Slap-On Style: Wearable Stylus Doubles as Colorful Bracelet

slap bracelet stylus

Styluses, like pens, have a bad habit of disappearing without a trace just when you need them, but this smart product will keep your iPad stylus close at hand at all times. The FLAXUS is a colorful slap bracelet that can be worn around the wrist, on a bag strap, or anywhere that it can wrap around.

wearable stylus flaxus

But when you take the FLAXUS off and uncoil it, it becomes a sturdy stylus that you can use for all of your tablet computing needs. There are dual conductive tips that let you use either end of the device. It works with any capacitive touchscreen device, and it’s washable – just in case you manage to drop it in your coffee.

flexus wearable stylus

The fashion aspect of the FLAXUS may not appeal to everyone, but being able to keep a stylus in an easily-retrievable spot can be immensely helpful. You can use a stylus instead of your fingers in situations where your fingers aren’t suitable, like when you’re at the beach, wearing gloves or trying to look up what temperature the oven needs to be at while your hands are covered in dough.

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See more in Industrial Design or under Technology. April, 2013.