Sea Segway: Low-Tech, Hand-Powered ‘Stingray’ Seats One


sea segway personal craft

A personal pneumatic watercraft for mobile flotation, this lightweight device employees human-powered propulsion and recycled plastic bottles to keep it lean, versatile and free of outside energy requirements.

sea pump segway variant

Designed for anything from a bit of seafaring fun to emergency flood situations, the compact little scooter-like system lets you sit or propel yourself forward by pumping the handles.

sea craft concept

Attaching plastic bottles to sockets on the side lets you adjust the degree of floating to suit different weights or purposes, again without needing to make these additions permanent.

sea floating watercraft design

While the concept is quite cool, there could be some design and engineering issues in its current form – it would be tricky to generate enough thrust, for instance, using the system as currently described.

sea function image

It is also not entirely clear how many bottle attachments one would need to stay close to or at the surface. Still, a neat idea, if one that needs a bit more work to actually work.

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See more in Concept Vehicles or under Transportation. March, 2015.