Ultra-Transportable Boat Goes from Box to Afloat in 10 Mins

transporter modular boat

Technology has been good to modern humans, and that has never been more obvious than when we look at the wealth of transforming stuff out there. The Transporter Boat from Better Outdoors is another of those amazing shape-shifting objects – and one that we kind of want, like, right now.

modular boat transporter

The Transporter starts out as a nondescript plastic box. You can throw it in the back of a pickup, strap it to the luggage rack of your car, or even tow it behind an RV on a special trailer (sold separately, of course). But when you get to the water, that’s when the magic happens.

transforming modular lake boat pontoon

The box unfolds into a boat that can hold either four or seven people, depending on the version you buy. The entire transformation process takes only about ten minutes and requires no tools. Everything that you need to take onto the lake with you can fit into the pontoons, which are conveniently insulated so your sodas and beers stay refreshingly cold.

Although with most small boats sitting on the outer edge will cause the boat to flip over and you to be unceremoniously dumped into the water, the Transporter boats are built to be ultra-stable. The padded outer edges are actually the pontoons, and sitting on them won’t cause any instability.

luggage rack transporter

Optional accessories like motors are available for both sizes of Transporters. Because the boats are modular, you can buy the big one and only choose to use one compartment – or buy the small one now and add on the other compartment later. When the Transporter is folded up into box form, everything you need – motor, life jackets, paddles – all fits into the box itself so you don’t have to worry about carrying multiple armfuls from the truck to the water.

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See more in Various Gizmos or under Gadgets. April, 2013.