Move On: Motorized Keyboard Gives Healthy Wrist Massages

Remember the days of seeing nerds and business people walking around with wrist braces on because of carpal tunnel syndrome? Luckily, improved ergonomics have been introduced to offices and homes everywhere, at least cutting down on the number of typing-related injuries. But this weird-looking keyboard from Smartfish will take the repetitive stress injury prevention just a step further.

By moving subtly once or twice an hour – depending on how much you’re using it – the keyboard prevents your wrists from staying in the same position for too long. The movement is more like a gentle vibration than a pronounced moving of the two sides, which means that it shouldn’t interrupt your typing. In fact, it’s supposed to be basically imperceptible.

The keyboard features the curved design that’s supposed to be much more ergonomically correct than straight-across keyboards, so its design coupled with its motor may indeed help prevent repetitive stress injuries in your wrists. It may seem crazy, but it’s true – and it’s going to be available beginning in April 2010 for about $150. According to Dvice, it’s quite large – but if you’re chained to your keyboard all day, saving your wrists from injury might justify giving up a little desk space.

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See more in Computers or under Gadgets. January, 2010.