My Finger is on the Bttn: Single Control For All Your Stuff

ifttt internet of things controller button

The Internet of Things is real, and it’s already started to slowly change the way we do things at home and in the workplace. You can control your thermostat, lights, and even your door locks from a remote location via mobile apps, and other home functions will definitely join up in the near future. Bttn is a simple but brilliant design meant to make controlling the Internet of Things a bit simpler.

openhome and bttn

bttn in the office

Bttn is programmable through the IFTTT platform, which lets you program actions based on triggers. In the case of bttn, the trigger is pushing that little button. The action could be calling a taxi, turning off all of the lights in your house, texting you when your kid gets home from school, or even a string of commands. For example: when you wake up in the morning, you could press the bttnto turn on the hallway and kitchen lights, turn the thermostat up or down, and start the coffee maker.

internet of things connection bttn

using bttn connected to internet of things

The bttn is connected to the internet via wifi or 3G (if a microSIM card is installed). It runs on four AA batteries which are said to keep the device going for an entire year, but if you don’t mind wires you can also plug it into a MicroUSB adapter. You get visual and aural feedback when you push it, which lets you know that your action has been registered, but quite frankly is just really satisfying.

texting lunch order bttn

bttn programmable actions

Actions for the bttn are programmed through any web browser. The setup is simple enough that even tech novices can use it, but robust and customizable enough that it feels fun and satisfying to the hardcore tech junkies. A number of actions are already created and can be activated through the bttn website with a single click (after you activate and register your bttn).

four different colors bttn

Although we think that pushing a big red button is probably the coolest option, bttn also comes in blue, yellow, and green. As of the time of publication they are available for pre-order for a $99 pledge on Indiegogo.

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