Generator Charges Gadgets With Just Leg Power
12: Recycled Cardboard Amplifier is Eco-Friendly Sound Maker
12: View-Master Grows Up: Modern Stereoscope Video Viewer
11: Stave Off a Zombie Invasion in a Custom Hyundai Elantra
11: Righteous Recycling: Newspaper Becomes Nouveau Wood
10: Redesigned Skateboard Glides Easily Down Flights of Stairs
10: Keeping it Fresh: Jug Sends a Text When the Milk is Spoiled
09: Sniffle No More: Scientists Create a Universal Allergy Vaccine
09: Riding on Eggshells: Enclosed Electric Zero-Emission Scooter
08: Green Energy, Literally: Solar Cells Made of Grass Clippings
08: Disposable Paper Cooking Pot is Essential Camping Gear
07: Plastic-Eating Mushrooms Could Clear up Persistent Garbage
06: Simple Kit Makes User Interface Out of Absolutely Anything
05: Barcode of Life Seeks to Classify and Track All of Our Food
05: See Right Through You: Glasses Give Away People's Moods
04: Pics in the Blink of an Eye: Iris-Reading Biometric Camera
04: Sweet Belt Buckle Transforms Into Mobile Phone Charger
03: Robot Fingertip IDs Textures More Accurately Than Humans
03: Spray-On Battery Makes a Power Source of Any Surface
02: Revolutions: 20 Radical Innovations in Vehicular Technology
02: Digital Drawing Board Creates Objects in Stunning 3D Detail
01: Simple Device Turns a Water Bottle Into a Portable Bidet

June 2012 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: Presto, Change-O: Transforming Car Commutes + Races
29: Robot Hand is Totally Unbeatable at Rock, Scissors, Paper
28: Groovy Watch + MP3 Player With Record Player Theme
28: Hearing the Way: High-Tech Navigation Glasses for the Blind
27: Cigarette Roller + Hungry Belly = DIY Sushi Roll Maker
27: Projector Games Turn Any Floor Into an Indoor Soccer Pitch
26: Dream On: LED Embedded Mask Encourages Lucid Dreaming
25: Simpler Snaps: Digital Camera Caters to Technophobes
24: Booster Brolly is Unlikely Team of Solar Panels + Antenna
24: Visual Headphones Are Music on Inside, Graphics on Outside
23: Peel + Stick Pockets Make Room For All Your Geeky Gear
22: Chewable Pencils Give Nervous Students a Tasty Surprise
21: Ford App Unlocks Websites When You're Near the Computer
21: Powerful Long Range WiFi Antenna Made From Coffee Can
20: Car Tent Turns Prius Into Tiny Mobile Hotel Room For Two
20: Science, Delicious Science: 3D Printer Makes Custom Burritos
19: Kinect's Cameras Can Help Find Your Lost Household Stuff
19: Real Self-Making Bed: Where Have You Been All Our Lives?
18: 3D Print Your Own Famous Sculptures From the Met at Home
18: Tricorder in Your Pocket: Bluetooth Smartphone Sensor
17: DIY System Picks Up Where Google Streetview Leaves Off
17: Preserving the Sounds of Yesterday's Household Gadgets
16: Light as Paper: Stylish Super-Slim Foldable MP3 Speakers
15: Web-Based Game Puts You in Control of Real-Life Submarine
14: Petite Printer Concept Looks Like a Piece of Fine Desktop Art
13: Kooky Packaging Lets You Cook Boiled Eggs On the Go
13: Shoo, Mozzies: Nanoparticle Clothing Repels Blood-Suckers
12: Extension Cord Disguised as a Book Hides in Plain Sight
12: The Countdown Begins to the First Human Colony on Mars
11: Last Moment Robot Removes the Humanity From Empathy
11: Feeling Flat: Disappearing Buttons Turn Touchscreens 3D
10: Nano-Origami: Tiny Character Set Created From DNA Strands
10: Innovative iPhone Cable: Charger, Organizer + Tripod in 1
09: Coolest Dad Ever Shares Instructions for a DIY Hovercraft
09: Beautiful History: Massive Radio Wave Carphones of the 60s
08: No Hiding the Peas: Laser Tells if You've Eaten Your Veggies
08: Business to Go: Ultra-Tough Mobile Cell Phone Printer
07: Sound Wave Necklaces Turn Your Voice Into Pretty Trinkets
07: So Emotional: Player Expressions Translated to MMORPG
06: Beyond Cool: Working LEGO Technic Super 8 Projector
06: Ultimate To-Go Box: Sidecar Hides Sweet Mobile Pizza Oven
05: Two-Faced: Transparent Phone With Dual Touch Screens
05: Quantum Time Travel? Experiment Shows Freaky Reversal
04: Massive Wind Energy Tower Planned for Southwest Arizona
04: Key Killers: 3 Gadgets That Will Make Your Keyring Obsolete
03: Pick Your Prescription: Revolutionary Adjustable Glasses
03: Never Alone: Telepresence Robot Perches on Shoulders
02: Crazy Mouth Jewelry Plays Music Through Your Teeth
01: Why Didn't I Think of That? Ingenious Self-Stirring Pot

May 2012 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Spinning Wheel Planter is an Ideal Space-Age Indoor Garden
30: Affordable Family-Size Plane: Station Wagon of the Future?
30: Vancouver Utility Pole Concept is Compact, Full of Services
29: Cute Animated Short Explains How We Measure the Universe
29: Touchy-Feely iPhone App Helps Form Textual Chemistry
28: Restaurant Quiets the Crowds With High-Tech Sound System
28: Minimalist Clock Brings Peace and Elegance to the Bedroom
27: Robo-Rescue! Motorized Beach Flotation Device Saves Lives
26: Upcycled Sound: Cool Steampunk Victrola iPhone Amplifier
25: Super-Slippery Coating Lets Ketchup Glide Out of Bottles
24: Are 3 Wheels Better than 2? Electric-Assisted Cargo Tricycle
24: Pixel Party! Classic Video Games Come Out to Play in 3-D
23: Flat-Pack Cardboard Box Turns any iPhone into a Scanner
23: Rise and Smile! Bedroom Toaster Cooks up a Happy Morning
22: Social Music Player is a New Spin on the Classic Jukebox
22: Disney's Touch Interaction Brings Life to Everyday Objects
21: Cool Next-Gen Pill Bottle Destigmatizes Daily Medicine Taking
21: The Bad Touch: Live Robotic Plant Runs to Avoid Contact
20: Climbing the Inventive Ladder? Smart Folding Home Tool
20: Fully Electric 3-Wheel Food Truck is a Cute Modern Rickshaw
19: A Sound Change: Gadget Turns Ear Buds into Headphones
18: Peek Inside: Industrial X-Rays of Video Game Controllers
17: Instant Smiley App Turns Your Expression into an Emoticon
17: USB Device Uses Analog Security to Keep Digital Data Safe
16: Mind-Blowing 1971 Demo of Computer Animation Software
16: Ambulance + Tank = Tough Offroad Emergency Vehicle
15: Streamlined Motorcycle Car is Like a Smart Phone on Wheels
15: Bright Spots: Clever Illuminated Cork Board Push Pins
14: Energy Grows on Trees: World's First Practical Artificial Leaf
14: Screen-Free Digi Camera Encourages Careful Photography
13: Grass-Sprouting Computer Offsets its Own Carbon Output
13: Social Outfit: Hangers Show How Many 'Like' Your Clothes
12: Privacy-Boosting App Deletes Naughty Pics After 10 Seconds
12: Vinyl Record Sports Super-Chill Music + Great Animations
11: Working Etch-A-Sketch Case + App Takes iPad Back in Time
11: Anti Wi-Fi Wallpaper Bedecks Your Home's Walls in Security
10: Easy on the Digits: Grocery Bag Carrier Prevents Finger Pain
09: This is an Impossible to Visualize 3D Mathematical Shape
08: Roof Tiles Eat Up Air Pollution, Spit Out Garden Fertilizer
08: The Doctor is In (Your Skin): Incredible Medicine Implants
07: Watch as the VW Hover Car Zooms Through Chinese Streets
07: Weird Alcoholic Mouth Spray Gives Instant, Temporary Buzz
06: An iPhone Screen Becomes Home to an Entire Small Town
06: Beautiful Analog Water Alarm Clock is a Musical Alternative
05: A Handy Thought: Will Gadgets Become Part of Our Bodies?
04: Bizarre Public Service Exchanges Free Wi-Fi for Dog Poo
03: Running Start: Temporary Prosthetic for Lower Leg Injuries
03: Nifty iPhone Case Takes and Stores Digital Measurements
02: Lucky Star: NASA Craft Happens to Catch Video of a Nova
02: Biodegradable Joint Implants Grow New Finger + Toe Joints
01: Nanotechnology Makes Paper Into Waterproof Super-Paper
01: Vintage Victorian Space Illustrations Are Delightfully Detailed

April 2012 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: New Solar Cells Could Lead to Transparent Solar Windows
30: Space-Age Snuggie: Blankets Become High-Tech Babysitters
29: Dynamic Computer Monitors Let You Be in 2 Places at Once
29: Crazy Cool: Huge Trucks Fill Abandoned Desert with Cities
28: Sony's Smart Outlet Will Recognize You + Your Appliances
28: Cubicle Wars: How to Weaponize Your Office Supplies
27: Worth a Thousand Words: Camera Prints Text, Not Pictures
26: Shocking! Fun Stickers Turn Bland Outlets Into Silly Faces
26: Learn How to Turn Your Old Netbook Into a New Tablet
25: Share the Crunch: Potato Chip Can That Blooms Into a Bowl
24: Smart Cartons Will Warn When Milk Has Been Out Too Long
24: 1960s Hover Scooter Looks Awesome But Sounds Deadly
23: Palm-Reading ATMs Will Do Away With Plastic Bank Cards
23: Talking Dirty? Invention Sanitizes + Charges Filthy Phones
22: Lightweight Folded Metal Urban Bike Inspired by Origami
22: Instant Mortification: Wireless Printer Spits Out Party Pics
21: Mental Math: Calculator Only Gives You Answers You Know
20: Sci-Fi History: Spaceballs Hovercar Spotted Alive + Well
19: Wacky Musical Jell-O is a Brilliant Creation From France
19: Are Other Planets Home to Super-Intelligent Dinosaurs?
18: 1920s French Skates Were the Dapper Daddy of Rollerblades
18: Shut Up and Take My Money: Genius Self-Standing Broom
17: Science Saves the Day! Physicist Smarts Himself Out of Ticket
17: Can Handpiece is a High-Tech Update of Childhood Game
16: NES Controller Coffee Table is a Dual-Functional Work of Art
16: 1982 Atari Drawings Predict Wikipedia + Portable Computers
15: Kevlar Shield Turns Child Safety Seat Into a Baby Fortress
15: Skinless Robot With Real Muscles is Less Scary Than it Looks
14: Super-Chilled Beer Foam Keeps Your Drink Nice and Cold
14: Bags of Non-Newtonian Fluid Are a Temporary Pothole Fix
13: Tiny Electric Commuter Car is Greener Than Riding the Train
13: World's First Virtual Grocery Store Now Open in South Korea
12: Sound Storage: Stick Spare Earbuds in a Spare Set of Ears
11: Mind-Blowing Video: Arthur C. Clarke Predicted 'Net in 1974
11: Stepping it Up: Shoulder Strap Helps Get Bikes Up Stairs
10: Fading Highlighter Puts More Book Sale Bucks in Your Pocket
10: Power to the People: Camping Pot Cooks Up Electricity
09: Art History Goes Sci-Fi: Classic Paintings Hilariously Recast
09: Self-Assembling "Smart Sand" is the 3D Printer of the Future
08: Calling the Past: Groovy 1970s Home Phone Promo Film
08: Laser Pointer for iPhone Works IRL and in Digital World
07: Electric Screwdriver-Driven Wooden Car is Elegantly Slow
07: Sticky Fingers? New Adhesive Tape Based On Gecko Feet
06: Spiked Headphones Let You Tell the Outside World to Scram
06: Hot Feet: Japanese Artisans Bake on Canvas Shoe Soles
05: Andy Warhol's 1985 Amiga Computer Painting Demo
04: Look Out Below! Antique Bone Telescopes Found in Toilets
04: Futuristic Bike Flips Around to Create Cool Tandem Ride
03: Digital Skin: Human Face Becomes a Canvas for Projections
03: Smart First Aid Kit Gives Guidance On Patching Up Injuries
02: Self-Healing Plastic Bleeds and Mends Itself Like Human Skin
02: Espresso Express: In-Car Coffee Maker is a Jolt on Wheels
01: Pin-On Fashion: Louis Vuitton Debuts Wearable MP3 Player

March 2012 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Tooth Tattoos Will Know When You're Sick Before You Do
30: E-Waste Toys Turn Trash Into Fun Educational Treasures
29: Bright LED Handlebars Signal Turns, Keep Cyclists Safe
29: Hunger Game: One-Touch Emergency Pizza Ordering Button
28: Absurd Canine Stair Lift Lets Plump Pups Rest Their Dogs
27: Graphene Gets Greater: Now Comes With Piezoelectricity
27: Portable Washing Machine That Fits in Your Back Pocket
26: The Future Was All Balls: 2 Crazy Retrofuturistic Spheres
26: Individual Human Immune Systems Can Be Copied in Mice
25: Magnetic Body Art Could Make Cellular Ringtones Obsolete
24: Free Play: Universal Connectors Join Up All Building Toys
23: Old Topless Models: Impressive Insides of Vintage Machines
22: Survival Snowboard Keeps You Alive Until Help Arrives
22: Clever iPhone Case Ensures You Never Run Out of Juice
21: Cuddly Robot Pillow Will Hug the Snoring Right Out of You
20: NASA Provides a Look at the Violent History of the Moon
20: Folded Paper Sensors Detect Deadly Diseases on the Cheap
19: Object Recognition Scanner is a Supermarket Barcode Killer
18: Bugged Out: Arachnid-Like Mobile Device Does Triple Duty
18: Blood-Free Sport: Rifle Camera Captures Digital Trophies
17: Frenetic Fashion: Mind-Controlled Dress Rearranges Itself
16: Timepiece in Disguise: Watch Has Hidden Functionality
16: Skip on the Loo? City's Sidewalk Made of Discarded Toilets
15: Moving Pictures: Wearable Camera Documents Life Events
15: Robot Glove Gives Human Workers Robotic Super-Stamina
14: One Thing to Charge Them All: Small Multi-Device Charger
14: Street Flasher: Sweet Biking Gloves Light Up to Show Turns
13: Safer Streets: Volvo Makes World's First Pedestrian Airbags
13: Backyard Gourmet: Gadget Turns Grill Into Fancy Pizza Oven
12: Alternate Universe: Switzerland's Augmented Reality Park
11: I'd Tap That: Simple Device Turns Faucets Into Fountains
11: Traditional Food Preservation Methods Put Fridges On Ice
10: De-3D Glasses Reverse the Ever-Growing 3D Display Trend
10: High-Tech Silencer: Painless Mic Gun Shushes the Wordy
09: What a Wind-Up! Rechargeable Hand-Twisted Batteries
08: Corked USB Drive is a High-Tech Modern Message in a Bottle
07: Smooth Operator: Futuristic Iron Makes Laundry Look Cool
06: Getting Fresh: Edible Stickers Monitor Foods' Conditions
05: Watch Evolution: Fashionable Bracelet Holds Timely Secret
05: Follow Along: Navigation App Shows You the Way Indoors
04: When Worlds Collide: Weird Tale of the Calculator Abacus
04: Edible Bottles Could Take Plastic Out of the Global Equation
03: Lunch, Meat Technology: Smartphone E. Coli Scanner
03: Bizarre Mask Uses Your Own Breath to Charge Your iPhone
02: Classy Case Turns iPod Nano Into a Fancy Pocket Watch
02: System Lets Wheelchair Users Drive Using Pierced Tongues
01: Could Earth's Food Problems Be Solved By Growing in Goo?
01: Powerful Wireless Speaker Slides Right Onto Your Tablet

