Redesigned Ketchup Cap Eliminates the First Messy Squeeze

improved ketchup bottle

You know the sinking feeling you get when you have a delicious-looking hot dog in one hand, a bottle of ketchup in the other, and when you squeeze the bottle all you get is a watery mess? High school seniors at Liberty North High School in Missouri came up with an ingenious solution: a cap that collects the water rather than letting it slosh out and ruin your perfectly good bun.

Tyler Richards and Jonathan Thompson are both ketchup lovers, and they both hated the watery glob that precedes the ketchup when you squeeze the bottle. They spent a school year working on a solution, tossing ideas around, and drawing out potential designs. Once they found a winner, they used the school’s 3D printer to print out a prototype.

better ketchup bottle

The finished product looks like an inverted mushroom. When put into the cap of a ketchup bottle, the ketchup is squeezed up and over, trapping the water at the bottom. Of course, you could prevent the watery mess by remembering to shake the bottle before using it – but when you’re hungry all reason goes out the window. Despite their creatively redesigned ketchup cap drawing plenty of attention, the young inventors don’t plan to patent or market their invention.

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See more in Do It Yourself or under Technology. May, 2014.