Musical Cigarette Receptacle Rewards Responsible Disposal

fumo cigarette disposal tower

There has been a lot of smoker-shaming going around in the past few years. While we aren’t defending smoking in any way, we do still think that responsible cigarette smokers deserve some props for correctly disposing on their butts. Fumo, a musical cigarette receptacle, rewards smokers for putting their used cigarettes into it instead of throwing them on the ground.

fumo light-up cigarette disposal tower


The Dutch/Turkish design firm ioglo designed the awesome urban fixture to reward smokers for doing the right thing and keeping their surroundings clean. Every time someone throws a cigarette butt into the Fumo, it lights up and plays any of a number of musical compositions from a moving gospel tune to Homer Simpson’s classic “D’oh!” exclamation.

responsible cigarette disposal

Fumo was inspired by the type of attention given to different types of garbage in a city. The designers were walking through their town and saw someone bend over to pick up a discarded can. Although there were hundreds of cigarette butts littering the ground, no one ever thinks to pick those up. They wondered if rewarding responsible behavior might encourage more people to do the right thing.

Every Fumo is hand-crafted and can be customized to fit the venue in which it will be used. Currently, the designers are working with a hospital to put a Fumo on its grounds, and they may soon be able to place Fumos at musical festivals. Wherever they end up, the cigarette poles could make a huge difference in the way that smokers treat their environment.

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See more in Various Gizmos or under Gadgets. May, 2014.