Jet-Powered Ambulance: Really Fast, Not For Emergencies

worlds-fastest-ambulance 2

Logic would say that if you have to be rushed to the hospital, you want an ambulance that can burn up some road. Seeing this ambulance, powered by a jet engine, roll around your neighborhood might give you some confidence in the speed with which you’ll be whisked off for emergency medical care. Don’t get your hopes up, though – the jet engine takes up the entire patient compartment. That doesn’t mean it’s any less awesome, though.


This custom-built crazy vehicle, built in 2003, is advertised as “the world’s fastest ambulance.” It’s powered by a General Electric J-79 jet engine from an F-4 Phantom.4130. And just to round out the coolness, the lights and sirens work just like a real ambulance. The best part? If it’s always been your dream to own the world’s fastest ambulance, it’s for sale. A cool $189,000 will get this bad boy out of your dreams and into your driveway.

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See more in Mods & Custom or under Transportation. September, 2009.