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Here is your one-stop guide to the six primary categories and their subcategories on Gajitz. Every article falls under Gadgets, Science, Technology, Transporation and Vintage & Retro – and then each article also can be found under one subcategory of those core categories. Sound confusing? If anything, this should make your browsing experience much faster and easier than you may be used to!

Gadgets make our little worlds go round, from humorous novelty gizmos and entertaining gaming consoles to everyday communication devices, functional personal computers, creative cameras, cool clocks and more. Here you will find some of the greatest new gadget designs, offbeat creations and futuristic concepts – both built widgets and yet-to-be-realized design ideas.

Science pushes society forward, but poses as many problems to us as it solves — from small-scale questions of ethical applications to large-scale issues of global importance. Here you will find some of the most strange, surreal and sensational advances in science and scientific theories that may promise an amazing future or could portend the end of the world as we know it.

Technology is at the core of the contemporary world we know, love and hate. It works at small scales to make our everyday living easier, faster and better (at least in theory) and enables us to build entire digital worlds, radical robots and even to begin integrating machines with men and women. From crazy cybernetics and do-it-yourself projects of today to unreal robots and creative concept designs of tomorrow, here are some of the most terrific and terrifying technologies of the past, present and future.

Transportation has turned our world upside down. A mere few centuries ago, most of the people on the planet existed within a bubble only a few square miles in size — today most of us have made our way to other cities and many have traveled around the globe. However, transportation is at the heart of controversies as well – including sustainability and safety. These designs do more than solve existing problems of personal and mass transit systems, they posit ideas for a completely different world of transportation now and as we drive, ride and fly into the future.

Vintage & Retro designs and ideas of days of by. As important as it is to understand the gadgets, science and technology of today and tomorrow, it is equally amazing to look into the past and see how far we have (or have not) come. From aged gadget advertisements to vintage technology videos, strange science fiction visions of the futuristic to retrofuturistic art representing the past, here are some of the most inspirational, educational and sensational retro and vintage works of creative gadgetry, scientific vision and technological inquiry.

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