Take a Whiff: Inhalable Vitamins Absorbed Almost Instantly

The same company that introduced inhalable chocolate and inhalable coffee to the world is now taking a step in a healthier direction and introducing inhalable vitamins. Le Whif says that their inhalable vitamins enter the body’s bloodstream much faster than those swallowed by mouth, giving you a powerful boost of health-giving vitamins that’s absorbed almost immediately through your highly permeable cheek lining.

By bypassing the digestive system altogether, the breathable vitamins can have a positive effect on your body with no interference. The huffable vitamins are currently made in three varieties, all of which target a different set of nutrients and feature tea flavors. Thanks to the unique inhaler design, users can take the vitamins without worrying about choking on the fine mist. The company expects the inhalable vitamins to be available in retail outlets in early 2011.

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See more in Industrial Design or under Technology. January, 2011.