Incredible Nanopolymer Coating is Repulsive in a Good Way

ultra ever-dry superhydrophobic coating

Imagine a world in which you can jump into a puddle without fear of your feet getting wet, or have a whole glass of wine thrown in your face with no annoying stains to deal with later. A two-part superhydrophobic coating called Ultra Ever-Dry will make that world a reality – just as soon as you can afford it.

ultra ever-dry demonstration

Nearly any kind of liquid will just slide right off of an object that is treated with the coating. Water, oil, cement, mud – it all practically jumps right off of treated surfaces. This awesome quality means that it can be used not only to keep things dry, but to prevent corrosion and icing as well as keeping surfaces bacteria-free.

The amazing polymer is wickedly effective, as you can see in the above video. Because the company isn’t forthcoming with the formulation of their product, it isn’t clear exactly what the two-part product is made of. But this isn’t just a concept – it’s an actual product that you can buy right now, today.

superhydrophobic coating

…If you have at least $149 to spare, that is. Ultra Ever-Dry is sold as a bottom coat and a top coat which have to be used together in order for the product to work. The coating is supposed to last six to seven years on a surface that isn’t rubbed or touched constantly – a time frame which might even make the rather stiff price tag look reasonable.

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See more in New Materials or under Science. April, 2013.