February 2012 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

29: 8-Bit Pets: What Really Goes on in a Video Game Dog Park
29: Light-Up LED Wallpaper That Brings Rooms to Geeky Life
28: Spray-On Antenna Gives You Cellular Reception Anywhere
28: Second Lives For Electronics: 5 Obsolete Tech Sculptures
27: Geekiest Art Car in the Galaxy: VW AT-AT Imperial Walker
27: Geeky Home Highlights: 2 Must-Have Video Game Lamps
26: A Bite of Tech History: Every Apple Design in 30 Seconds
26: Closet Genius: Revamped Hanger Simplifies Laundry Day
25: QR 2.0: Starting Digital Conversations About IRL Things
24: Beer Opener/Cap Collector Displays Your Drinking Problem
23: Streamlined Mini Camera Simplifies Candid Picture Taking
23: Crack the Time Code: Translation Required for Time Check
22: Hands Off! Vintage Anti-Theft Briefcase Used Shock and Ow
22: Sing Your Heart Out On the Go With Noiseless iPhone Mic
21: Key Ring Opens With a Simple Touch, Saves Your Fingernails
21: Next-Gen Tinker Toys: Modular Drinking Straw Building Set
20: Meet Neil, the Cyborg Who Hears Colors + Paints in Sounds
20: Fusion of Tech + Music: Giant Robot Sculpts Musical Objects
19: Tough Choice? Schrodinger's Cat Will Decide it For You
19: Toybotics: Incredible Robot Arm Made Entirely of LEGOs
18: Personal Watercraft Lets You Skim Across Water Like a Bug
17: Long Shelf-Life Phone is Prepared for Future Emergencies
16: Loving Pet Parent Invents Interactive Robotic Dog Sitter
16: Burned Fingers Meet Their Match in Smart Candle Holders
15: Fruit Flies are Frozen, Thawed, Go On to Lead Normal Lives
15: When Robots Were Enemies: 30s Anti-Recorded Music Ads
14: First Aid Kit Patches Up People, Powers Up Dead Gadgets
14: Robot Fitness Trainer Will Help You Terminate Your Fat Cells
13: Baby Got Back: Transforming VW Has Sliding Camper Space
13: 1960s Japanese Sci-Fi Unveils What is at the Center of Earth
12: Surprisingly Minimalist Gramophone Plays Records by Hand
12: Injection That Heals Bones in Record Time is Breaking News
11: Voiceover Artist: Wall Gadget Records a Dozen Reminders
10: Simple Little Clamp Keeps Cords Organized + Out of the Way
09: Slick Exoskeleton Grants Superhuman Strength + Endurance
09: Trucker Cap Measures How Awake On-Duty Drivers Are
08: Cool LEGO Buildable Wii Remote Combines 2 Legends of Fun
08: Write On: Wi-Fi Texting Pen Blends Old-School + High Tech
07: Camping Bling: Stylish Necklaces With a Survivalist Twist
07: Smartest Car of All? MIT's CityCar Makes Real-World Debut
06: Time Machine: Ultra-Cool Retro Outer Space PC Case Mod
06: Reproduction Sphere Produces Perfect Copies of 3D Objects
05: Sounds of Age: Record Player Makes Music Out of Tree Rings
05: Segway-Like Mobility Device Gets Paraplegics Around Easily
04: Tweeting Like It's 1899: Telegraph Key Tweets Morse Code
03: Cutting a Rug: Lovely Interactive Floor Projection (VIDEO)
03: Swap Meet in a Box: Exchange Old Stuff for New Stuff, Free
02: Wrist Scanner is a Futuristic Personal Shopper For the Blind
02: Bio-Engineered Bacteria Colors Poo, Translates Your Health
01: Compartmentalizing Memories: Segmented USB Flash Drive
01: Airless Tires Could Make War Zones a Little Safer for Troops

January 2012 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: 3D Chocolate Printer Promises Sweetest Custom Gifts Ever
31: Wearable Scooter Has Got Your Back...As a Parking Spot
30: Muppet Machine: Fun Vintage Henson Clip is Pro-Human
30: Interactive Still Life Painting Lets You Mess Up Perfect Scene
29: Elvis Would be Proud: Belt Uses Hip Thrusts to Share 'Likes'
29: They're the Bomb: 5 Awesome Toys From the Atomic Age
28: Cool Needle-Free Optical Turntables Light up Dance Floors
27: Robo-Rugrat: Cyborg Baby Moves Way too Realistically
26: Stick 'Em Up! Clever Concept Adds Number Pads to Laptops
26: Safety First: Black Box Prevents Cell Phone-Related Crashes
25: Totally iDorable Cases Turn iPads + iPhones Into Kids' Toys
24: World's Largest Bus Holds 300 Eco-Minded City Commuters
24: Heads Up! Texting and Walking: There's an App For That
23: Stormy African Skies Give ISS Astronauts Thrilling View
23: Specialty Mobility Van Opens Up Just For Wheelchair Users
22: Double-Decker Chair Armrest Heads off Waiting Room Misery
22: Use the Farce: Star Wars Goes Retro With Silent Fight Scene
21: Snot a Bad Idea: Nostril Insert Illuminates Your Nose-Holes
20: Custom Electric Bike Camper for Short Jaunts to the Beach
19: Plastic Digital Video Camera Captures Magic of 8MM Movies
19: Modern Antique: Classic Atari Transformed into iPhone Dock
18: Recycle Cell Phones for Cash in Reverse Vending Machine
18: Virtual Dressing Room Takes Pain out of Clothes Shopping
17: Hustling to Go: Truck Doubles as Regulation Pool Table
17: Car Remote Clicker is a Guiding Light for Forgetful Drivers
16: Amazing Diversity of Life Found in A Scoop of Seafloor Mud
16: Note-Worthy: Magnetic Mini Camera is a Video Post-It Note
15: Furry Baby-Like Robot Fights Depression in Senior Citizens
15: Step it Up: Crazy Shoes Hug Feet to Make Mornings Easier
14: Pillow-Shaking Alarm Wakes You + Lets Roommates Sleep
14: Smart Glove Turns Prosthetic Arms into Feeling Limbs
13: Interactive Imagination: Projectors Throw Bright Characters
12: Glittering Go-Mobile: Mirror-Encrusted Electric Smart Car
11: Thin is In: Wall-Mounted Toaster For Spacious Breakfasts
11: Little Printer: A Customizable Newspaper for the Digital Age
10: Bizarre Watch Appears Random But Keeps Perfect Time
10: Scent-sational System Identifies Friends With Smell + Sound
09: Warming Trend: How to Stick it to Lukewarm Beverages
09: Thumbs Up: Gesture-Controlled Camera is Nearly Invisible
08: Chirping Reminder Lets You Take it With You When You Go
08: Strings Attached: Engine-Free Personal Submersible Vehicle
07: Feeling Plush: How to Bring Your Stuffed Animals to Life
06: Anti-Disposable: Modular Shoe Kit Stomps Wastefulness
05: Read the Signs: Sign Language Glove = Instant Interpreter
05: Venturing Victrola: Bike Plays Sweet Music From Its Wheels
04: Desk Dining: Office Lunch Utensils For Cubicle Captives
04: Rewarding Wearable Meter Makes Fitness a Serious Game
03: Modern Vintage: iPhone Case Blends New + Old Technology
03: Science Taking Flight: New Plastic Based on Insect Wings
02: Cool Motorized Skates for a Wheely Quick Morning Commute
02: Reverse Exoskeleton Makes You Feel Older, Maybe Wiser
01: Backwards Tech? Turning a Laptop Into a Whiteboard
01: Water-Powered Jet Pack Lets You Swim Like a Dolphin

December 2011 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: I Could Eat a Horse: Kitchen Device Measures Perfect Pasta
31: Breaking Point: Robotic Sculpture Slows One Violent Moment
30: Art to Go? Tiny French Cars Turned Into Mini Art Galleries
29: Cellulose Cells: Termite Battery Eats Paper, Spits out Power
29: Tiny Silk Microneedles Deliver Meds Better Than Syringes
28: Brain Twister: Ramped-Up Rubik's Cube is a Big Challenge
28: Just Your Shade: Cheap Solar Paint = Energy Revolution?
27: Wocka Wocka Watch: Pac-Man Eats Up All Your Free Time
27: 2 Places at Once? Telexistence Bot Has 3 Human Senses
26: Sun Glider: Sleek Sun-Worshipping Desert Concept Car
25: Stylish Bike Turns Commuters into Wheel-Slinging Samurai
25: Muscle-Bound Mario: Hands-Free Biofeedback Gaming
24: Hear Here! Safer Wireless Headphones Promote Healthy Ears
23: Green Racer: Elegant Eco-Car With Throw-Away Body
22: Sweeping the Clouds Away: Novel Data Sharing Solution
22: All Wound Up: Cute + Functional Ear Bud Protective Storage
21: Twist and Save: Door Handle Light Switch is a Bright Idea
21: Sea Inspiration: Coral-Like Process for Greener Cement
20: Power to the People: Whole-Body Gadget Charging System
20: Watch and Learn: Download Skills Directly to Your Brain
19: Robot Health Coach Asks Questions to Help You Lose Weight
19: Smart Touch Screen Vending Machine Remembers Your Face
18: Waiting Game: Making Public Transportation Commuting Fun
18: Smash Hit Gift: Tank Driving Service Lets You Crush Cars
16: The Bot Leading the Blind: High-Tech Mechanical Guide Dog
15: Quirky Mouse Design Requires You Take Play Breaks at Work
15: Not for Clowns: Electric Unicycle is Self-Balancing Scooter
14: Conceptual Taxi System Puts Civility Back in Urban Transport
14: Slick Sports Watch Keeps ID + Payment Info Close at Hand
13: Warm Rodents? Rats Free Friends Rather Than Snack Alone
13: Communist Arcades: In Soviet Russia, Game Played You!
12: Clear Case of Creativity: Geektastic DIY iPhone Covers
12: Too Light Saga: Breaking Down Vampire Energy Usage
11: Watch Your Mouth: Toothbrush Keeps an Eye on Cavities
11: Removable EV Range Extender is Snap-On Power + Space
10: Space Age: Dual Screens Detach for Infinitely Sized Phone
09: VW's Delivery Van Concept is Slick + Semi-Autonomous
08: USB Centipede: Simple Redesign Allows 1 Port, Lots of Plugs
08: Building to the Sky: Flying Robots Take on Architecture
07: Drawn to Protect: Customizable Case Keeps Your iPad Safe
07: Illuminating Design: The Lamp That Keeps Time For You
06: Time Out: Auto-Off Outlet Extends the Lives of Batteries
06: Real-Life Tron Light Cycle Would Make the Best Gift Ever
05: Keep on Truckin': Puncture-Proof Tires Won't Stop for Nails
05: Superhydrophobic Coating Will Keep the World Clean + Dry
04: Wheely Secure Storage: Physically Lockable USB Flash Drive
04: Zap! Video Game Uses Real Dead Souls as In-Game Lives
03: Creative Package Invites You to Rip Into Your Fish + Chips
02: Squishy Crawling Robot is Here to Help, Not Enslave, Us
01: Super-Spy Privacy Monitor Lets You Browse in Total Secrecy
01: Afterlife on Earth: Human Bodies Transformed into Batteries

November 2011 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: Recyclable Bulb Lights Up Your Home In Eco-Friendly Style
30: Depressingly Accurate? Timepieces Count Moments to Death
29: Funny Moving Pictures: First 2 Animations Ever Produced
29: Don't Look Away: iPhone Holder Follows Your Every Move
29: The Pickup of Bicycles: Retro-Look Lightweight Cargo Bike
28: World's First True 3D Display Projects Pictures in Mid-Air
28: Incredible New Material Takes Best Qualities of Glass + Resin
27: Roll On: World's Very First Electric Car Brought Back to Life
27: Not-So-Cyber Space: The Physical Home of the Internet
26: Split Personalities: Superheroes + Their Alternate Identities
26: Missing the Point? Real-World Cursors Have Classic Style
25: Walking Tour of History: Working Cell Phone From 1922
24: Use the Forest Green, Luke: Remarkable Star Wars Crayons
24: Say Wet Cheese! Dual-View Cam With Strange Perspective
23: Power is Time: USB-Charging Watch Needs No Batteries
23: Let's Go Fly a Trike: Awesome Scooter/Glider Concept
22: The Interaction Factor: Minimalist 4-in-1 Navigation Device
22: History Smells: Recreating the Aromas of our Ancestors
21: Wheels of Steel: Art Bike is Bumpy but Beautiful Ride
21: The Twisty Future of Calling: 2 Stunning Flexible Phones
20: Do the Space Shuffle: Astronauts Fell Down, Can't Get Up
20: Hide + Seek Champ: RFID Tracker is a Remote Bloodhound
19: Wooden iPhone Case is a Throwback to an Imagined Past
18: BREAKING! 1 Click Can Help Send Our Lead Editor to School
18: Air-Cooled Collectible: Iconic VW Van Recreated in LEGO
18: Industrial Revolutions: Bike Star Tricking in Old Train Yard
17: Shoot! Slingshot Cam Lets You Catch Friends Looking Scared
17: Pop-Up Chatting: Minimalist Phone is Lightweight, Foldable
16: Walking Tall: Robotic Exoskeleton Legs For Stroke Rehab
16: Sniffing Out Danger: Countertop Lab Keeps Tummies Safe
15: Juicy Details: Old Motorhome Becomes Hipster Hangout
15: How to Engineer a Galaxy: Incredible Star Wars Blueprints
14: Help From the Stars: Black Hole Radiation = Cancer Therapy
14: Transparent Tablet Computer Makes Reality More Appealing
13: Have a Ball! Throwable Multi-Lens Camera Sees Everything
13: Virtual Genius: Interface Makes Any Surface a Touch Screen
12: Working LEGO Camera Puts Your Building Skills to Shame
11: Hyper-Reality: Hungarian Shopping Mall Invaded By Dinos
10: Back to the DeLorean: Iconic Car Gets an Electric Makeover
10: Coffee to Go: Ingenious Packet is Self-Stirring Caffeine Fix
09: Doctor Uses Lasers to Turn Your Brown Eyes Blue Forever
09: Cool Electronic Pen Measures Up With Internal Power Plant
08: Sweet Organization: Candy-Colored Retractable Charger
08: Long + Short Messages: Antique Tech Meets Modern Comm
07: Telling Time on the Dot: Cool Futuristic Analog-Style Watch
07: Teaching Old Tech New Tricks: Recycled Circuit Sculptures
06: What's it For? Kids Confused by Antique Technology Objects
06: Blades of Glory: First Manned Flight of an Electric Multicopter
05: Scaling the Scale: Shape-Shifting Device is Weigh Flexible
04: Twisted Design: Telling Time With Toys and Bluetooth
03: Costume Code: Geektastic Virtual Halloween Surprise
03: Blinky in Real Life? Three-Eyed Fish Caught in Argentina
02: Pocket Protection: Radiation Detector Plugs Into iPhone
02: Oh, Shoot! Gun-Controlled Lamp Lets You Be Like a Cowboy
01: Cool Commute: Ultra-Slick Futuristic City Bus Concept
01: Slick Scanner Concept Takes Things One Page at a Time

October 2011 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: I See You! Door + Periscope = Peephole Fit For Children
31: Crime Doesn't Pay: Defense Tools Disguised as Credit Cards
30: Perpetual Walking Robot is Powered by its Own Weight
30: Foot Traffic: Google Earth Gives Rise to Well-Dressed Floors
29: Button Mashing Gets Stylish: Slick Steampunk Controller
29: Wooden Laptop is a Surprisingly Beautiful Low-Tech Toy
28: Giant Mouse Dwarfs Your Other Measley Office Supplies
28: Bizarre Airbag-Covered Electric Car Swaps Style for Safety
27: It's a Wash: Revolutionary Fruit Sticker Turns Into Soap
26: Shove(l) Off! An Ergonomic Redesign of the Humble Shovel
26: Color-Trapping Digital Pen for True-to-Life Artistic Hues
25: Strap-on Reminders: Paper Watches Keep Notes at Hand
25: Foaming at the Mouth: RC Machine Makes Bots on Demand
24: Electric Bubble Car Could Change Our Idea of Electric Cars
24: Interactive Kinect Gadget Lets You Play With Virtual Toys
23: Light Lunch: First Ever Glimpse of Black Hole Eating a Star
23: Mod Squad: Digi Cam Goes to Pieces to Catch All Angles
22: Flipping Awesome: Safety Device Reminds You to Maintain It
21: Communication Ups + Downs: A Toy Phone For Grown-Ups
20: If Batman Were a Trucker, He'd Drive This Cool Future Rig
20: If a Tree Falls in Your Apartment, Can You Hear Your Music?
19: Like a High-Tech Cowboy: Super-Fancy iPhone Belt Buckle
19: Robotic Slave Arms Do the Heavy Lifting for Puny Humans
18: See Through You: Handheld Ultrasound is Ultra-Portable
18: Quietest Bartender Ever Uses Letters to Mix Unique Drinks
17: Huge Crumple Zone: Geeky Super-Lightweight Audi A7
17: Small Bang Theory: 3 Totally Bizarre Vintage Hidden Guns
16: Clever Clothing: Smart Hospital Shirt Monitors Vital Signs
15: Grandaddy of All NERF Guns: Cool DIY Steampunk Weapon
15: Infinite Bill: Hacked Knitting Machine's Unusual Products
14: Hidden Security: Water Bottle Masks Secure Bike Lock
13: Recycled Muscles: Old CDs Turn Into Fitness Equipment
13: Icon See You! Futuristic Pair of Gadgets Project Icons in Air
12: iPad Too Portable? Turn it Into a Crazy 70-Inch Touch Table
11: Light Running: Energy-Generating Human Hamster Wheel
11: Dawn of Smell-O-Vision? Gaming Gizmo Lets You Smell Mario
10: Crushing Sounds: Massive Mobile Tank Sound System
10: Monkeys Move + Feel Virtual Objects With Just Their Brains
09: Making Manners: Vintage Tokyo Subway Reminder Posters
09: Fighting Future Crime: Police Dept Develops Precog Program
08: Airbag Equipped RC Cars Will End High Speed Chases
07: Imperial Forces Wallpaper Takes Your Walls to the Dark Side
06: Countdown: Alarm Clock Lets You Act Out Movie Daydreams
05: Toilet Tweets: DIY Printer Gives Throne-Side Twitter Feed
04: Put a Cork In It! Digital Bottle Stopper Watches Your Wine
04: Silence the Jangly Beast: Customizable Keychain Alternative
03: The Eyes Have It: LED Lenses Make Cool Heads-Up Display
03: Two Lenses Per Child: Mexico's OLPC-Like Vision Plan
02: Bike, Interrupted: Sleek, Almost-Invisible Electric Motorbike
02: Stretching Out the Days: Unique Tape Measure Calendar
01: Plural Pointing: Super-Geeky Pen Has Hidden Powers

