Simple Update on the Cardboard Box Makes Moving Easier

The cardboard box design is reasonably straightforward: it is a box. But anyone who has ever had to move a hundred or so of them in the course of moving house knows that this straightforward design can lead to some irritating moments. Trying to get those things up off of the floor requires tipping them one way or the other, trying to slide your foot under one side, or otherwise maneuvering them to get a solid handhold. The Corner Box design from Lin Tsen Ying and Huang Hsiao Yuan uses a rather simple method to make picking up boxes much easier.

The Corner Box features one inverted corner, providing a convenient place to put a hand. The prototype created by the designers involves a corner that has been cut off off the box and then refitted onto the box – but this time, pointing in. The designers think that the box could be mass produced with existing production methods, but it would require some careful engineering to maintain the structural integrity of the box while adding the corner handhold.

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See more in Industrial Design or under Technology. November, 2012.