Nice Numbers: Multitasking Mouse Hides Numeric Keypad

As our laptops get smaller and smaller, certain design sacrifices have to be made. One of the first things to go when the size of the computer decreases is the numeric keypad. And as anyone who has ever tried to tally up a list of figures using only the number keys just above the top row of letters can confirm, having a numeric keypad is a necessity at some times. This inventive mouse from Adesso lets you take a numeric keypad with you without adding to your laptop bag’s bulk. It’s not the first mouse to incorporate a numeric keypad, but its simple and functional design makes it a winner on many levels.

The mouse is a standard-size optical mouse that plugs into your laptop’s USB port. You simply use it like you would use any mouse, and when you need to run a set of numbers you just flip up the transparent plastic lid and use the 19-key numeric keypad underneath.

Much easier than hauling an additional keyboard with you everywhere, this keypad mouse is designed to make life easier for traveling professionals who no doubt have enough baggage as it is. But more than just adding functionality to the mouse, the keypad – intentionally kept visible at all times by the clear plastic housing – adds a layer of pleasing design to what would ordinarily be just another unremarkable piece of hardware.

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See more in Computers or under Gadgets. March, 2010.