September 2011 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: Brainy Packaging: Case Gives iPhone a Bookish Makeover
29: Qubits, Anyone? Researchers Play Quantum Ping-Pong
29: Play Ball! Light-Up Sports Floors Adapt to Any Sport At All
28: Unidentified Deadly Object: DIY Chinese Octocopter
28: Picture It: Researchers User Brain Scans to "Read" Minds
27: Yesterday's News: Vintage Store Ad is a Tech Time Capsule
27: Print Your Veggies: 3D Food Printers Coming Home Soon
26: Irreverent Instructions: Gilliam's Vintage Animation Lesson
26: Anatomy of a Weird Idea: Brits Making Plastic Noshing Safer
25: Floating Blue Marble: Moving View of Earth from Orbit
25: Look at You Now: Replace Your Face With Anyone Else's
24: Thanks for the Memory? Sweet + Shiny Geektastic Jewelry
23: Alternate Histories: The Way The World Could Have Been
22: Augmented Reality Toy Turns You Into a Bargain-Bin Ripley
22: Cool Artsy Pen Draws in Ink, Stores Sketches in Digital
21: Juicy Little Device Keeps Your iPhone + iPod Hopping
21: Only the Strong Get Pudding: Heavy Lifting Eating Utensils
20: Implantable Glow Sticks Will Help Diabetics Stay Healthy
20: Snappy iPhone Case Takes its Cues From Rubber Bands
19: Mind Game: Device Gives Video Games New Levels of Feeling
19: Cool Design Lets You Squeeze Out Every Drop of Toothpaste
18: Scrappiest Art Car Ever: Rad Scrap Metal Gullwing Mercedes
18: Suspending Disbelief: Sci-Fi Staple Approved for Human Trial
17: Smokin' Sound: Wooden Cigar Boxes Upcycled into Speakers
16: Geeks in Love: Unforgettable Tech-tacular Jewelry Gift
15: Time to Get Touchy-Feely: Bumpy Watch for the Blind
15: Drink Up! Vintage Commodore 64 Coffee Maker Accessory
14: Shake Your Mistakes: Shake to Undo Comes to MacBooks
14: Now You See It...: Scales Render Tanks Virtually Invisible
13: No Smoking: Crazy Wood Bug Covered in 20K Oak Scales
13: Catch a Falling Star: Constellation Camera + Star Projector
12: Legend in the Making: Apple's 1983 Version of the iPhone
12: Scientists Prove Chatbots Are Terrible Conversationalists
11: Concept Phone Blends Old-School Aesthetics, Modern Flair
11: Magic for Muggles: Magic Wand is Cool Universal Remote
10: Granddaddy of the iPod? Retro 80s Portable Record Player
09: Hand-Mounted Sonar Machine Provides Super Bat Powers
08: Enormous Swiss Army Knife Makes us Want Bigger Pockets
08: Paper Fortress of Solitude for Ridiculous Portable Privacy
07: Calling History: Totally Gorgeous Steampunk Cell Phone Mod
07: What a Drip: Coat Collects + Purifies Rainwater for Drinking
06: 1 Giant Leap for Junk Food: Domino's Conquering the Moon
06: Reflecting on the Future of Interactive Bathroom Technology
05: Fender Bender Ender: The Car Wrapped in Plastic Bubbles
05: Giving Blindness the Finger: Wearable Shopping Assistant
04: Affordable Bamboo Cargo Bike to Save the Third World?
04: Hook Line + 'Stinguisher: Awesome DIY Grappling Hook Gun
03: Simple Wearable Dehydration Monitor Keeps You Healthy
02: Pointer in Disguise: Weird Mouse Looks Like a Plastic Battery
01: Airing Out the Beats: Totally Wicked DIY Arduino Air Drums
01: No Empty Gesture: Ingenious Sign Language Translator

August 2011 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Clean Sweep: Cool Dual-Use Flip-Over Dust Pan + Bin In One
31: Mad About a Dead Cell Phone Battery? Just Walk it Off
30: Blowing Up: Rolling Out World's First Self-Inflating Bike Tire
30: Wakey Wakey! P2P Alarm Service Lets Strangers Rouse You
29: Cinema Surprise: Funny Glasses to Help You Follow Movies
29: Fairest of Them All: Magic Mirror Erases Flaws in Real Time
28: Flaky Car Concept Features Growing Legs, Sprouting Fur
27: R2-Cool-You: Super-Slick DIY Droid Bike Crash Helmet
27: Drink to Your Health: Smart Straw IDs Date Rape Drugs
26: Fun With Re-runs: LG's Retro-Tastic CRT Television Set
25: Futuristic Sanitizing Device Keeps Your Dirty Hands Clean
25: Feeling Out the Concept: Haptic Watch For the Deaf/Blind
24: Basic Device Simply Fixes the Touchscreen Problem
24: Ditch the Printer: Case Turns iPhones into Instant Cameras
23: Anti-Mine Tank Muscles its Way Through Dangerous Ground
23: Glittering Discovery: Candle Flames Hide Millions of Diamonds
22: Scooterdillo: Adorably Nerdy Solar-Powered Electric Scooter
22: Blocks Go High-Tech: Trendy e-Toys For Geeky Kids + Adults
21: Old Meets New: Paper Notebook Doubles as iPhone Case
21: Temp Tattoos Get Medical: Removable Diagnostic Patches
20: Gloriously Geeky Mash-Ups: Angry Birds + Superheroes
19: Bike Centipede? Circular Bike Gets You + 8 Friends Nowhere
19: Awesome Decal Lets You See Right Through Your MacBook
18: Go Ahead, Bite Your Nails: Delicious Construction Materials
18: Brilliantly Brainy: Do Art Cars Dream of Electric Beeps?
17: Close Shave? Wallet Razor Takes Man-Grooming on the Go
17: Scarily Realistic Fish Balloon Toys Terrorize Pets, Elevators
16: That's the Key: Isomorphic Keyboard Makes Sweet Music
16: Wrist Gadget Tracks How Much You Shovel Into Your Mouth
15: Cruise the Aisles in Style: Funky Shopping Cart Bicycle
15: Oi Oi! London's Oyster Card Gets a Handy New Makeover
14: Cool Temp-Shifting Material Could Cut Home Utility Costs
14: Smooth Sailing: Computer Projects Onto Any Glass Surface
13: Viral Vanquishers? New Drugs Could Destroy All Viruses
12: ROTFLMAO IRL: Smiley Ring Happily Geeks Up Any Hand
12: Up With the Sun: Virtual Morning Restores Body's Rhythm
11: Clearing the Air Naturally: Plants + Technology Scrub Toxins
11: Gadget Garden: Machine That Grows Electronic Components
10: Re-Drawing the Tube: Iconic Map Gets Designer Makeover
10: Happy Tails: Simple Flaps Give Trucks Fuel Efficient Wings
09: You Blew It: How to Tell the Time Using Only Your Breath
09: How Much to Get You Out of Bed? Alarm Lets You Decide
08: Smart Carabiner Top is the Key to Solving Common Dilemma
08: Light Hearts: Interactive Lamp Connects Distant Loved Ones
07: Like It? DIY Reddit Upvote Button Voices Your Opinion
07: Dynamic Diagnostic: Tiny Plastic Card IDs HIV in Minutes
06: World's Largest Stop-Motion Film Using Human Puppet
05: Holding it Together: Gadget Stores Hard Copy + Digital Info
04: Virtual Makeover: VR Haircut Program for Stylist Training
04: Obsolete Technology Creates A New Type of Rapid Evolution
03: ATM for Illiterate Populations Takes Quick Banking Global
03: Amazing Flat-Pack Rowboat Goes From Full-Size to Folded
02: Clear Path to Power: Transparent Battery = Clear Gadgets?
02: Times Square Ads Overtaken With Augmented Reality Art
01: You Times Two: Realistic "Clones" Made to Order in Tokyo
01: Banning the Rays: Smart Sunglasses Darken Vision Glares

July 2011 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Cool Robotic Building Toy is Whatever You Want it to Be
31: The Monstrous Science of Judging a Book by its Cover
30: Fun DIY Pen is Flat-Pack Entertainment For Your Hands
29: Puffy Sleeves Protect Your Digits From Ultra-Hot Lattes
28: Analog Tetris Comes With Clunky Blocks, Cool Dealers
28: Moving Sound: Cool Interactive Gesture-Controlled Speaker
27: Nifty New Mug for Keeping Office Coffee Under Lock + Key
27: Opening Beer Bottles? There's an App (Or a Case) For That
26: Breakfast Made Simple: Toaster Grows With Your Family
26: Thrifty History: Antique ATM Encouraged Saving, Cheating?
25: Ingenious Integrated Garbage Bins/Solar Lights Prettify City
25: Pics at Arm's Length: Fabulous Wireless Lens Camera Design
24: 3D Printed Paper Solar Cells Make Powerful Paper Planes
24: Glowing Wallpaper Makes Room Design Totally Customizable
23: End of an Era: U.S. Space Shuttle's Final Return to Earth
23: Holiday Stalker: Record Every Sight Sound + Smell on Vacay
22: Folding Faux-tography: Papercraft Status Symbol Camera
21: Zippy Bottle Idea Handily Re-Uses Throwaway Plastic Piece
21: Augmented Reality Cinema App Brings Movies to Real Life
20: Hand Over the Keys: Mini Programmable Optimus Keyboard
20: Driverless Transport System Makes For Effortless Commute
19: Social X-Ray Specs Take the Awkward Out Of Conversations
19: Organs Made to Order: First Lab-Grown Trachea Transplant
18: Extreme Close-Ups Reveal Ethereal Beauty Beneath Our Feet
18: Bike Repair Station + Vending Machine = Cyclist Self-Help
17: Rise and Shine, Smell, Feel + Hear: Customizable Alarm Clock
17: Fast Food: South Korea's Futuristic Subway Supermarket
16: Chronological Parade of Harryhausen's Historic Monsters
15: Feeling the Distance: GPS-Enabled Cane Guides with Care
14: Could a Kid-Powered School Bus Stop the Obesity Epidemic?
14: Ingenious Object Links Any Two Kitchen Utensils Into Tongs
13: Don't Be Selfish: Cool Headphones Let Friends Share Tunes
13: Starry, Starry London Night Created With Slingshots + LEDs
12: Material Science Madness: Crazy Metal Melts in Your Hand
12: Liquid Assets: Tourism Floats Over to the Urban Waterway
11: 2 Incredible Projects Harness the Magic of Solar Power
11: Revolutionary Camera Focuses on the Bigger Picture
10: High Rollers: Refrigerated Robot Wheels for Fetching Food
10: Music for Invisible Friends: Band of Imaginary Instruments
09: Now You See It...: Reverse Printer Zaps Ink Off of Paper
08: Five-Finger Input Device Puts Pressure on Traditional Mice
07: 8-Bit Meets Actuality: Classic Games Collide With Reality
07: World's Most Annoying Alarm Makes Daily Swarm of Sound
06: Rolling Lightning: Portable, Wireless Electricity Source
06: Between the Lines: Cyclist's Painful Message On Bike Lanes
05: No Rest for the Speedy: Non-Stop High Speed Train Concept
05: Special Scratch: World's First Coins Featuring QR Codes
04: Interstellar Crybaby: Nearby Star Shoots Huge Water Jets
04: The World-Changing Miracle Material You've Never Heard Of
03: Literary Reflections: Interactive Mirror Draws Readers In
03: Future of Business Cards: Hi-Tech Wearable Contact Info
02: Clock of Ages: Massive Timepiece Will Chime for 10 Millennia
01: Death to Nostalgia: Spectacular Destruction of Retro Gadgets

June 2011 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: Wash, Rinse, Repeat, Hike: Arm-Powered Camp Dishwasher
30: Can You See Me Now? Cloak of Invisibility Closer Than Ever
29: Hypersonic Plane Goes From London to NY in One Hour
29: Watch Your Drinking: Timepiece Says if You're Too Drunk
28: Dude, Where's My Car? 1939 Transparent Ghost Car
28: Underwater Plane Will Take Humans to Earth's Lowest Point
27: Stunning 3D Movie Shows How Brains Lose Consciousness
27: DIY Box Gives You the Drop on Anonymous File Sharing
26: Dial With Soul: Steampunk Phone Combines Past and Future
26: Second That Motion: Gesture Controlled Fitness Coach
25: Photo Throwback: Boomerang Cam Snaps Playful Pics
24: Recycled Nintendo Gear For the Geektacular Home Office
23: Road Relaxation: Bike-Towed Sauna Steams You On the Go
23: Global Transportation: 1927 GM Video Touted Bright Future
22: Mind the Creases! 6 Uber-Geeky Ways to Fold Your Shirts
22: Swiss Army Bike Folds To Mini Size in One Second Flat
21: Switching it Up: Metals Change Material Properies at Will
21: Porcine Miracle: Pig Extract Helps Marine Regrow Lost Leg
20: Soft Cell(ular): Inventive Charger Looks Like Knitting Ammo
20: Flying Spy Sphere Will Follow You Around, Freak You Out
19: Quantum Understanding May Spawn Self-Cooling Computers
19: World's First Space Pictures of US Shuttle Docked at ISS
18: Graffiti Gaming: Super Mario Bros. Played on Concrete Wall
17: Swanky Low-Carbon High Speed Train to Beautify Australia
16: Open-Source Robotic Ball Runs on Smartphone Juice
16: No Darkroom Required: Convert Analog Cams Into Digital
15: This Rad VW Tank Will Smash Your Flowers and Rainbows
15: Gernsback's Authoritarian Tin Man Rules With Iron Fist
14: Strength in Numbers: Is This the World's First Math Lesson?
14: A Big Ball of Fun: Coccoon Wraps You up in Entertainment
13: Don't Look Down! Propellor-Driven Hoverbike Really Flies
13: Mini Marvel: Mouse-Size Printer Puts Your Mark on Anything
12: Vive le Button! Turn Your iPhone Into a Real Digi Camera
12: Cyberspace + Meatspace Collide: Real Life "Like" Button
11: Deep Ocean Science Says There's No Such Thing as Jellyfish
10: World's First Human Synthesizer Makes Beautiful Music
09: Mysterious Robotic Dog Brings Greetings From the Past
09: Water You Saying? Researchers to Translate Dolphin Words
08: Lighter-Than-Air Hovercar Glides Above All Kinds of Terrain
08: I Will Always Punch You: Stunning New BodyGuard Weapon
07: The Fashion Circuit: Recycled Gadgets Make Rad Jewelry
07: Will Orbit For Food? Space May be Full of Homeless Planets
06: Faux To Go: Touch Screen Works Without Moving a Finger
06: Flex It: Space-Age Cord Wraps Up Multi-Functionality
05: Easy as A-B-C: Bitmap Typeface Made Entirely of TVs
05: Shopping Trippy: Folding Bike Transforms Into Trolley
04: World's First Wi-Fi Coffee Mug Broadcasts Your Mood
03: Games That Launched a Billion Geeks: First 3 Video Games
02: Getting a Spark in Public: Green Turbine Charging Stations
02: Rolling Into the Future: 3 Unbelievable 40s Concept Cars
01: Water-Logged Phone? Safe Method Dries it Out Quickly
01: Rat-Brained Idea: Petri Dish Brain Has 12-Second Memory

May 2011 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Frisky Furballs: Free iPad Games Are Full of Feline Fun
31: Trading for Techies: World's First Video Trading Cards
30: Underground Literature: Chicago's Futuristic Robotic Library
30: Parallel Yous: Glimpse the Lives of Your Quantum Copies
29: Invisible iPhone Lets You Control Apps Without Looking
29: Soft News: Furry Mouse Makes All-Day Computing Comfy
28: Point + Shoot Fuel: Low-Waste Single-Shot Morning Brew
27: Making it Up: Mini Machine Brings 3D Printing Home
26: Lock-Cracking Robot Entertains You While Breaking Combo
26: Freeze Frames: The Moving History of Chronophotography
25: Dashboard Medical: Car Apps Know if You're Hungry, Sneezy
25: They Were all Yellow: 8 Summer Blockbusters Lego-fied
24: Tickle Me Apple: iPhone App Transmits Tingly Touches
24: Stamp-Sized AR Tech Puts Architecture Right in Your Hand
23: Artsy Animations: Two Fantastically Fun Animated Films
23: Concrete Cloth Makes Durable, Semi-Permanent Shelters
22: Geek Treasure: DIY Legend of Zelda Chest With Sound
22: Harmonious Beginnings: Acoustic Alarm Soothes You Awake
21: Nerds' Nightmare: Continuous Home Rope-Climbing Machine
20: Screen-Free Touchscreen Will Revolutionize Computer Input
19: Just Because It's Awesome: Robot Light Saber Battle
19: Three-Wheeled Wonder: Weird Motorcycle/Chevy Hybrid
18: Closer Than We Think! Retrofuturistic Tech Predictions
18: Take a Seat: Transforming Crutch Lets You Rest Wherever
17: Is Old-School Vectrex System the Nintendo DS's Granddad?
17: Thought Control: Turn On Your Lights With Your Brain
16: From Movies to Reality: iPad App Turns Sci-Fi into Sci-Fact
16: Affordable, Programmable Mech Maid Doesn't Do Windows
15: Thought-Controlled Ears Give Away Your Innermost Feelings
15: Analog + Digital Communication Shoved Together Into a Box
14: 525,600 Minutes: Measure Each Year With a Neck Accessory
13: Powerful Breeze: Subway Seat Tops up Mobile Phones
12: Head-Tracking VR System Keeps Your Eyes on the Game
12: Private Cars, Public Transport: Sleek + Unique E-Car Fleet
11: Smart Brown Mouse Eats Your Movements, Not Batteries
11: Ceramic Sound: Sleek, Simple, Ultra-Modern iPhone Speaker
10: Heads Up, Capt. Sparrow: Launchable 'Bot Spies On Pirates
10: Finger Reading vs. Rolling With It: Brilliant Braille Aid
10: Designer Virus Infects Your Brain to Help You Lose Weight
09: Augmented Reality Goes on the Road, Causes Fiery Crash?
09: Afraid of Fish? Dinner Plate Tells You What's Safe to Eat
08: Ring it Up: Techy Jewelry Makes Touch Screens a Snap
08: Tonsil Hockey With Robots: Machine Transmits Lover's Kiss
07: Pee-ce of Mind: Smart Home Test Reads Moms' Urine
06: Breaking Up: Futuristic Multi-Functional Separating Car
05: New Classic Cam Helps You Slow Down, Enjoy the Scenery
05: Soul Train: Modern, Sophisticated Subway Car Concept
04: A Bit of Light Dancing: Bizarre 3D LED Curtain Display
04: Into the Fold: Amazing Origami-Like OLED Computer
03: Spacing Out: 8 Insanely Beautiful Pics of Earth From Space
03: Sweet Idea: Edible Pen Lets You Gnaw Without the Mess
02: Magical Windows Instantly Take You Anywhere in the World
02: Building a Better Mousetrap: 5 Captivating Device Designs
01: Public Tweeting Bench Makes Your Seat All A-Twitter
01: Swarming Robots Will Provide Instant Emergency Wi-Fi

