Swap Space for Energy: Free Water & Heat from the Cloud

free heat energy system

A company in Germany is offering a win-win solution for any home or office with some spare square footage in their basement: put servers in place and reap radiant heat as well as hot water from them – in some plans, users also get free internet and electricity as a bonus.

free heat system design

Cloud&Heat is one of a number of European companies in the market to trade space for green power, effectively transforming unused everyday spaces into a cloud-like alternative to all-in-one-place data centers, but one of the most advanced at this stage.

free heat dashboard interface

Buffering systems are used to store heat so it can be deployed more strategically over time while venting systems are also added to shed excess heat when it is not needed – during summer months, for instance.

free energy data center

free heat german system

There can be additional upfront costs for the user, like creating a fire-safe enclosure for the server systems, but like solar or wind power the initial costs are ultimately offset by heat gain and energy savings overall.

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See more in Energy & Power or under Science. January, 2015.