Serving the Future: Replicate Grandma’s Cooking at Home

Almost everyone has a favorite food that mom (or grandma, or dad, or sister) makes like no one else. When we live far from home, replicating that one-of-a-kind meal can become almost an obsession. If only there were an easy way to make an exact copy of the thing you crave without traveling all the way home. Designer Bruno Oro has come up with an ingenious futuristic method for copying grandma’s lasagna or whatever else it is that you might be craving: transmitting the very building blocks that your favorite dishes are made of from the source right into your own kitchen.

The Home Sweet Home device is almost like a matter transporter, but with a few subtle differences. One device is placed above the item to be copied, and it works by scanning and identifying each molecule. Another device on the other end produces the same combination of molecules to create an exact replica of the source meal.

The designer says that the device can replicate meals with only molecules present in the air, meaning basically that the Home Sweet Home creates food from thin air. If this sounds impossible already, consider that the device can be worn on the wrist when it’s not in use.

The device is most definitely not possible with today’s technology, but who knows what the future will bring? Maybe someday it will be easier to pull molecules out of the very air we breathe and make them fit together into something entirely new. While we’re not betting on it, this design is still an interesting exploration of what could be in the very, very far future.

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See more in Futuristic or under Technology. July, 2010.