Power Wash: Exercise Bike-Driven Clothes Washing Machine

bike washer combo machine

A solution to so many problems in a single design, this clever stationary bicycle does your laundry while you do your workout, a winning idea all around.

stationary bike laundry washer

bike washing machine detail

For starters, there is the necessity of getting the laundry done, which means you must keep to a regular exercise schedule.

bike washing machine design


And then there is the energy-free aspect, saving you money on electricity, helping the environment and making it easy to relocate this bike anywhere you want (include a porch or backyard).

bicycle clothes washing machine

Finally, the whole setup is space-saving by its very nature – both exercise bikes and washing machines often take up a lot of space for something infrequently used and serving only one function. For now it is just a concept, but one can only hope that designer Li Huan will seek funding to make this ingenious vision a working reality.

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See more in Home & Personal or under Gadgets. January, 2015.