Put Some Awesome On You: Handmade Nintendo Necklaces

Despite their girliness and limited availability, we just couldn’t resist highlighting these awesomely geektastic one-of-a-kind cross-stitch (embroidered? We don’t know) necklaces featuring some of our favorite Nintendo characters. The small works of art were created by Etsy seller A Little Stranger and, according to her, they’re the only three that will ever be made.

The characters are all hand stitched and then mounted in an antique brass cameo fame. The colorful chains and cutesy pink bows bring to mind a certain love-infested holiday coming up. Right, gentlemen?

If you have to get the lady in your life something for Valentine’s day, it might as well be something that doesn’t make your stomach turn every time you look at it. What’s more romantic than giving the gift of old-school Kirby, Yoshi, or piranha plant?

The price may make you take a step back, though – at $68 each, they’re definitely a little more expensive than a card and a box of chocolates. But for one-of-a-kind masterpieces of this caliber, you can scrape that much up. Or, if the lady in your life wouldn’t appreciate these masterpieces, point them out to the nearest crafty person you know and see if they can make you some killer 8-bit cufflinks.

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See more in Gaming & Geek or under Gadgets. January, 2010.