Put on Your Thinking Chip: Wireless Telepathy Brain Implant

telepathy chip

We already know that brain-reading technology is out there and works: we have brainwave-controlled children’s toys on department store shelves and a military “telepathy helmet” being developed. So, of course, it makes sense that existing brainwave technology would be expanded to include everyday activities. And to that end, you may soon be able to control your lights, TV, computer and other gadgets with nothing more than a thought. Tired of watching kids’ shows? Annoy your offspring by hiding the remote and changing the channel with your mind! Want to spook your visiting mother-in-law? Make the lights flicker and tell her your house is haunted!

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Sadly, the technology isn’t actually being developed so you can pull fun pranks. According to Dr. Jon Spratley, formerly of the University of Birmingham, the project he worked on would allow paraplegics to communicate and interact with their environment. The small, 1.3 mm chip would be implanted into the brain and allow the patient to perform several functions, like turning off a light or operating a wheelchair, with the mere power of thought. The chip developed by Spratley is wireless, unlike similar projects from other labs, to reduce the risk of infection. Although it hasn’t been put through any human or animal trials, Dr. Spratley is pleased with the limited test results they do have and is confident research will continue on his invention.

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See more in Cybernetics or under Technology. December, 2009.