Data Stickies: Portable ‘Post-It Note’ Flash Drive Design

data sticky close up

Coming in stacks like standard sticky-backed notes, these mobile data storage stickies can be posted to any surface and/or used as reminders in various locations, not to mention covert applications for hiding information (e.g. on a flat space behind a bookcase).

data stickies

data sharing made easy

A special conductive adhesive lets these award-winning DataStickies connect with your devices via their USB slots just like a standard flash drive, or (down the line) new optical readers, while graphene lets them be be built smaller and slimmer than ever before. As a bonus, you can also stack the stickies for additional storage.

data post it notes

data stickies flash drives

The user simply peels one off as needed and places it on a television or computer box or screen, work wall or, well, just about anywhere else. Like their note-oriented analog cousins they can be picked back up with ease as well and they can be written on as well for labeling purposes. Light-up edges show when they are in use and connected to a device.

data storage various capacities

data sharing size detail

More mobile but otherwise much like a drawer full of conventional flash drives, the idea is that you generally share smaller or individual files with people at home or work and thus can just hand something portable out and not worry about the space it takes up (or getting it back).

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See more in Industrial Design or under Technology. January, 2015.