Business Bobble Head Blocks Unwanted Office Noises

Working in an office comes with its share of ups and downs. On the positive side, we get to work with a variety of people who can fuel our creativity and keep us motivated. The downside to that space-sharing, of course, is that not all of us are on the same mental schedule. This weird-looking helmet might just help you escape the noise of your officemates when you need to remove yourself from the din for a while.

The design comes from the creative minds at Hochu Rayu, who call it the Helmfon. The designers envision this bubble-headed haven as a portable fiberglass and polyethylene foam privacy booth. Inside, not only is the noise from your surroundings eliminated; the interior headphones can also pipe in your favorite music or relaxing sounds.

In fact, there’s even enough space on the inside to keep your smartphone nearby for conducting important Skype conversations or watching videos in peace. Thanks to an integrated system board, there’s even the possibility of adding custom functions to the helmet in the future.

The designers even envision the helmet coming in a variety of colors and special designs. You’d have to work in a very special kind of environment to feel comfortable wearing a giant Minion head to escape your coworkers’ noise all day.

As cool as this idea is for a workplace productivity tool, it could easily be adapted to help those with sensory issues adapt to and thrive in their environments. Shutting out audio and visual stimulation can helpĀ the person with sensory processing issues “reset” his or her brain and emerge calmer and ready to return to their day.

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See more in Industrial Design or under Technology. April, 2017.