April 2011 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: Next Generation of High-Tech Air Guitar Hits Russian Stages
29: 8-Bit Abomination: What Really Happens After Mario Falls
29: Giving Props: Insane 1930s Propeller-Driven Locomotive
28: Spin Me Write 'Round, Baby: Super-Helpful Rotating Pencil
28: Simp-leaf-ied Speaking: Phone Disregards Bells + Whistles
27: Shake + Wake: Silent Alarm Keeps Your Relationship Alive
27: Interlocking Innovation: Collapsible Construction System
26: Looking For Me? Brazilian Police About to Go Scary Futuristic
26: Mobile Music: Cool iPhone App Turns Barcodes Into Beats
25: Devil In the Details: Natural Algorithms = Amazing Art
25: Wheel of Misfortune: Historic Failure of the Monowheel
24: Pop a Power Pellet + Play World's Biggest Pac-Man Game
24: Vintage Concept Would Shoot and Gas Rioters for Peace
23: Programmable Instrument Brings Geeks Back on Stage
22: Blank Face: Ultra-Modern Number-Free Watch Design
21: Riding A Round: Revolutionary Circular Bike Frame
21: Safety Patrol: Bike Helmet Gives Cyclists Car-Like Blinkers
20: Pool Party: Aquatic Puttering on an Underwater Scooter
20: Extreme DIY: Homeless Man Builds a Car From Scratch
19: (Re)Charge It! USB Batteries Kick-Start Dead Gadgets
19: Safe + Secure: Bike Lock Makes Bike Unridable if Broken
18: The Super ABCs: Alphabet Letters Recast as Superheroes
18: Soul Music: Old Trumpets Reborn Into iPhone Speakers
17: Lighten Up: Ultra-Light Car Is a Commuter Compromise
17: Augmented Reality Goggles Will Improve Air Strike Accuracy
16: Streaming, Recording, Playing - All in One Sleek Package
15: Get Ready for a Geekasm: DIY TRON Lightcycle Board Game
14: Kill Fire With It! Extinguisher Combines Fun + Fire Safety
14: Memory Hoarder: Recycle Old Memory Cards in a Flash
13: Shoulda Put a Ring On it: What if Earth Were Like Saturn?
13: Making (Brain)Waves: Interactive Films Let You Pick Ending
12: Lift Just a Single Finger to Charge Your Digital Camera
12: Crazy Military Tech: In Soviet Russia, Drive Screws You!
11: Giving the Finger: Prosthesis Helps Amputees Feel the World
11: Smile! Futuristic DIY Gizmo Turns Tourists into Souvenirs
10: Sleek Geeky Bracelet Hides Surprising Split Personality
10: Can I Borrow a Light (Vehicle)? Public Rental Car Scheme
09: Adorably Tiny Digital Camera Hides a Memorable Surprise
08: Hands Off, TSA: New Nanomaterial Sniffs Out Explosives
07: Draw Your Own Conclusion: Measuring Your Doodles
07: Forget About It (Or Don't): Mobile Gadget Tracks Your Stuff
06: It's Got Its Eye on You: Smart Camera Learns as it Tracks
06: In the Blood: Next-Gen Diabetic Glucose Testing Device
05: Senior Receiver: Oldest Working Television Set in Britain
05: Spy Game: Mod Your Printer to Be a Secret Agent Machine
04: Magic Metal Beans Get Your Coffee Perfect + Keep it There
04: Green Wheeled Monster: Badass Powered Trike for Big Kids
03: Nacho Usual Chip Bag: Revolutionary Snack Bag Redesign
03: Ultimate Shopping Car: GM's Weird Three-Wheeled Wonder
02: Improved Reality: AR Helmet Plays God With the Weather
01: Idle Hands: Fidget Toys Let ADHD Kids Focus on School

March 2011 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Phone Pocket: Simple Case Shields Phone, Totes Your Stuff
31: Keynote Remote: Bike Lock Helps You Find Your Ride
30: Tag, You're It: Face Recognition App IDs People in Real Time
30: Robotic Seagull Flies Like a Real Bird Without the Squawking
29: Sayonara, Squeezing: Perfect Toothbrush for Travelers
29: Army of Scrap Metal Transformers Will Eat Your Soul
28: Don't Look Now: Terrifying Eye of Sauron is Watching You
28: Amazing Technicolor Dream Planet: Our Earth as Fine Art
27: Apple's Future Mouse-Killing Motion-Tracking Keyboard
26: A Lot of Hot Air: 90-Year Evolution of the Home Hair Dryer
25: iOrganize Your iGear: Awesome Customized Apple Stand
24: Next-Gen Screen Cover Will Be the Light of Battery's Life
24: Ka-Ching! Rad Super Mario Coin Block Comes to Real Life
23: Flying on Printed Wings: Doubly Futuristic Tiny Ornithopter
23: Kinetic Kicks: Foot Charger Taps Your Movements for Juice
22: Collective Cool: Patchwork Display From a Bunch of Screens
22: Disease Detection in Minutes With Incredible Plastic Biochips
21: Bone-Crushing Board: Super-Tough Open-Air Off Roading
21: Our Starry Home: NASA's 1970s Space Colony Artwork
20: We're All Mad Here: Cheshire Cat Hides in Your Pocket
20: Word Archaeology: Visualizing the Way We Use Language
19: Magically Transform Your iPhone Into a Pinball Machine
18: Art Gets Heavy: 10,000 Pound Art Van Totally Kicks Brass
17: 1930s Automated Stores Took Walking Out of Shopping
17: Asus' Cardboard Shipping Boxes are Temporary PC Cases
16: Vanishing the Warfighter: E-Ink Will Make Tanks Invisible
16: Well-Balanced Ride: Single Seat Concept Car Turns on Dime
15: Do the Robot: Exoskeleton Arm Eliminates Worker Fatigue
15: Glasses Just Got Nerdier: Electronic Auto-Focus Eyewear
14: Back-Bending Bike Delivers Terrifying Motor-Driven Ride
14: Bug Master: DIY Kit Lets You Control Tiny Cockroach Minds
13: Driving Design: Digital + Analog Auto-Inspired Watch
13: Star Power: Sun's Latest Eruption 100s of Times Earth Size
12: One Smurfing Ride: Big Blue SUV Spotted on London Street
11: Transforming Laptop Case Lets You Take it All With You
10: One-Hand Wonder: Pop-Up Outlet Makes Unplugging Safer
10: Creepy Voodoo Doll Could Be Your Next-Gen Cell Phone
09: Abra-Cam-Dabra! Digital Cameras Reveal Hidden Artwork
09: Blocks Away! Fully-Functional Brick-Hurling Lego Tank
08: Water Craft For Two is Part Submarine, Part Private Island
08: Invisible Urban Topography: Visualizing City Wi-Fi Fields
07: Then and Wow: Past + Present Spare Tire Parking Aids
07: Armageddon Aversion: Incredible Orbiting Trash Truck
06: One Hill of a Ride: Sled Lift Hauls Sledders Back to Top
06: Modern Piggy Bank Begs for Attention, Chomps Credit Cards
05: The Re-Furniturization of Television: Modern Vintage Design
04: Candid Camera: Tiny Cam Blindly Creates Surprise Snaps
03: We Are Apple: Corny 1984 Vintage Apple Music Video
03: Thumbs Up: Measure Up With Mini Finger-Mounted Gadget
02: Music Taking Flight: Wonderfully Winged Vinyl Record Player
02: Little Clock of Horrors: Digital Timepiece Uses Terrifying Fuel
01: Weird & Wild Ancient Creatures Had No Heads, No Eyes
01: 2 Awesome Games of Mario Kart Played with Real Karts

February 2011 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

28: These Walls Can Talk: Smart House Keeps Virtual Eye on You
28: Digital Biology: The Next Step in Our Internet Evolution
27: Shockingly Accurate Smartphone App Finds Cancer in 1 Hour
26: Hot Wheel: Ultra-Minimalist Electric Single-Wheeled Vehicle
25: Air Travel Steps Into the Future With Hologram Employees
24: Wonder Wall: Laser-Shooting Clock Keeps Life Organized
24: Nature's Zombies: 3 Real-Life Tales of Animal Mind Control
23: World of Tea-Morrow: Awesome Retrofuturistic Commercial
23: Dirty Switches: Energy Reduction Through Total Disgust
22: World's Slowest Porsche a Shining Example of DIY Diligence
22: Thinking Thin: Super-Skinny Eco-Friendly Memory Sticks
21: Need for Speed: World's Fastest Train in Land of Rising Sun
21: Tomorrow Comes Today: Goofy Predictions of Modern Tech
20: The Write Stuff: Pen Phone Uses Ingenious Command Input
20: Universal Power: Wristlet Gives Gadgets Emergency Juice
19: Where It's AT-AT: Recycled Computer Imperial Walker
18: Silent City: Personal Noice Cancelation for Quiet Urban Life
17: Rolling in the Sun: Topless Car Allows Max Sun Worship
16: Giddyup! Custom Kit Turns Your Bike Into a Wheeled Horse
16: Classic Tetris Jumps Off the Screen and Onto Your Table
15: Big Picture: World's Biggest Glasses-Free 3D Display
15: Dream Car: Gorgeous Hand-Made Luxurious Rolls Royce
14: Cheeriest Graffiti Ever: Robot Rainbow Maker on Wheels
13: Steel Servers, Electronic Eatery: China's Robotic Restaurant
13: Wrist Rescues: 16 New Ways to Keep Naked Wrists Occupied
12: Ultimate Brick Machine: Incredibly Detailed Stone BMW
12: World's First Scooterputer Puts Gaming Power on Wheels
11: Breaking Up: Vending Machine Encourages Public Smashing
11: Showing Some Leg: Snake Fossil Proves Ancestors Had Feet
10: Sauna Car Gives New Meaning to the Term "Steam Engine"
10: Power Napping: Catch a Daytime Nap On Any Street Corner
09: Glass Dresses + Light Bulb Headpieces: Fashion in A.D. 2000
08: Serpentine Style: LED Snake Squeezes Wrists, Lights Dark
08: Spray-On Skin: Stem Cell Gun Safely Heals Burns in Days
07: Power From Thin Air: Urban Turbines Grab Cars' Energy
06: Twisted Firestarter: Insanely Wicked Flamethrower Gloves
06: Aluminum Foam Could Revolutionize Shipping, Cut Emissions
05: Cool Harness Bike Combines Running, Swimming and Flying
04: Mother + Egg Pterosaurus Fossil Gives New Species Info
04: 1 Pedal to Drive Them All: Brakes + Gas Combined for Safety
03: Triple Treat: 3 Screens for Stretched Phone Functionality
03: A Little Light Breakfast: Bright Idea For Wireless Electricity
02: Hitting the Green Streets: Zero-Emission Urban Delivery Van
02: Look Out! Here Comes Vintage 70s Japanese Spider-Man
01: LED Astray: Glowing Smiles Lighting Up the Night in Japan
01: Like Clockwork: Incredible 18th Century Swiss Automatons

January 2011 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Green to Go: Sustainable, Multi-Talented Electronic Backpack
31: In(sect)vention: Steampunk Bugs Blend Nature + Machine
30: Massive Camera Catches First X-Ray Pictures of Lightning
30: Stick 'Em Up: Clever Joystick Pops Onto + Off of iPad
29: Entangled Exploit: Doped Crystals Key to Quantum Networks
29: Flipping Off: Unique USB Connector Works Upside Down
28: Take a Whiff: Inhalable Vitamins Absorbed Almost Instantly
28: Skiing + Snowmobiling = Raw Power of SkiZee Snow Tread
27: Growing up Gamers: 50+ Years of Video Games in 4 Minutes
27: Hands Off: Flexible iPhone Stand Wraps + Rolls for Comfort
26: Streamlined Sound: Stripped-Down, Simple Music Machine
26: Just in Time: Artistic Celebration of the History of Production
25: Suit Up! 6 of the Strangest Vintage Spacesuit Concepts
25: Incredible Glowing Marine Snail and the Secrets of its Shell
24: Zip It: Wearable Tech Jacket Runs iPod With Hand Gestures
24: Look Closer: Stunning Up-Close Electron Microscope Art
23: Split Personality: Transforming Car Hides Twin Surprises
23: Domo Arigato: Walking, Talking, Smoking Robot From 1939
22: Think Small: Ultra-Mini Digital Camera That Looks Like a Toy
22: Recycled Smog: Algae Street Lamp Eats Smog, Fuels Cars
21: Unbelievable: Sci-Fi Movies That Ignore The Laws of Physics
21: Has This Battery Been Going + Going + Going for 60 Years?
20: Quantum Entanglement Suggests Time Travel is Possible
20: Morning Stretch: Tiny City Car Extends From 2 to 4 Riders
19: Recycled Cycles: How to Turn Two Lighters into a Motorbike
19: Go With the Flow: Arty Wallpaper Shows Electricity Use
18: Ads for the Rest of Us: 3 of the Very First Apple Commercials
18: You Oughta Be in Pictures: Phone Uses Scribbles to Dial
17: More Than Meets the Eye: Transforming Urban Motorcycle
17: Daily Reflections: Mirror Cam Takes Simple Self-Portraits
16: Stolen History: America's First X-Ray Was Made Illegally
16: Pac-Mecium and Pond Pong: Playing Games With Protozoa
15: An Iconic Redesign: Stylish Wireless Domino Wall Clock
15: Brains on Alcohol: Drunk Scientists Make Amazing Discovery
14: Raw Materials: Building an Electric Toaster From Scratch
14: (Re)Movable Type: 2 Eco-Friendly Erasable Ink Concepts
13: Openly Green: All-Electric Taxi Concept Driven by Joysticks
13: Some Light Listening: Earbuds Beam Light Right Into Brain
12: Look Mom, No Cord! Induction Charger for Electric Cars
12: Placebo Effect Works Even When You Know Pills are Fake?
11: Urine For Some Fun: Sega's New Pee-Operated Video Games
11: Tilt-A-Mouse: Hovering Mouse Moves in Every Direction
10: Pulling Tricks: Motorized Unicycle Tows Lazy Skaters
10: Life After Death: Becoming an Intellectual Property Donor
09: Planet Power: Chemical Reaction Makes Clean Electricity
08: Frame Monster: Lady Gaga Glasses Record Life First-Hand
08: The People's Car: 3 Stupendous Vintage VW Commercials
07: Phone Design Gets Punked: Upside-Down Landline Handset
07: See the Light: Transparent Concrete = Naturally Lit Buildings
06: Brave Little XBox: Toaster Modded Into a Working XBox 360
05: Mind Over (Dark) Matter: Finding the Universe Within Earth
05: Twist and Pout: Gadget Charger Based on Frustrating Game
04: Growing Sound: Ceramic Plant Pot Hides Musical Secret
04: Revenge of the Classic Video Games: Pixels Take Over NYC
03: Weird Wonders of the Past: 7 Crazy Concepts From History
02: Face to Face: DIY Daft Punk Helmet 17 Months in the Making
01: WTF MP3: Apple Concept Blends Entertainment + Weaponry
01: A Matter of Taste: Flavor-Changing Cookies Fool the Senses

