The Barman: Your Countertop Guide to the Perfect Cocktail

the barman device

Ever asked for a mixed drink at a party and gotten back a bland, weird, just plain awful cup of swill from your buddy the non-bartender? Inventor John Gallagher wants to make sure that never happens again. He’s created a countertop device he calls The Barman. It looks a lot like a kitchen scale (and works like one, too), but with one big difference: ┬áit helps you perfect your cocktails, not your chocolate chip cookies.

barman drink making assistant

the barman progress bar

The small, glossy block of wood features an LED screen on the front. The associated proprietary app has you choose the cocktail you want to make. You set a glass of ice on the Barman (it’s smart enough not to count that weight) and the display tells you which ingredient to pour in first. A progress bar on the screen and a blue LED under the glass let you know to keep going. When you’ve poured enough of that, the screen and under-glass LED will switch to red.

the barman app

The process of adding ingredients is repeated until you have the perfect cocktail. The app lets you choose between different sizes of drinks, so the relative measurements of ingredients will always be just right. The app comes with hundreds of pre-loaded drinks and friends can share their own cocktail recipes, ensuring that you’ll always have just the right thing to drink and it will always taste just right. The project is raising funds on Kickstarter, so if you want your own get over there and pledge some dough for this truly awesome invention.

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See more in Home & Personal or under Gadgets. May, 2013.