Presto, Change-O: Transforming Car Commutes + Races

Those of us who only have one car in the garage can’t just switch rides depending on the driving conditions, so we need versatile cars that can handle a variety of situations. The conceptual BMW Venture from designer Chris Hammersly features a simple push-button interface that takes it from compact city commuter car to speed-loving hot rod.

In its tamer, smaller form the Venture is a cute little urban car. It is narrow, short and nimble enough to navigate easily through crowded city streets. Its low emissions are perfect for reduced-guilt urban travel.

But on the weekends, when your need for speed overwhelms you and you just have to go drag racing out in the suburbs, the push of a single button extends the wheelbase. The front wheels extend forward and slightly outward, giving a wider stance and a little more stability for traveling at higher speeds.

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See more in Concept Vehicles or under Transportation. June, 2012.