Sling-Slang: The Slick DIY Wooden Yo-Yo For Grown-Ups

sling-slang yoyo

The yo-yo, that classic kids’ toy that has caused countless black eyes in the name of learning new tricks, has grown up and become kind of a hipster.

tait design co slang yoyo

The Sling-Slang from TAIT Design Co is a built-it-yourself kit that provides you with everything you need to put together your very own awesome wooden yo-yo.

assemble it yourself yoyo kit

Available in black, blue, and pink, the Sling-Slang is a slightly more elegant iteration of the colorful plastic toys we played with as youngsters.

diy yoyo kit

TAIT’s design is meant for beginners and intermediate users, so even if you haven’t picked up a yo-yo in years you should be able to assemble your Sling-Slang and get right down to re-living childhood fun.

The kit comes with a two-piece maple body and a removable grooved steel axle along with two colored polyester strings. It’s super-easy to put together and relatively frustration-free since the string resists knots and tangles.

tait sling slang diy wooden yoyo kit

The Sling-Slang kit comes to you in a recycled cardboard case with detailed instructions so you can get to slinging and slanging within minutes. The artisanal yo-yos are $30 each or $80 for a set of all three colors.

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