Remarkable Concept Car May Be Future of Manufacturing

3d printed car concept

If you do 3D printing, chances are you’re used to a machine being pretty autonomous. They do all the building, after all. Magnify that idea about a hundred times and you get something completely self-sufficient…and bigger.

3d printed commuter car

Nir Seigel, a Royal College of Art graduate, developed what could be the most advanced concept car ever. Fittingly named Genesis, the Pilkington Design Award-winning car is 3D printed and assembles itself. The idea breathes new life into the spotty auto manufacturing industry not only by its self-sufficiency but by offering the consumer a high amount of customizability.

self assembling 3d printed car

“The printer would print out a car all around itself to match the buyer’s specifications,” a press release from the Royal College of Art states. It says the primary objective of the car is to “evolve products and services, based on customer needs, avoiding obsolescence.” It’s a broad declaration, and the entire idea smacks of pessimism. But with related advances like the almost-in-production 3D-printed Urbee 2, it’s a feasible one.

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