December 2010 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Absolutely Alluring Ads: 6 Sexy Vintage Techy Adverts
31: Sun-Powered Space Phone: Future of Unlimited Talk Time
30: Batman Tech Comes to Life: Military Tank Based on Tumbler
30: Thirst for Invention: Folding Solar Powered Water Purifier
29: Apple For Teacher? Bots Teach English in So. Korea Schools
29: Quantum Leap: Mankind Steps Closer to Quantum Computer
28: Fine and Flexy: Sony's Futuristic Flexible E-Paper Display
28: Cracking Idea: Engineered Bacteria Cures Cracked Concrete
27: Target Identified: DARPA's Terminator-Like Vision Helmet
27: Intergalactic Love Story: Stormtroopers' Marriage Photos
26: Float On: DIY Powered Water Scooter for a Disabled Child
26: Ingenious Beer Delivery System Fills Cups From Bottom Up
25: Swiss Musical Quadrocopter Plays a Happy Holiday Tune
24: Sound of Gaming: NES Guitar Rocks Out With Classic Style
24: Stop, Buddha Time: Prayer Beads Keep Peaceful Time
23: Feel the Burn: Painful-Looking Vintage Exercise Machines
23: Shocking Alternative Energy: Eel Powered Christmas Tree
22: Personal Prosthetics: 3D Printed Custom Prosthetic Limbs
21: Test Tube Transport: Grow Your Next Customized Car
21: Welcome to the Future: App Translates Your Whole Reality
20: Seeing Triple: Digital Camera Saves Pics on 3 Memory Sticks
20: Leave a Light On: Glowing Trees to Replace Street Lamps?
19: Touching Pictures: Scanner Translates Images Into Braille
18: Plastic Fantastic: Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Wooden Plastic
18: What a Wind-Up: Crazy 1919 Propeller-Driven Concept Car
17: Wallflower: Awesome DIY Kitchen Computer Looks Like iPad
16: Hygienic Handles: Self-Sanitizing Doorknobs Keep Flu at Bay
16: Perilous Playthings: Dangerous Playgrounds From the 70s
15: Information City: Digital Visualization of Invisible Data Flow
14: Briefcase-Like Electric Bike Charges at Urban Solar Stations
14: Birds-Eye Buick: Gigantic Ferris Wheel for Your Wheels
13: Touchy-Feely: Mobile Phone Sends Emoticons, Emotions
13: Road to the Future: Amazing Machine Prints Brick Roads
12: Too Hoth to Handle: Massive Star Wars LEGO Sculpture
11: Milking it: Bizarre Milky Cow Toy Commercial From 1978
10: The Future That Never Was: Sleek 1938 Concept Car
10: Real Teletubbies: AR T-Shirts Are Entertainment Anywhere
09: Freeze! Leg-Powered Snow Vehicle Plows Through Powder
09: Printing on the Edge: Hanging Printer Maxes Office Space
07: Wood You Listen to This? Power-Free Acoustic iPhone Amp
07: Arm Curls: Playful Prosthetic Limb Wraps to Pick Up Objects
06: Dedicated Fan Base: DIY Turbines Power a Family of 4
05: Posterior Pics: Professor Installs Camera In Back of His Head
05: Subway Cars Get a Little Polish: Recyclable Eco-Carriages
04: Welcome the Reading Overlord: 1963 Robot Reading Helper
04: Reinventing the Wheel: Airless Tires are Tough + Green
02: Wallets Track Virtual Spending With Visual + Tactile Clues
02: Convertible Military Car Rolls Over Ground, Flies Over Danger
01: Metallic Ink Undies Give TSA Full Body Scanners an Eyeful

November 2010 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: Man + Computer: 1965 IBM Video Reassures Technophobes
30: Explosive Sounds: Harmless Audio Graffiti Tool is the Bomb
29: The Mighty Pencil: DIY Paper Touch Pad Gets Great Marks
29: Space-Time Invisibility Cloak Bends Light to Hide Objects
28: Pre-Natal Relaxation: Womb Chair Provides Ultimate Leisure
28: Folding Art: Artist Rides Down River Thames in Paper Vessel
27: Air Bag + Bike Helmet = Strangely Fashionable Head Gear
27: Instantly-Hardening Fabric Protects Only When Needed
26: Reinventing the Classics: A New Take on the Iconic NES
24: Stuck on Music: Sticky MP3 Player Uses Body Heat for Power
24: Robo-Elephant Trunk Gentle Enough to Work With Humans?
23: Segway of the Sky? World's First Commercial Jetpack
23: Timber! Jenga Gun is Great Fun But Technically Cheating
22: Cuddly Control: The Fuzzy, Huggable Pillow Remote Control
22: Continuum of Design: Futuristic Mobius Strip Concept Car
21: Robot Takeover: Giant Mecha Takes Downtown Vancouver
19: How Dry I Am: Weird Umbrella Helmet Keeps Hands Free
19: Move It, Park It, Charge It: Personal/Public Scooter Device
18: Rehab for App Addiction: Super-Simple Feature-Free Phone
18: Wearable Alien Pet Trains You to Recognize Your Emotions
17: This Bike Rack Sucks! Vacuum Cups Hold Bike Securely
17: I Am Iron Man: Robotic Movie Suit (Kind of) Comes to Life
16: Illustrious Illumination: Incredible TRON-Inspired Watch
16: A Legend is Reborn: Designer Resurrects Fabled Dymaxion
15: Glowing Endorsement: Retrofuturistic Tesla Chess Set
15: Delicate Machinery: Steampunk + Papercraft = Perfection
14: Shake and Wake: Pillow Alarm Vibrates Your Sleepy Head
14: Inter-Planetary Printing: 3D Printers Could Make Spacecraft
13: History Hits the Auction Block: Original Apple I Up For Sale
12: Cowabunga, Dude! Minivan Transformed Into TMNT Ride
12: Picture Perfect: Modern Love Story Told by Photocopies
11: Thumbs Up: Counting Your Cash With a Cool Accessory
10: Video Time Machines: 2 Fun Looks at the World of Yesterday
10: When Worlds Collide: 3 Geeky Gangsta Gadget Concepts
09: Feeling Lucky: 25 of the Most Memorable Google Doodles
09: Classic Design, Updated: Wood Matchbox-Style Laptop Case
08: Check (It Out,) Mate! Beloved Bricks Build Geeky Chess Set
08: Changes to Come: 9 Past Predictions for Funky 70s Tech
07: Man Overboard! The Artistic, Globe-Trotting Sinking Ship
06: Cinema Surprise: In the Future, Movies Will Watch You
06: Air-Tight: Color-Changing Bandage Indicates Infection
05: Long Live the Future: Would No 'Net Change Gadget Use?
05: Sony, No Phony: Walkman Stars in Bizarre 80s Commercial
04: Boldly Taking Cell Phone Tech Where It's Already Been
04: Labor of Love: Gorgeous Hand-Crafted Hardwood Vespa
03: See Em Why, Kay? The Colored Pen Concept for Designers
03: Best of Both Worlds: Classic Art Gets a High-Tech Show
02: Cars Made to Order? World's First 3D Printed Auto Body
02: Seeing the Light: Three Inventive Gadgets for the Blind
01: iBike on the Way? Apple's Patent for Info-Rich Smart Bike

October 2010 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Headgear Nightmare: Steampunk Scarecrow Halloween Mask
30: Handy Halloween Helper: 19th Century Vampire Killing Kit
30: Zombie-licious: Making Monsters With Lasers and Glow Paint
29: Glow Sticks + Toilet + Alcohol = Oddly Cool Space Loo
29: Trendy Transport: Make a Hoodie Into a Laptop Carrier
28: Calling All Spirits: DIY Spooky Spirit Radio for Under
28: Feeling Froggy? New Method Could Regrow Human Limbs
27: Watch This Space: Orbit-Inspired Wristlet Keeps Stylish Time
26: On the Ball: Futuristic Family Car Sporting Spherical Wheels
26: Gorgeous Sustainable Wooden Mouse Classes Up Your Desk
25: Virtual Reality: Test Drive a Real Car Without Leaving Home
25: Reality Bites: Erase Unwanted Items From Real-Time Video
24: Design With Heart: MP3 Player Puts Health in Your Hands
24: World's Most Precise Clock Will Measure Realness of Reality
23: Paper Trails: Auto-Scrolling 1930s In-Car Analog GPS
23: Puzzling Decor: Crazily Customizable Vintage Game Lamp
22: Mad Mod: Turning a Vintage Typewriter into a USB Keyboard
21: Rain Drum Mixes Sweet Beats While You Beat Feet in Storm
21: Office Recycling Machine Magically Turns Papers into Pencils
20: Toothbrush Uses Sun to Chemically Vanquish Dirty Mouths
19: Instant Classic: Iconic Designers on an Iconic Design
19: Mario Reloaded: If Super Mario Brothers Was Made Today
18: Ooh La La! 1910 French Cards Predict Life in the Year 2000
18: Raw Weather Data Turned Into 3-Dimensional Sculptures
17: Beautifully Blended: Digital Watch With Analog Movement
16: Timeless Craftsmanship: Inside a 300 Year Old Pocket Watch
16: No Tips, Please: Driverless Taxi Controlled by iPad App
15: Strong Coffee: Trashed Coffee Pods Turned into Batteries
15: Robotic Curtain is Privacy Failure, Useless Gadget Triumph
14: Bright Idea: Light Bulb Shaped Human-Powered Charger
13: Recycling Revolution: Machine That Makes Oil From Plastic
13: Holy Flaming Bat-car! Ultra-Detailed Drivable Batmobiles
12: Incredible iPad Art: Light Painting With a Glowing Box
12: Sweet Stalking: Twin GPS Gadgets Track Lovers' Locations
11: Techy Sculptures Reincarnate Obsolete Typewriters
11: Flexing Hubless Skateboard Dominates Urban Landscape
10: Super-Flexible Prosthetic Leg Shows Women's Personal Style
10: Shape-Shifting Mouse Flattens for Travel, Pops Up For Work
09: Heart of the Matter: World's First Functional Artificial Heart
09: Beautiful Biodiesel: Clean Fuel From Dishwasher-Size Gadget
08: The Mother of Couch Potatoes: World's First TV Remote
08: Modern Ancients: King Tut Cloned Using Futuristic Tech
07: Bizarre Round Laptop Promises to Halt Made-Up Evolution
06: Delightful DIY: Massive Goldberg-Style Do-Nothing Machine
05: Highway Meltdown: Ford's Futuristic Nuclear-Powered Car
05: Tantrum Machine: Kid's Walker Gives Tots Terrifying Power
04: Timber! Wickedly Modern Recycled Wooden Wristwatches
04: Board to Death: 3 Retro Pre-Internet Electronic Games
03: This is Not a Lamp: Clever Light Uses Packaging as Product
03: Retina Display Puts Floating Images Right in Front of You
02: Google Takes the World: Street View Catches Antarctica
01: Japan's Latest Crazy Gadget: Virtual Dishes for the iPad
01: Pack Your Bags: Newly-Found Planet Probably Life-Bearing

September 2010 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: Standing Ovation: Powerful Seatless Bike Rides Like a Dream
29: Lifeblogging Overload: Wearable Cam Records Every Second
29: Tasty Concept: Swinging Mobile Device Layers on Functions
28: Three Most Awful Gadgets of the 21st Century (So Far)
28: Try Before You Buy: Clever Shape-Shifting Robot Mannequin
27: Signaling Backpack Lights Up the Night, Keeps Bikers Safe
27: Caterpillar Kickflips: Military Skateboard Shreds Any Terrain
26: V For Victory: Sticky Tape Design With a Visible Difference
25: Eat Our Dust: Space Belt Could Help Aliens Find Solar System
25: World's Toughest Material Makes World's Largest Webs
24: Clumsy Walking Gadgets: Our Cute New Apple Overlords
23: Da Vinci Ode: Record Setting Man-Powered Flying Machine
23: Thinking Thin: Paper-Thin Batteries Usher in e-Paper Era
22: Quantum Leap: Biped Machines Plow Through Speed Bumps
21: Innovative Crosswalk Idea Makes Street Safe for Jaywalkers
21: Street Smarts: Big-Wheeled Folding Bike for City Dwellers
20: Clearly Efficient: Student Built Car Gets 300 Miles Per Gallon
20: Cell Phone + Microscope + 3D Printer = Tiny Animated Film
19: Transformer: Simple Folio Case Turns iPad Into Laptop
18: Anachronistic Ads: Modern Tech Adverts Go Back in Time
17: Non-Torturous Learning: Waterboard Without Getting Wet
17: New Antiques: Victorian Steampunk Adding Machines
16: Rock On: Simple Strap Turns iPod Nano Into Stylish Watch
15: Curiously Simple: Every Last Special Effect in Blade Runner
15: Art Goes Geek Chic: Intricately Detailed Cardboard Cameras
14: Bizarre Car Mash-Up: Giant Motorized VW Red Wagon
14: Jedi Mind Trick: Scientists Create Real-Life Tractor Beam
13: Beauty in Simplicity: Elegant Minimalist Earbud Packaging
13: Empty Printer Ink Cartridges Recycled into Sci-Fi Sculptures
12: Underwater Workout Machine: Pedal-Powered Submarine
11: Virtual Watch Shopping? iPhone App Lets You Try One On
11: Your Living Space, Invaded: Rad Video Game Themed Sofa
10: Modular Self-Assembling Robots Will Replace Furniture?
10: Future Mass Transit: Semi-Private iPad-Clad Electric Cars
09: Green Energy Smackdown: Pulling Electricity From Thin Air
09: Space in Time: Time-Lapse Vid Shows 30 Years of Asteroids
08: Mid-Century Style Meets Modern PC in Dazzling Custom Case
08: Eco-Friendly Bus Shelter Makes Mass Transit Tolerable
07: Just Say Whoa: Smoking Machine Makes You Want to Quit
07: Ultra-Flexible Smartphone Idea with Multiple Personalities
06: Genuine Victorian Artificial Arm is Beautiful, Terrifying
06: Up Periscope! Angled Camera Puts New Twist on Old Design
05: Power Trip: Leafy Solar Panels Take Over Walls Like Plants
04: Evident Evolution: Lizards Developing to Give Live Birth
03: Who Cuted the Cheeses? Photo Booth Cutes up Your Mug
03: The Quantum Cat is Out of the Bag + Made of Lasers
02: Blade Runner Revisted and Reconstructed Frame by Frame
02: Amazing Laces: Nike's Future Shoe Has No Strings Attached
01: Touchy-Feely 3D Display Lets You Grab + Stretch Holograms
01: Faking It: 3 Stunning Bionic Human Parts Making Life Better

August 2010 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Sci-Fi Switcheroo: Movie Posters From an Alternate Universe
30: Three-Ring Circuits: Shockingly Lovely Circuit Board Art
30: History-Making Snaps: Five Phenomenal Photographic Firsts
29: Sun Fluctuations Change the Length of Days on Earth
29: Good Clean (but Dirty) Fun: Squishy Computer Interface
28: Wired Threads: High-Tech Clothes with Surprising Functions
28: Power Ballads: Awesome Retro Cassette Blends Old and New
27: The Hand That Feeds: Freaky Robot Hand Serves Tasty Sushi
27: Historic Poses: Kodak's 1922 Color Motion Picture Film Test
26: Cheerio! Kids' Ride Turned into World's Smallest Car
26: A Light Game: Ball Generates Clean Energy Through Play
25: Substance + Style: Compact, Chainless Urban Bike Concept
24: Walkman Takes on Vacuum in Adorably Violent Death Match
23: Low-Fi, High Speeds: Arcade Game Races on Analog Track
23: Weird Science Uncovers Ancient Statues' True Colors
22: Epic Reloads: Incredible Big Screen Sci-Fi Concept Art
22: Quantum Time Machine Kills Annoying Grandfather Paradox
21: Power of People: Human-Electric Hybrid Muscle Car
21: Triumph for Luddites? Human Contracts Computer Virus
20: Retro Rotary: New Technology Imitating Extinct Technology
20: For-Real Facebook: Like and Dislike Stickers for Meatspace
19: Greetings From the Atomic Town: Oak Ridge Postcards
18: Changing the Ocean's Color Could Put an End to Hurricanes
17: Close Encounters: Freaky Hovering UFOs Captured on Video
17: Paper-Thin Film Turns Any Surface Into a Touch Screen
16: New Cryogen Storage Gives Greener, Cheaper Peak Power
16: Never Too Thin: Clean, Light, Skinny, Stylish Urban Bike
15: Getting the Lead Out: Hybrid Writer Gets High Marks
15: Robotic Arm Makes Killer Formula 1 Racing Simulator
14: Sweet Technology: Robots and Doughnuts, Together at Last
14: Big in Japan: Vending Machines Get Futuristic Wide Screens
13: A Rail-y Great Failure: 1930s Propeller-Driven Elevated Train
12: Today for Tomorrow: Vintage Ericsson Com Tech Adverts
12: Stand-up Artist: Phone Springs to Life When Receiving Calls
11: Flexible Magnetic Sponge: Astounding Material Properties
11: No More Traffic With Fantastical Flying Parachute Car
10: Ferrari Puts Some Serious Speed in Your Morning Cuppa
10: Stacked in Your Favor: USB Concept = Gadget Freedom
09: Tie One On: High-Tech Bracelet is a Personal Life Manager
08: Not-So-Big Bang: Pint-Size Cannon Packs a Powerful Punch
08: Use the Force: Classic Pop Art Recast as Star Wars Fan Art
07: World's Most Intimidating Puzzle Hides Explosive Surprise
07: Triceratops-y Turvy: Beloved Dinosaur Was a Faker All Along
06: Quantum Computers March Closer With Silicon Breakthrough
05: Construction Magic: Self-Healing Concrete Seals its Cracks
04: Death is Optional With Futuristic Personality Storage Service
04: Raise the Roof: Elevated Urban Bus Defeats Traffic Jams
03: An Epic History of Every Video Game Console Ever Made
03: Urban Airports: Past Predictions for Future Flight Fields
02: Ancient Gadget Meets New Technology: Wi-Fi Dowsing Rod
02: Experimental Plaything: Virtual Pet Meets Microscopic Minion
01: IRL Video Game Skills: Boy Defeats Moose With WoW
01: Beginner's Yacht: Light Green on the Deep Blue Ocean

