Spin Cycle: Community-Based Bikes Give a Charge for Free

New Yorkers will soon have one less thing to worry about when they’re out walking the city streets. The Charge Cycle is a project that will put bike-powered phone chargers in several locations throughout NYC, allowing anyone to top up their phone’s battery for free.

The bright green stationary bikes each feature a 6V, 3W dynamo that collect energy as users pedal. The charging dock features micro USB, 30 pin, and 8 pin connectors to charge a huge variety of phones and other devices. When the user plugs in a device and starts pedaling, the whole setup charges the device and gives constant status updates on the progress of the charge.

A big basket holds the belongings of folks who sit down to charge their gadgets. A web-based app lets users find the nearest Charge Cycle, gives charging instructions, and keeps track of the charging experience. Charge Cycles will be leased to supporters through the project’s Kickstarter page, letting New Yorkers spread some good karma throughout the city.

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See more in Bikes & Cycles or under Transportation. November, 2012.