Flipping Off: Unique USB Connector Works Upside Down

It seems like just about every gadget comes with a USB connection today. The universal serial bus connection is awesome for keeping gadgets synced and charged, but it’s a bit of a pain (to be polite) to figure out which way your USB plug will fit into the receptacle. Some manufacturers make it easy, but others seems to like to make us guess.

That’s why UltraTek’s “Flipper” USB connector will be such a welcome addition to so many geeks’ collections. It lets you plug it in right side up or upside down – either way the connector works exactly the same.

Rather than connectors on one side and a block of plastic on the other, the inside of this plug contains connectors on both sides and a thin piece of plastic in the middle. The unique configuration makes it possible to plug your device in without having to fiddle with it to figure out which end is up.

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See more in Various Gizmos or under Gadgets. January, 2011.