July 2010 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Pachyderm Perfection: Recycled Robotic Elephant
30: Neck-Mounted Camera Lets You Blog Every Second of Life
30: Spying, Superman Style: Infrared Maps of Belgian 'Hoods
29: Grand Graphene: Super-Thin, Nearly-Transparent Material
29: Wee Wheels: World's Tiniest Line of Road-Legal Cars
28: Headset + Handset = Convenient Communications Gadget
27: Digital Tomfoolery: Slingshot Flings Messages, Not Spitballs
27: Hole Sweet Home? Universe May Exist Inside Black Hole
26: Walking Tall: Robotic Legs Let Wheelchair Users Walk Again
26: Sewage-Eating Robot Fuels Itself For a Week at a Time
25: Great Whites Text Lifeguards to Keep Swimmers Safe
25: Clever Little Shower Gadget Greens up Your Morning Ritual
24: Ouchless Immunizations: Dissolving Patch Delivers Vaccine
24: Gaming Greats: Five History-Making Arcade Machines
19: Flower Power: Photosynthesis Car Uses Sun + Plant Power
19: Carbon Offset System Kills Houseplants for Electricity Greed
18: Duck and Cover: Surreal 1950s A-Bomb Educational Video
18: Cleaner Commuting: Safer, Comfortable Bicycle Concept
17: Trapped! Itty-Bitty Ion Trap Could Revolutionize Computing
17: The Information Age: Living in Advertising Overload
16: Double Decker Rail Devil: Super-Fast British Train Concept
16: Powerful Style: Retrofuturistic Visions of Power Stations
15: Insert Personality: Robot Head + Human Consciousness =
15: Instant Ink: Digital Camera Concept Turns Pics Into Stamps
14: Samsung Galaxy S: Simple Smartphone or Out of this World?
14: Pants on Fire: Weird (But True) History of the Polygraph
13: Wicked Wheels: Sporty Wheelchair Inspired by BMX Bikes
13: Dark Roasted Road Trip: Cappuccino Loving Classic Car
12: Close Encounter in Space Yields Amazing Pictures of Asteroid
12: Fatal Fail: 3 Inventors Killed By Their Own Inventions
11: Watch What You Say: Revolutionary Visual Hearing Aid
11: Bending Bicycle Design Twists and Turns to Defeat Thieves
10: The Run-Around: Huge Vinyl Record = Tough Workout
09: Coming Soon to a Senior Citizen Near You: Bionic Eyes
09: Renault's Juicy Concept: Super-Quick-Charging Electric Car
08: Self Folding Origami: The Future of On-The-Go Dining?
08: Next-Gen Biking: The Little Bell On Your Bike Grows Up
07: Literal Wall Clock: Light and Shadow Form Elegant Timepiece
07: Smile! Solar Camera Strap Keeps You Snapping All Day
06: Serving the Future: Replicate Grandma's Cooking at Home
05: Look Around You: Unique 360-Degree Panoramic Camera
04: Highway Terror: Rad Scary Customized Skull Hot Rod
04: A Cyborg World: High-Tech Multifunctional Cybernetic Arm
03: Forecasting the Future: 7 Past Visions of 21st Century Life
03: Born to be Wild: Eco-Friendly Organic Material Motorcycle
02: Flowing Matter: Is Supersolidity Actually Quantum Plasticity?
02: Spider-Boy Climbs Walls Using Cheap Homemade Gadget
01: Getting Kind of Heavy: World's First Map of Earth's Gravity

June 2010 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: Super-Dangerous Bat Hook Sneaks Juice From Power Lines
30: Invisible Mouse: Controlling a Computer With Just a Hand
29: Not Quite Apple: Russia's Answer to the Cutting-Edge iPad
29: Cleaner Construction: Brick Recycler Spits Out Huge LEGOs
28: Feeling Flat? Fun Folding Portable Puzzle-Like iPod Speaker
28: Suburban Camo: Hilarious Shrubbery-Covered Solar Car
27: Obsolete Modern Gadgets Reimagined as Future Fossils
26: First Opinion: Glowing Green Bacteria Tests for Flu at Home
26: Friendly Vending Machine Dispenses Cans With a Smile
25: Classic Sci-Fi: Unforgettable Japanese Pulp Illustrations
25: Japan's Solar Spacecraft Opens First Solar Sail in Space
24: Dark Putt: Batman Tumbler-Themed Custom Golf Cart
24: Crime Fighting Future: Town's High-Tech Anti-Crime System
23: Old Meets New: Classic Macintosh Stand for Shiny New iPad
23: Dirty Fingers! 3 High-Tech Tools to Censor Online Typing
22: Art of Compassion: Cute Robot Becomes Social Experiment
22: The Big Picture: 10 Fun 1940s Ads For First Generation TVs
21: Infinity + Beyond: The Atomic Spaceship That Almost Was
21: Real-Life Mole Man: Hand-Dug Russian Subway System
20: Are We Alone? NASA Spacecraft Finds 706 Possible Planets
20: Real-Life Transformer? Car Folds in Half to Fit Parking Spots
19: Deceptively Deep: Amazingly Realistic Digital Art Pieces
19: Bursting Your Bubble: Science Behind Popping Bubbles
18: Road Tunes: Weird Vintage 1950s In-Car Record Players
17: Modular Handheld DIY Gadget is All Gizmos to All People
17: iPad + iBook = Weird, Useful Shrine to Appley Goodness
16: Pioneering Heart Surgery Using Remote Control Robot Arm
16: Designing Tomorrow: 5 Top Ideas For Future Urbanites
15: Spatially Telling Time: Modern Architecture-Inspired Clock
15: 5 Wacky Retrofuturistic Visions of 21st Century Office Life
14: Drive Safely: Model Year 2050 MAGLEV Mercedes Arrow
14: The Future is Calling: Imagination-Based Phone Interface
13: Sum of its Parts: Autonomous, Modular Helicopter Array
12: Mega Mecha Guan Yu Sculpture From Recycled Military Car
12: Picturing the Music: Nature Sounds Music Player + Projector
11: Infamous Misses: 3 of Apple's Most Notable Product Flops
10: Plastic Fantastic: Artificial Antibodies Boost Body's Defenses
10: Hot Stepping: Boots Use Foot Heat to Charge Mobile Devices
09: Sound and Visions: Awesome Retro 50s Typewriter Catalog
09: Wheels in Motion (Pictures): 10 Phenomenal Sci-Fi Cars
08: Vigilante Viewer? Device Lets Public Watch CCTV Feeds
07: Eye Spy: DARPA Software IDs You When You're Not Looking
07: Just the Fax: World's First Color Fax Machine From 1946
06: The Future of Mobile Gadgets: Flexible Wrist Computer
06: Block Letters: Working Printer Made of LEGO and Pens
05: Pedestrian-Crushing Monster Bicycle For the (Sch)Win(n)
05: Love is Blind: Concept Cell Phone for the Visually Impaired
04: Smart Body Art: Glucose-Monitoring Tattoos for Diabetics
03: Reach Out and Touch It: Futuristic 3D Nintendo DS Concept
03: Oh the Humanity! New Commercial Airship Ready for Launch
02: Inside Out: Redesigned Juice Box With Internalized Straw
02: Stretching the Musical Muscles: Extending Speaker Concept
01: Skip the Rocks, Open Your Car Doors With a Pebble Instead
01: Traffic Stopper? Concept Car Converts From Road to Air

May 2010 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Smile! New Research Promises False Teeth Grown in Mouth
31: Sin Cities: Dark Digital Depictions of Sodom & Gomorrah
30: Hello, McFly? Awesome Hoverboard Sculpture Actually Floats
29: Dangerous DIY: Prison Tattoo Gun Made From a Playstation
29: Green Light: Gas-Saving Method Turns off Waiting Engines
28: Green Power: Wind and Solar Powered Cell Phone Concept
28: Hack the Time: Customizable Retro Video Game Clock
27: Formerly Futuristic: The Long History of the Video Phone
26: Urban Transport Motorcycle Makes Third Wheel Feel Useful
26: Moving Pictures: First Rollable Super-Thin OLED Display
25: Racing History: World's First Chevrolet Camaro Commercial
25: Stop the Presses! 5 Wonderfully Nostalgic Printing Presses
24: Spin Me Right Round: Brilliant Reclosable Soda Can Design
24: Backwards Horsepower: Weird Horse-Driven Eco Car
23: Using Your Head for Renewable Energy: Solar Bike Helmet
23: Retrofuturistic Three-Wheeled, Fuel-Efficient, Super-Fast Car
22: Typing One-Handed? Five-Button Jellyfish-Like Keyboard
21: Sleep Next to Your Loved One, Even When You're Far Away
21: Roll for Rock: Cool Analog Radio You Tune By Rolling
20: Sweet Cybernetics: Glucose-Fueled Implantable Biofuel Cell
20: Bugged Out: Augmented Reality Insects Help Beat Phobia
19: Red and Green All Over: London's Futuristic New Bus Design
19: Sky Delight: Awesome Cloud Formations Seen From Space
18: Literal iPhone Killer: Open-Source Design to End the iPhone
18: Orderly Disorder: Chaotic Shape-Shifting Lines Wall Clock
17: Space Gravity + Quantum Fields = Huge Space Monsters?
17: The Whole Tooth: 5 Truly Terrifying Antique Dental Tools
16: Fantastical Futurism: Laser Projecting, Solar Charging Phone
16: Water Great Idea! Awesome Amphibious DIY Bicycle
15: One Giant Leap for Mankind: Apollo 11 Launchpad Video
14: Power Up (And Down): Customizable Size Battery Concept
14: The (Dot) Matrix? Inkless Meta-Linked Digital Photo Printer
13: Build Me Up, Buttercup: Biological LEGOs Build New Organs
13: Say Hello To My Little Friends: Emoting Cell Phone Robots
12: Sit Down and Go: Exercise Bike-Powered Laptop Desk
12: Right on Track? Amazing Flexible Train Seating Concept
11: Literal Horse Power: Hummer to Horse-Drawn Buggy Mod
11: 1950s Radioactive Science Kit: Most Dangerous Toy Ever?
10: Feed Your Mind: Cook an Office Lunch Right at Your Desk
10: Foggy Details: Stunning Beauty of Fogbows and Cloudbows
09: Cleaner, Greener: Offshore Wind + Wave Power Generator
08: Is There Life on Mars? New Evidence Suggests There Is
07: Music Worshipers Rejoice: iPhone-Playing Monument Table
07: What's Shaking? 3 Crazy Antique Massaging Gadgets
06: Stick Them Up! Post-It Note Gun Means (Funny) Business
06: News for Wheelchair Users: Motorized Conversion Device
05: Touch Tunes: Retro Record Player + Modern MP3 Player =
05: Art of Junk: Adorable Robots Made From Discarded Gadgets
04: Where's the Beef? Fueling that Amtrak Train in Texas
04: Selling the Future: 10 Rad Retrofuturistic Magazine Ads
03: Press for Time: Beautifully Minimalist Wireless OLED Clock
03: Insert Can, Get Money? Reverse Vending Machine Pays You
02: High-Flying Recycling: Turning Airliners Into Aquatic Ferries
01: Forget Babysitters: Nanny Bot Takes Care of Your Family
01: Japan's Solar-Powered Spacecraft Getting Days in the Sun

April 2010 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: Smart Skivvies: Tighty Whities That Monitor Your Health
30: Form + Function Get Friendly: Jewelry-Like MP3 Player and Headphones
29: Radishingly Lovely Lamps: Video Game-Style Solar Lights
28: Ride the Bullet: Train Lets Riders Off and On With No Stops
28: Paging the Future: Paper-Thin Next-Generation Newspaper
27: I Can See My House From Here! Smallest 3D World Map Ever
27: Retro Recycled Roadster: Art Car Woven From Seat Belts
26: Days of Our Lives: 3 Cool and Unique Calendar Concepts
26: Greetings From an Alternate Universe: 20 Alien Postcards
25: Power Cows: Watt-Producing, Gas-Reducing Treadmill
25: Sharp New Streets? Concrete Made From Discarded Needles
24: Magic Obesity Pill? Gastric Bypass Pill Passes Human Trial
24: Literal Tweets: High-Tech Twitter-Announcing Cuckoo Clock
23: Sky-High Commuting: Fun Urban Maglev Train Concept
23: Sun Show: Solar Observatory's First Amazing Pictures
22: More Human Than Human? Scary Robot Helps Deaf to Speak
22: Ham Overload: Outrageous Amateur Radio Art Car
21: Sun Powered Humanitarians: Lamp Lights Developing World
20: Starting From Scratch: Flip-Around Camera Protector Design
20: Failed Military Machines: Bizarre 20th Century Flying Tanks
19: Stuff it, Gmail! Google Map-Bearing Snail Mail Envelopes
19: Robot Retrospective: 6 Radical Bots of the Past Century
18: In Modern Russia, Boats are Giant Intimidating Chainsaws
18: Getting a Leg Up: Toe-Operated Mouse Works Like Flip Flop
17: The Segway Car? GM's Tiny Electric Urban Concept Car
17: Bright Bankroll: Loot that Lights Up in Your Wallet
16: Hands Off! Quirky Contemporary Clock Tells Time With Balls
16: Comic Book Cons: Hilarious Vintage Gadget Advertisements
15: A is for Art: The Amazing Alphabet of Awesomeness
15: Tame the Technology: Take a Zen Break From Multitasking
14: Mini Memories: Tiny Digital Camera Smaller than a Matchbox
14: Room With a View: Huge Whole-Wall Video Displays
13: More Than One Way to Skin a Man: Incredible Skin Printer
13: Fantastic Voyage: Nanobots Can Turn Off Cancer Cells
12: Death of Bus Stops? Take a Superfast Ride in the Superbus
12: Current Technology: Ocean Bot Runs on Geothermal Energy
11: Auto Sounds: Techno Jeep Blows Away Other Art Cars
11: Sweet Guidebots Lead Visitors Around in Huge Spanish Bank
10: Artistic Solar Panels Catch More Sun + Look Good Doing It
10: Smokin' Idea: Eco-Friendly Cigarette Filters Grow Flowers
09: Fold it Up: Space-Saving Folding Keyboard on Tiny Laptop
09: Sunny Days: First Working DIY Solar Panel Rediscovered
08: A is for Atom: Kooky Look at the History of Atomic Power
08: Eccentric Electric: Cute, Nimble All-Electric Peugeot City Car
07: Tactile Bracelet Gives Stylish Alerts for Deaf Fashionistas
07: Two-Wheeled Wonders: Amazingly Impractical Gyrocars
06: Map Your Lights Out: Say Yellow to the Geekiest Light Switch
06: Cloudy With a Chance of Sundaes: It's Snowing Ice Cream
05: Hiding in Plain Sight: Tiny Secrets Told in Public Spaces
05: Awesome Antique Adverts: 8 Fun Vintage Technology Ads
03: Well-Rounded: Slick, Multi-functional Computer Just for Kids
03: About Face: Defeat Face Recognition Software With Makeup
02: Cool Retro iPhone Dock Takes You Back From the Future
02: Spider Bot: Protective, Agile Personal Bot Keeps User Safe
01: Hit the Literal High-Way in a Transforming Flying Motorcycle

