Magic for Muggles: Magic Wand is Cool Universal Remote

Maybe it makes us sound kind of old (or kind of like kids – what do we know?), but we still think it’s pretty amazing that we can turn on that crazy box in the corner and pictures come on to amuse us. Apparently other people feel that way too, and that’s why the totally awesome Kymera Magic Wand exists. It’s a universal remote made to look exactly like a magic wand so that you can feel like a wizard every time you change the channel.

The Magic Wand is a universal remote that learns from your other remotes. It can store up to 13 functions after you “train” it, and thereafter you can change the channel with a flick of the wand or adjust the volume with a simple twist. Although we’re stuck on TV (how do those tiny people get in there?), you can do much more with the wand. In fact, you can control just about anything that operates on an infrared signal.

According to the company that makes it, this magic wand is the world’s first buttonless, gesture-based remote control. The wand is undeniably awesome, but almost as impressive is the gorgeous website that goes along with it.

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See more in Home & Personal or under Gadgets. September, 2011.