LG Puts an Innovative New Twist on Portable Battery Power

flexible batteries lg chem

Curve, bend and get wet – words not often applied to the world of energy storage. LG Chem, however, is already mass-producing batteries that can achieve all of the aforementioned actions. Before you ask why, plenty of consumer devices already feature bendable screens.

lg chem bendable batteries

Taking the traditional shape and bulk out of the batteries that power our favorite devices means that designers are almost entirely free to rethink gadget designs. E-readers, wearable technology, and bendable cell phone screens are all firmly within reach with batteries that bend and move freely.

cable batteries lg chem

LG Chem is serious about their new developments, as they are beginning the mass production of these remarkable batteries. They’ve even created a cable-like battery that can be tied in knots or submerged in water. Next-generation device implementation will quickly follow, creating numerous answers for battery space problems.

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See more in Energy & Power or under Science. October, 2013.