March 2010 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Interactive Pen Teaches You Piano or Violin Easily
31: Want Change? Soda They: 2 Cool Coke Container Concepts
30: Next-Gen Rubik's Cube? Awesome 5-Screen 3D Display
30: Just Your Type: 11 Gorgeous Unique Antique Typewriters
29: Zombie Delicacy: 800-Year-Old Brain With Intact Brain Cells
29: LED-er Of the Pack: Animated Programmable LED Tattoos
28: Hubble Pics Show Hungry Space Bully Devoured Neighbors
28: Look + Listen: Exhibitionist Headphones Record Life
27: Sweet Hipster Bike is All About Looks, Not Performance
27: Get Smart! Super Convertible Two-Piece Computer Concept
26: Ones + Zeroes Replace Hands + Numbers on Binary Watch
26: Guiding (Flash) Light: Map-Projecting Navigation System
25: In Russia, Truck Drives You! Crazy Dragon Semi Truck Mod
25: Meet the Aquanauts: Moving Humankind Into the Ocean
24: When Antiques Attack: 3 Ridiculously Dangerous Old Gizmos
24: Who Wants to Live Forever? World's Only Immortal Animal
23: A Scanner Lovely: 40 Amazing Artistic Designer Barcodes
23: Future Magazine Sales to be Made At Interactive Tables?
22: Quantum With Fewer Dead Cats: First Macro Quantum Device
22: Heads Up: GM Developing Augmented Reality Driving System
21: Blown Opportunity: New York City's Failed Pneumatic Trains
21: Forget Bluetooth: Human Body is Efficient Data Transmitter
20: Educational, Explosive Entertainment: Life-Saving Game
19: Cool Underwater Camera Casts Off to Catch Sea Life Pics
19: Driving Without Turn Signals? Vintage 1936 Auto Safety Film
18: Nice Numbers: Multitasking Mouse Hides Numeric Keypad
18: Good Vibrations: Electric Car Uses Bumps to Charge Battery
17: Pixel This: New York City Rendered in 8-Bit Style
17: More Accurate Than DNA? Hand Germs Could ID Criminals
16: Up, Up and Work? Crazy Commuter Airship Idea
15: Cooking Up Technology: Sweet Retrofuturistic 1943 Kitchen
15: Pop-Up Buildings: Incredible 3D Architectural Holograms
14: Rock Out Realistically: Guitar Game Uses 6-String Controller
14: Guiding Light: Minimalist GPS Meets Traditional Compass
13: Lego My 'Lectricity: Cool Modular Office Power Strip
13: Flexing Mussels: Natural Glue + Printers Make Stitches Safer
12: Tattletale Contact Lenses Make Your Brown Eyes Blue
12: Splashy Sea Slugs: Candy-Colored Creatures of the Ocean
11: Analog, Digital, Mechanical: The Watch That Has it All
11: It's a Motorcycle! It's a Sports Car! No, It's...Snaefell?
10: See, Hear & Feel the Music: Amazing Interactive Music Table
10: Infinity and Beyond: 12 Vintage Russian Space Illustrations
09: Eyes Spy: Two Amazing Cameras With Lots of Lenses
09: Public Art + Public Transportation = Japan's Colorful Trains
08: Super Troopers: US Soldiers to See Through Walls This Year
08: A Sunny Concept: Clothesline Solar Power Collectors
07: Dora the Assistant: Opening Doors for Wheelchair Users
07: Retro Case Mod Blends Futuristic Tech With Vintage Style
06: Horseless Buggy: Futuristic Open-Top Audi Concept Car
06: Digital Worlds: Impossibly Realistic Photo Manipulations
05: Lightly Artistic: Cool Ceiling LEDs Let You Paint With Light
05: Think Outside the Box: Pizza Box, Plates & Storage In One
04: Sounds Like Plastic: Awesome LEGO Steampunk Sequencer
04: Kicking Booty: Metal Detector Sandals Find Beach Treasure
03: Electric Concept Car With a Spring in its Three-Wheeled Step
03: Beating the Ban: Electronic Cigarettes & Smokeless Smoking
03: Bone Breaking News: Sea Worm Could Fix Shattered Bones
03: Snappy Comeback: 2-Piece Digi Cam Puts Subject in Control
02: Dirty Pictures: Dusty Car Windows Meet Fine Art
02: It Vants to Suck Your Juice: Illuminating Power Strip Idea
02: Phoning It In: Next Gen Augmented Reality Shopping is Here
01: Stab-Free Car Key Concept: Stylish Audi-Inspired Key Fob
01: Say and See: Phone for Deaf Converts Spoken Word to Text
01: Shrimpy Space Spies: Thumbnail-Size Dust Storm Spacecraft

February 2010 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

28: Historic Sounds: Fabulous Vintage Audio Advertisements
28: Apple, Apple On the Wall: Wickedly Awesome iBook Clock
28: Superior 70s Sci-Fi Art: Nagaoka's Imaginative Worlds
27: A Bit of Light Reading: Brooklyn's Literature Intervention
27: MIT Mistake Leads to Flexible Micro-Machine Discovery
26: They Mostly Come Out at Night: Creepy Alien PS3 Case Mod
26: Charming Alarms: 3 Venerable Vintage Intruder Alarms
25: Wild Ride: Intimidating GatorBike With Real Gator Skin
25: Smoke Your Carrots: Fun Healthy Foods Packaging Concept
24: Power, Stripped: 4 Amazing Real-Life Cutaway Cars
24: Coloring the Sky: Funny Home-Built Crayon Box Rockets
24: Get Lost: Amazing Retro Dharma Initiative Advertisements
23: Entangle This: Physicist Says Energy Teleportation Possible
23: Upping the Inefficiency Quotient: 2 Insane Hummer Tanks
22: Turn the Tube Around: Futuristic Fridge Gives Free Previews
22: Point and Shoot: 5 (More!) Weird Gun-Shaped Cameras
21: Totally Sweet: Sugar-Based Plastics Can Compost at Home
21: Airborne Accommodations: Futuristic Floating Luxury Hotel
20: How to Kill a Leech: Clever Outlet Spits Out Gadget Plugs
20: India's Answer to Terrorism: Armored Golf Carts?
19: When Worlds Collide: Analog Clocks With Digital Displays
19: Printing People Parts: World's First Human Organ Bio-Printer
18: No Waiting for a Waiter: Table Signal Gives Bottles New Life
18: Blind Ant-bition: Amazing Morphing Computer for the Blind
17: Driving Like an Animal: 3 Rad Sea Life-Themed Art Cars
17: Kiss My Glass: Incredible Spray-On Glass Makes World Shiny
16: Ahoy, Buried Treasure! Clam Safe Secures Beach Flotsam
16: Off the Tracks: Suspended Commuter Train Gives Directions
16: Fantastic Flops: Four Failed Gadgets That Time Forgot
15: "Skeet" Shooting: Lasers Bring Down Flying Mosquitoes
15: Film it Like a Polaroid Picture: Instant-Print Wallet Movies
15: Rule of Thirds: Three-Faced Urban Delivery Vehicle Concept
14: Antique Spy Tech: Tiny Feature-Rich 1930s Camera
14: Creature Features: Whimsical, Lovable Digital Art
13: Extra Extra! Electronic Paper Heralds New Newspaper Era
13: It Gives You Wheels: Creative Red Bull Soapbox Cars
12: Come On, See the Noise: Airport Noise Converted to Power
12: Deafinitely Stylish: Generation X Solution for Concertitis
11: Geek On the Go: Portable Turntable Briefcase MP3 Converter
11: Coloring Pre-History: First Accurately-Colored Dino Pics
10: Info Overload? ASUS' Three-Part Plan to Virtual Freedom
10: Lather, Rinse, Repeat: Crazy 70s Human Washing Machine
09: We're Gonna Live Forever: DARPA's Unkillable Creature
09: Office Payback: Machine Turns Docs Into TP in 30 Minutes
09: Help for What Ails You: Brilliant, Funny Product Packaging
08: Heavy Medal: Vancouver's Recycled Tech Olympic Medals
08: Forehead Texter Lets You Be Sneakily Rude at Parties
08: A Bubbly Future: 4 Weird Futuristic Electric Car Concepts
07: Nintendo Goes Steampunk: Awesome Gameboy Case Mod
07: Get the Lead Out: Printer Uses Pencil Stubs and Old Erasers
07: Quantum Leaf: The Staggering Science of Photosynthesis
06: Tweeting From Space: Astronauts' Pics of Earth From Orbit
06: The Universe on Your Desk: Cosmic Clock Runs on Weather
05: Rad Hover Scooter Design Leaves Scooter Haters in the Dust
05: Modular Self-Assembling Robots: The Next Wonder Material?
04: Tense Situation: Cornell's Invention for Human Wall Walkers
04: Jump for Juice: Healthy, Human-Powered Battery Charger
04: Bouncing Off Walls: Optical Wireless Network is Fast, Secure
03: Style in Design: Creatively Unique Industrial Design Ideas
03: Help for Technophobes: Affordable Voice-Controlled Remote
03: Close Encounters of the Car Kind: Amazing Alien Car Mod
02: Cool Office Gadget Makes 3D Animations, Takes Stellar Pics
02: Don't Be a Chicken: Safer, Lighted, Raised Crosswalk Design
02: Game-Over Boys: 3 Miserably Failed Video Game Platforms
01: Sponge-Like Concrete? (Parking) Lots of Research Needed
01: Cell Improvement: 4 Rad Vintage Cell Phone Commercials

January 2010 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: It's About Time: Multifunctional Antique Pocket Sundials
31: Strike of Genius: New Type of Lightning in Volcano Eruptions
31: More Than a Car: Driving, Lifting, Room-Extending Vehicle
30: On the Other Side of the Screen, It Looks Like a Light Cycle
30: Cut the Cord: Wireless, Wearable Mouse Prevents RSI
29: Caution, Exploding Machinery: 3 Artfully Exploded Cars
29: Curiously Simple: 4 Easy Hacks to Transform Old Altoids Tins
28: Earbuds Falling Out? Nip it in the Custom-Sized (Yur)bud
28: There and Back Again: A Visual Guide to Every Mars Mission
27: Roll With It: Mobile Vaccination Kit Takes Jabs on the Road
27: Designer Disguise: Old Book Holds High-Tech Surprise
27: Smoking Hot Fuel: Tobacco Could Be Next Big Biofuel Crop
26: Seriously Chill: BMW H2 On Ice Is Coolest Art Car Ever
26: Time for a Word? Unique Outdoor Clock Spells the Time
26: Animated GIFs: Have They Matured From Annoying to Artsy?
25: Our Future Robot Overlords? 3 Amazing Cybernetic Organs
25: Bricklin: The Canadian Sports Car That Crashed and Burned
25: Deathly, Fragile: 3D Glass Sculptures of Killer Pathogens
24: Wanna Play? Humanoid 'Bot Baby Teaches While it Learns
24: Augmented Reality Game With Chest-Exploding Virtual Hand
24: NASA's Ultra-Efficient, Super-Quiet, One-Man Electric Aircraft
23: Sport Mask Cameras Take Hands-Free Action Pics & Video
23: Future of Past Wars: 6 Bizarre Retrofuturistic War Machines
22: Healer, Heal Thyself: Amazing Self-Healing Hydrogel Material
22: Digital Gastronomy: Food Printer is Must-Have Future Gadget
21: Shoot for the Stars: Massively Powerful Space Gun Concept
21: 16 Bits of History: 3 Cool Classic Video Game Commercials
20: Go GaGa for This DIY Project: Scrolling "Video" Glasses
20: iNnovation: 2 Freakishly Futuristic iPhone Add-Ons
20: (Sc)Rolling Down the Highway: Vintage 1927 Analog GPS
19: Two Tracks, One Tire: The WWII Half-Motorcycle, Half-Tank
19: Hello Dolly? Live Mice Stem From Reprogrammed Skin Cells
19: Feeling Froggy? Cool Gadgets Make Frog Dreams Come True
18: Custom Breakfast (Table) of Champions With Apple G4 Soul
18: A Googolplex Little Pieces: Google Plans Virtual Billboards
18: Flying Carpets to Fish Embryos: 5 Great Microgravity Studies
17: Power, Redesigned: Innovative Folding Power Plug Design
17: The Tiny Electric Car that Drives Like a Real-Life Video Game
17: Rainbow Connection: Moon + Water = Beautiful Moonbows
16: Unlucky Lady Liberty: Post-Apocalyptic Pics of Iconic Statue
16: Charge Without a Plug: 2 People-Powered Gadget Chargers
15: Biking With the Birds: Pedal in the Sky on Suspended Lane
15: Perplexing Pairs: 2 Cell Phones With Unlikely Superpowers
14: Wireless Watching: From Laptop to HDTV With no Cables
14: Staying A-Head of Authorities: Holographic Head ID Card
14: iType, iPlay, iLove the iPhone: Two Killer iPhone Keyboards
13: Trashy Art or Artsy Trash? Bonkers Yonkers Garbage Trucks
13: Failure to Launch: Three Failed Handhelds of the Last Decade
13: Internet Emergency? The Series of Tubes Filling Up Fast
12: Whoa, Deja Vu: Stunning "Forgotten" Matrix Concept Art
12: NYC Resistor: Awesome Things Happen With Gadget Hacking
12: Antique Amusement: Toy Ads From First Half of Last Century
11: Something in the Air(nergy): RCA's WiFi Charging Device
11: Mac Daddy of All Mods: Coffee, Tunes & Mac Mini-In-One
10: Go Your Own Way: 3 Amateur-Built People-Powered Cars
10: Artsy Silhouette Clock Reminds You That Your Life is Futile
10: Battery of Mysteries: Why Did World's First Battery Exist?
09: Put Away Childish Things? Med Research Gets Toy Reboot
09: Put Some Awesome On You: Handmade Nintendo Necklaces
08: Move On: Motorized Keyboard Gives Healthy Wrist Massages
08: Math + Art = Retro-Futuristic Minimalist Space Posters
07: Elemental Photography: Capturing the Power of Lightning
07: Chariots of Tire(s): Crazy Big-Wheeled Commuting Skates
07: Camera Obscura: Freaky, Frightening Cameras of the Dead
06: IPhone Augmented Reality Droid Too Awesome For Earth
06: Double Up! Ultra-Efficient Electric Car Fits Two to a City Lane
06: Lost in Space: Butterflies Born on ISS Find Flying Too Hard
05: Ride of the Super-Geek: 8 of the Nerdiest Art Cars Ever
05: Yin and Yang Clocks: Two Opposite Takes on Timepieces
05: If Tomorrow Never Comes: Vintage Underground Shelters
04: Napkins, Sketchpads, UFOs: 3 Unlikely Computer Concepts
04: Tongue Tech: Artificial Larynx Tracks Tongue Transit to Talk
04: Trained to Dream Big: Retro-Futuristic Train Designs
03: Massive Star Explodes, Supernova Supertheory Confirmed?
03: Go Ask ALICE: Rocket Fuel Made of Aluminum + Water
02: What's Bugging You? 19 Insanely Cool VW Beetle Mods
02: A Separate Reality: Delightfully Dystopian Digital Art
01: Folding Battery-Powered Scooter Has Small Footprints
01: Robotic Explorer Makes First Underwater Transatlantic Trip

December 2009 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Flexible Video Camera: Rubbernecking Strongly Encouraged
31: Coolest Hack Ever? Cool Water + Pipes + Fan = DIY AC
31: Art of the Art: Creatively Cinematic Vintage Movie Posters
30: Intelligent Industrial Ideas: Playful Home Lighting Designs
30: Chess Chicanery: Georgian-Era Hoax Gadget Fooled World
30: Dimensional Invention: World's First HD 3D LCD Display
29: Driving Design: Safe, Eco-Friendly, Soft-Body Urban Cars
29: iWant: Stylish Futuristic iPod Wrist Watch Concept
29: Super-Charged: Converting Wall Outlets to USB Chargers
28: Hungry for Kitchentertainment: Cook + Watch Viral Vids
28: What Your Audio Can Do: Clever Super-Simple Speakers
28: Armies of Santas: Future Christmas Predictions from 1909
27: Clearly Calling You: Transparent Nokia Cell Phone Concept
27: Lean, Mean: Safer Motorcycle Takes Turns at an Angle
26: Stick it to Bacteria: Personal Portable Keyboard Concept
26: Gamer's Paradise: Video Game Worlds Come to Life
25: The Future is Nao: Next-Gen Household Helper Robot
25: The Last 50 Years of Space Exploration on One Map
24: Bond Would Be Proud: Fingerprint-Locked Alarm Wallet
24: Scary Animated Masks Beg for Freedom, Induce Nightmares
23: DIY UFO? Free Plans Mark Start of Consumer Space Race
23: HD Horror: BBC Clip Shows Venus Flytrap Devouring Fly
23: Apple Appeal: 15 Amazing Examples of Macbook Case Art
22: Hide and Tweet: Augmented Reality iPhone Twitter App
22: Point, Shoot, Run for Cover: Gun-Shaped Digital Camera
22: The Art of Space: Stunning Center of Milky Way Galaxy
21: Tiny Swarming Robots Coming Soon to Eat your Data
21: Gadgets of Gears Gone By: Ancient Greek Analog Computer
21: Making it Past 2012: 5 Sciencey Plans to Save the Humans
20: Split Personalities: Computer Divides Into Mobile Devices
20: Human-Powered Cell Phone Charges with a Casual Spin
20: Stair Master: Amazing Device From Self-Taught Inventor
19: World's Tiniest Snowman Made With High Tech Tools
19: My Music Sounds Blocky: 3 Lego Gadgets for Audiophiles
18: S(no)w Problem: Winter Sledding Without the Sled
18: Powerful Programmable Magnets Attracting Attention
17: Wii Love Them: 5 Killer Case Mods to Rock Your Wii Off
17: Dynamic Dynamo: People-Powered Electricity Generator
17: Second Chance at Sight: Artificial Retinas Restore Vision
16: Double Your Fun: 3 Dual-Screen Laptops Extend Workspaces
16: Antique Watch + LEDs = Stunning Steampunk Pocket Watch
16: Raining Hellfire: 2 Horrid Planets You Don't Want to Live on
15: Extreme Art in Motion: 10 Crazy Cool Artistic Car Mods
15: Calling Dick Tracy: 2 Watch Phones Hit the European Market
15: 6 Remarkable Retrofuturistic Visions of 21st Century Life
14: Photomicrography: A Microscopic World of Beautiful Pictures
14: Pocket-Size Power: Potent Penny-Sized Nuclear Battery
14: Real Minority Report Interface = Unbelievable Interaction
13: Pop-Up Power: 3D Power Outlet Gives You 5X the Electricity
13: Robots Have Feelings Too: Prosthetic Robo-Hand Can "Feel"
13: The Picture of Weird: 5 Crazy Cameras of Past and Future
12: Put on Your Thinking Chip: Wireless Telepathy Brain Implant
12: Geek Ink: 20 Wonderfully Nerdy Scientific Tattoos
11: Yes, It Does Come in Black: Rad DIY Batmobile Tumbler
11: Double Vision: Twin Satellites Confirm Huge Solar Tsunamis
10: 3D Vision(ary): Cryo-Imager Shows Individual Cancer Cells
10: Stylish Geek: Faceless LED Watch Hides Your Geekiness
10: Bone Hunters: Has Long-Lost Ancient Army Been Found?
09: Social Climber: Vertical Rock-Climbing Wall Treadmill
08: Rad Retro Re-Dos: Ten Tantilizing Movie Posters by Eric Tan
08: Epic Fails: 10 of the Dumbest Inventions of the 20th Century
08: EU's Great Big Convoy: Wireless Road Trains Coming Soon
07: Bristling BMW: Scintillating Solar Electric Luxury Car Concept
07: Reinventing the Wall: Water-Saving Recycled Brick Concept
07: Georgia On Their Minds: Were First Humans European?
06: Plug and Survey: 3 Monitorable Energy-Saving Smart Plugs
06: Winter Wondercar: Modified Subaru Shreds the Snow
06: On the Origin of Mouse: First Mouse (Nearly) Lost to History
05: Life Imitating Nature: Single Wing Aircraft Inspired by Seed
05: Don't Get Lost in (the) Heaven(s): MIT DIY Space Balloon
04: Pills no More: FDA OKs Magnetic Therapy For Depression
04: Buried History: Underground Nuclear Weapons Tests
03: Schleppable Solar: Briefcase-Size Solar Panel Goes With You
03: Roll With it: Flexible, Space-Saving Roll-Up Laptop Concept
03: Segwhat? Adult Power Wheel is Slightly Less Nerdy Option
02: Don't Cross Me: High-Tech Ultra Visible Crosswalk Design
02: Amazing Giant Robot Winning Admirers Hand Over Fist
02: Diaper Power? 5 Truly Weird Alternative Energy Sources
01: Prescription Reflection: World's 10 Most Important Drugs
01: A(i)nt They Clever? Fire Ants Built Living Raft to Save Queen
01: Sticker Shock: The Material Costs of 6 Consumer Gadgets

