Keep Your Nose Clean: Mug Has Clever Spoon-Holding Ledge

nota mug

Hot beverage lovers in Singapore can now enjoy their coffee or tea with more convenience and cleanliness. Designer Lee Hae Seung Scott noticed a few problems with the cups used at local markets. Condensed milk is traditionally served with the drinks, which means constant stirring. And the cups weren’t served with saucers, leaving the customers no place to put their spoons.

nota cup

Imagine drinking your favorite cappuccino that you ordered with extra foam and whipped cream. In order to enjoy the flavors of these embellishments, you need to do some extra stirring. But what if you didn’t have a saucer and needed to take a drink? The spoon would certainly slide around the rim of the mug and either hit your face or slide out, spilling your drink in the process.

spoon holding mug

Enter the NOTA coffee mug. Along the rim of the cup, just above the top of the handle, Scott added a small cove for the spoon to stay nestled in place, ready for stirring. It is a very simple yet elegant design that is both functional and fun.

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See more in Industrial Design or under Technology. April, 2013.