Sleek Geeky Bracelet Hides Surprising Split Personality

If you saw this device on someone’s wrist, you would probably assume it was just a watch – a cool watch that projects the time onto the wearer’s skin, yes, but still just a watch. If you stopped looking after that first impression, you would miss a truly fantastic futuristic gadget.

The device is actually a phone that features a roll-out transparent screen that sits at the inside of the wrist. The flexible screen is completely hidden when not in use, masking the Rollerphone‘s true nature.

When you need to make a call, you simply pull the screen out and a menu appears, to be replaced by a keyboard when you need one. The flexible screen sits comfortably against the natural curve of the hand, making it feel almost as though there is nothing there at all.

While on a call, the user just holds the screen up to his ear, sort of like you would do if you were talking on a pretend phone. The device is ergonomically designed to be used with intuitive gestures like holding a hand up to the face in order to carry on a phone conversation.

The Rollerphone was designed by Alexey Chugunnikov, and it’s only a concept at this time. But we can definitely see consumer gadgets trending toward the smaller, the sleeker, the more convenient and the more multi-tasking, all of which this device is capable. It would be able to do everything the standard smartphone does today, but with the added benefit of taking up no pocket space whatsoever.

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See more in Phones & Mobile or under Gadgets. April, 2011.