November 2009 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: Sleep, Be Well: Clever Clock Counts Down Sleep Time
30: Space Highway: Cheap Galaxy Travels Down the Road?
30: Seedy Mario Bros: 10 Dark Depictions of Mario and Luigi
29: Sing the Auto Electric: 4 Renault Zero Emission Cars by 2011
29: The Future of Books: Turn Them Into Computers?
29: Vicious Veggie? World's First Herbivorous Spider Identified
28: Mech Manipulation: New Generation of High-Speed Robots
28: Let the Sun Shine: Futuristic Solar Trees Spruce up Carparks
27: Tricked-out Transformation: Hard Drive to Rotary DJ Input
27: See 'n Scan: Chameleon Pen Lets You Copy Nature's Colors
26: What's That Smell? iPhone Chemical-Sniffing App and Device
25: Useful Fat? Human Lipo Leftovers Used in Stem Cell Research
25: Say What? Sophisticated Ears on Found on Butterfly Wings
25: Trashy Tech: Disposable, Recyclable Paper Laptop Concept
24: Who You Gonna Call? Ghost Busts You On Energy Usage
24: Powerful Digits: Remote Control Powered by Your Fingers
24: Whole New Dimension: Single-Lens 3D Camera Has Arrived
23: Incredible Concept Bike Folds Down to Size of One Wheel
23: Follow the Sun: Are Smart Solar Road Panels our Future?
23: Triple Threat: Amazing New Dimensions in Shadow Art
22: Fear of Flying (Monsters): Giant Man-Eating Bird Did Exist
22: Very Cool: Heat-Sensitive Color-Morphing Glass Tiles
22: Hands-on Tech: Double Amputee Gets Mind-Controlled Arms
21: Shake Your Energy Maker: Shake-to-Charge NiMH Battery
21: Look Closer: DIY Microscope Uses Cell Phone Camera
20: Share the Love: Matching Connectable Phones for Couples
20: Baby Steps: Newborns Cry in Parents' Native Language
19: Laptop Abuse: Crazy Alternative Uses for Your Computer
19: Attractive Commute Option: Magnetic Train on Way for Spain
19: Amazing Military Robots Climb, Haul, Run Like Living Things
18: Wall-E in Real Life: Euro-Trashbot Cleans up Italian Streets
18: Proof is in the Peel: Realistic Packaging Design Concept
18: Was Einstein Wrong? Speed of Light May Not Be Constant
17: U.S. Homes Powered Partially by Russian Nuclear Weapons
17: Rainwater-Powered, Direction-Giving Manhole of the Future?
17: Super-Human Race of Wealthy Cyborgs On the Way?
16: Piece of Bread Stalls LHC, Adds Fuel to Crazy Theories
16: Shave and a Haircut: Secret Knock Opens DIY Door Lock
16: Junkbots: 8 Artists Creating Lovable Bots From Trash
15: Take Bread Crumbs: We Really Do Walk in Circles When Lost
15: Science, You So Crazy: Transparent Aluminum Made in Lab
15: Smile, or Else: Hat Stabs Your Head When Your Smile Fades
14: High Times: The High-Res Camera Showing us Mars' Face
14: Space Case: Compact Camper Van Carries Everything
13: Tilt-a-World: Global Warming Could Shift Earth's Axis
13: Phone Home: 8 Crazy Futuristic Japanese Phone Concepts
12: Introducing StorageBoy: Awesome DIY Hard Drive Hack
12: Soil-Powered Alarm Clock Gets Your Bambooty Out of Bed
12: Button Envy: 18-Button Mouse Kicks Your Mouse's Butt
11: Forget Robot Chauffeurs: This Robot Pedals Your Bike
11: Terrifying "Helping" Robot Wants to Suck Your Blood
11: Programmable Morphing Gadgets? Heck Yeah, Says Science
10: Suck It Up: First Artificial Black Hole Built, We Survived
10: Ping Pong, Pow: World's Deadliest Pneumatic Ping Pong Gun
09: Mind-Bending Science: Visualizing Ten Dimensions
09: Not Just for Macrame: Carbon-Negative Hemp Buildings
09: Is 'This Man' of Your Dreams Phenomenon or Fiction?
08: Eat, Drink and Live Forever: Immortality is 20 Years Away
08: Aussie Scientists Take World a Step Closer to Teleportation
08: Solar Spray: Spray-On Solar Ink Just Around the Corner
07: Eye(tooth) of the Beholder: Man Sees Through Tooth in Eye
07: Dinosaur Proteins Might Shed Light on Dino Evolution
06: Holy Androgony! Gender Illusion: Contrast = Attractiveness
06: Future of Space Exploration: Armies of Info-Gathering Bots
05: Pod Parts: 3D Replicators are Here, So is Future
05: Wood You Believe It? Wooden iPod Speakers + Alarm Clock
05: Behind the Wild Things: How the Monsters Came to Life
04: Ditch That Woofer: Invisible Speakers Will Rock Your World
04: Push Button, Wait Forever: Crosswalk Buttons Are Fake
04: The Future of the Past: 16 Retro-Futuristic Vehicle Designs
03: Electricity-Generating Rental Bikes Fuel Hybrid Buses
03: Gem of an Idea: How Sapphires Will Cut Down DVD Clutter
03: Mind Games: Four Games You Control With Your Brain
02: New Ultra-Slippery Alloy is Second Hardest Known Material
02: Bend it Like MacBook: Flexible Customizable Laptop Concept
02: Guitar Herobots: 4 Bots to Let You Play GH Vicariously
01: Nerd's Eye View: Korean Circuit Board Landscapes
01: Watch 100 Years of Cinematic Special Effects in 5 Minutes
01: Virtual Insanity: VR Treadmill Goes In Every Direction

October 2009 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Phone Geeks Rejoice: The Blackberry Watch is Almost Here
31: Naked Science: Ugly Rat May Hold Key to Cancer Prevention
30: History of Time: First Painting of a Mechanical Pocket Watch
30: All The News Fit to Write: Liberia's Analog Blackboard Blog
29: Docile Prehistoric "Unicorn" Fly = Halloween Horror
29: Will Underground Moon Tunnels Be Future Caveman Homes?
29: Pure Magnetism: The Unseen Lives of Magnetic Fields
28: Qatar-Bahrain Marine Causeway Will Be World's Longest
28: NES Cartridge Hides Sweet Homebrew Nintendo Emulator
28: Clearly Cool: 16 Awesome Transparent Gadgets
27: MIT's Autonomous Indoor Helicopter Has 3D Laser Vision
27: Info at Your Fingertips? Futuristic Cybernetic Reading
27: The Roof is on Fire: Solar Shingles Let you Green on the Sly
26: Cutting the Cord: Wireless Electricity No Longer Sci-Fi
26: Art That Doesn't Suck: Light Painting With Roomba
26: Rise & Shine: 10 Awesome Levitating Objects for the Home
25: Finally, Useful Math: Formula for Surviving Zombie Invasion
25: Liar, Liar? Infrared Light Headband Measures Thruthiness
25: Tangled Web: Super-Strong Metal-Toughened Spider Silk
24: Nightly News: Alarm Clock Grades Your Sleep Quality
24: Good Call: DIY Recycled and Cardboard iPhone 3GS Docks
23: Could a Spacecraft Fly Through The Middle of Jupiter?
23: End of the World as We Know it? Probably Not in 2012
22: War of the Words: US Army Developing "Telepathy Helmet"
22: Drinking Safely? Coasters Test Cocktails for Date-Rape Drugs
22: Life on Mars? 3 Worlds Most Likely to Support Earthly Life
21: Monty Python + Kids in the Hall = Geeky Public Art Billboard
21: Future Bike: Theft-Proof, Flat-Proof, Computer-Aided Ride
21: Large Hadron Collider Sabotaging Itself From the Future?
20: Art of Glass: Mirror-Fronted TVs More Than Mere Appliances
20: Aerogels: Material Properties of World's Strangest Stuff
20: Jet-Powered Genius: 7 Ludicrously Rocket Propelled Vehicles
19: You Will: Future Technology as Seen From 1993
19: Trick or 'Tronic? 3 Awesome DIY Robotic Jack O'Lanterns
19: Extreme Recycling: Home Built of Reused Highway Parts
18: Phonosynthesis? Solar-Powered Wearable Eco Phone
18: Geeky Spy Gear: Secret Pinhole Camera Necktie
18: Future Vacations to Include Mech Maids, Robot Prostitutes?
17: Geared Up: Ferarri Car Made Entirely of PUMA Merchandise
17: Bits + Pieces: Where Video Game Props Really Come From
16: How Much Do You Know About the Man in the Mirror?
16: Totally 'Shopped: Photosketch, Best Photo Editing Tool Ever
15: Size Matters: Mini Laser 1000X Smaller Than Width of a Hair
15: Reinventing the Wheel(chair): Wheelchair Climbs Stairs
15: Sticky Situation: Unrolling Household Tape Produces X-Rays
14: Batman Tech: Portable Gadget Shoots You to Rooftops
14: Future, Perfect: When Your Favorite Sci-Fi Happens
14: Who Moved My Cheese? Lab Mouse Levitated With Magnets
13: LA Drops the Ball: Innovative Reservoir Water Safety Plan
13: Next-Gen Rechargeable Batteries Hold Charge for 12 Months
13: Musical Chairs: Turning Trash into Turntables
12: Powerful Magic: Cell Phones Charge With Ambient Electricity
12: Giant iPod? No, It's A Touch-Sensitive Turntable Laptop
12: Tech Evolution: 18 Gadgets that Used to be High-Tech
11: Pack Generates Electricity, Relieves Back Strain for Marines
11: Futuristic Bed with Built-In TV, Movie Screen + Video Games
11: Pod People Power: Human-Powered Eco-Friendly Monorail
10: Check, Please: Restaurant's Interactive Tables = No Waiters
10: In Living Color: Victorian Hand-Colored Motion Picture
09: Creepy Talking Clock Wakes You Up, Gives You Nightmares
09: Compute This: World's Oldest Working Computer On Display
08: Wakey, Wakey: Breakfast Machine Finally Brought to Life
08: Kinetic Energy Wheelchair Uses Motion To Light The Way
08: Sea Creature Self-Portrait 150 Million Years in the Making
07: Say Cheese: Insect + Spider Faces Extreme Macro Close-Ups
07: Rebuild This City: Floating New Orleans Neighborhood?
07: Extreme Geek Gaming Art: Legend of Zelda Papercraft Fun
06: Need a Lift? Cybernetic Exoskeleton Just a Few Years Away
06: Be Mine: Laptop Concept Pays Homage to Classic Valentine
06: Robots Evolve to Lie to Each Other, Maybe Take Over World
05: Using Space Satellites to Measure Earth's Economic Growth
05: Segway + Unicycle = Humans May Never Walk Again
05: Meatspace Blocky: 7 Real Interpretations of Classic Tetris
04: Faceless, Handless Clock Tells Time With Light Beams
04: Massive Volcanic Eruption Seen From Space Station
04: Creative All-in-One Brush-and-Rinse Fountain Toothbrush
03: "Steel Velcro" Super-Strong Fastener Holds 35-Ton Loads
03: Puny Predator: T. Rex's Diminutive 8-Foot-Long Ancestor
02: Self-Stabilizing Bike Wheel Helps Kids Learn to Ride
02: Could Pain-Free Animals End Factory Farm Suffering?
02: Weeble Wobble: New Self-Righting 3-Dimensional Shape
01: Rewriting Science: Is the Universe Actually a Multiverse?
01: Out of Outlets? Plug-Anywhere Interior Wall Power Strip
01: Batteries Not Included: Adorable Junk Robot Sculptures

September 2009 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: Appendicitis? Human Appendix Maybe Not Useless After All
30: Scientific Scans Show Natural Art Inside of Human Bodies
30: Sci-Fi Surprise: Real Space Elevator Closer Than You Think
29: Don't Try at Home: Awesome Ruby Laser Balloon Trick
29: Can You Hear Me Now? Handheld Gadget Kills Cell Signals
29: 8 Cool & Creative Cameras, Lenses & Accessories
28: Totally Translucent: High-Tech, Light-Transmitting Concrete
28: Suicidal Metal Wall Clock Counts to a Century, Falls Apart
28: 850 Blind, Transparent Species Found in Australian Caves
28: Before Photoshop: 7 Photo Edits that Literally Made History
27: In-Car Portable Computer: Steering Wheel Laptop Idea
27: People Power + Pedal Propulsion = Internet Exercise Bike
26: Vintage Modern: Drafting With Old-School CAD Software
26: Admiral Alchemy: US Navy Turning Seawater Into Jet Fuel
25: Implanted Reminder: (Micro)Chip On (or In) Your Shoulder
25: DIY Student Project Weather Balloon Makes it to Space
24: Trash to Treasure: Sculptures From Circuits and Transistors
24: Half-Life 2 Gets New Life In Awesome Lego Sculptures
23: Autonomous + Automobile = Autonomobile: Driverless Car
23: GreenPunk: Can Steampunk & Science Fiction Go Green?
23: Beam Me Up, Scotty: Star Trek Tech Not That Far-Fetched
22: Jet-Powered Ambulance: Really Fast, Not For Emergencies
22: Go-Anywhere & Do-Anything Faux-Robot Flashlight Design
22: Astro-Plant: If You Believe They Put a Plant on the Moon
21: Monkey See? Simple Injection Can Cure Color Blindness
21: Original Gadgets: 5 Modern History-Making High-Tech Firsts
20: New School: Robot Fish to Explore Underwater Wreckage
19: Men Temporarily Lose Brain Function Around Pretty Women
18: Daring Digital Design: Fantastic Photo Art Manipulation
18: No Trojan Horse: Art Viruses Made of Computer Parts
17: Taste Test: Device Lets the Blind See with Their Tongue
10: Thin, Flexible LEDs Might Give Us Roll-Up Computer Screens
10: 8-Bit Artistry: 10 Nintendo Duck Hunt-Related Art Projects
09: Giant Rat, Bear-Like Marsupial Found in Lost World Crater
09: Vintage Video: How Automotive Differentials Work
08: The Camera Van: The Ultimate Gadget Lover's Art Car
08: Morphing Material Keeps Hot Coffee at Ideal Temperature
07: Cellular Cardboard: Evolution of Mobile Phone Technology
07: Stackable Robot Cars: The Future of Green Mass Transit
06: Up In The Air: Coin Tosses Not as Neutral As You Think
06: Space Race: Luna 15 Crashed While Americans Moonwalked
05: Retrotainment: Vintage Home Entertainment Advertisements
05: Green Mass-Transit System Ready To Roll at Heathrow
04: Bionic Vision: Cybernetic Lenses with Heads-Up Display
04: Behind the Sun: Billion Solar Power Plant in Space
03: Ring it Up: Jewelry Doubles as Mobile Bluetooth Headset
03: Word to Your Wall Clock: Letters Spell Out the Time
03: Miniature Digital Camera Doubles as Tiny Portable Projector
02: Eyes Straight Ahead: The Rear-Projection Urinal Screen
02: Sublime Steampunk Art: Metal Moving-Parts Mech Giraffe
02: Coffee Caddy: Lid that Doubles as a Condiment Carrier
01: Delicious Biofuel: Power Your Car on Watermelon Juice
01: Amazing Ads: Reusable Video Screens in Paper Magazines
01: MacGuyver to Go: Tiny Take-Anywhere Pocket DIY Kit

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