Form + Function Get Friendly: Jewelry-Like MP3 Player and Headphones

Lots of us are permanently attached to our MP3 players these days, so it’s no surprise that headphone designs have been evolving into fashionable objects. This particular MP3 player and headphone design is more of a fashion accessory than an electronic device, using forward-thinking electronics design and a delicate aesthetic to suggest jewelry that is also functional.

The earphone part of this design fits just inside the ear, while an attached chain leads down to a small earring worn in the wearer’s pierced earlobe. Besides adding a sparkly, attractive touch, the chain would probably help ensure that the earphone doesn’t fall out and roll away. The MP3 player section of the design is a bracelet that matches the earrings, making a matched set of beautiful accessories that also happen to be able to play all of your favorite music. Technically speaking, the bracelet looks a little too simple to be functional, but since the design is only a concept at the moment we think it has the right to be a bit fanciful.

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See more in Audio & TV or under Gadgets. April, 2010.