Radishingly Lovely Lamps: Video Game-Style Solar Lights

Don’t you wish real life were more like a video game? It would be great to step out of your front door and feel like you were right in the middle of Super Mario Brothers 2 – but without the baddies following you around and trying to knock your block off. This cool solar lamp concept would let you escape into your pretend video game world without worrying about Shy Guys or Birdos.

The lamps look just like the radishes that stuck out of the ground in Super Mario Brothers 2. Their rounded tops are the solar collectors which gather sun power during the day; then when the sun goes down, the lamps glow red. The really unique thing about this design is the flower pot that sits in the middle of the round top, giving it a truly plant-like appearance.

Planting a few of these around your yard would be a cool geeky way to safely find your way around at night. Even people who don’t get the video game reference would no doubt be amused by the huge glowing plastic radishes scattered all over your lawn. Just don’t get so wrapped up in admiring your new solar-powered vegetables that you forget to save the Princess.

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See more in Gaming & Geek or under Gadgets. April, 2010.