Skiing + Snowmobiling = Raw Power of SkiZee Snow Tread

What the strange dry-ground Flyrad unicycle does for rollerbladers, this device – called the SkiZee – does for skiers. It is, more or less, a motorized tread that propels skiers over flat, snowy ground. The 10.5 hp engine provides a decent amount of push, letting skiers zip along like they’re going downhill.

The SkiZee is more humane than a dog team and presumably quite a bit less environmentally disruptive than a snowmobile, but it can help skiers get around quickly and easily. It doesn’t take all of the physical effort out of the sport; it simply makes it easier for skiers to travel further and ski longer before tiring.

Rather than using poles to provide thrust on flat or nearly-flat land, SkiZee drivers hang on to the device’s handles. The driver grips the handles just the way one would grip ski poles, but the handles house the electric starter and help the driver navigate over snowy terrain with little effort. And for a reasonable $2,500, the SkiZee is not a bad investment for skiers who’d rather just take in the scenery.

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See more in Mods & Custom or under Transportation. January, 2011.