Go-Anywhere & Do-Anything Faux-Robot Flashlight Design

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The Gorillapod has been around for a while now, and just about everyone agrees that it’s a brilliant design. The geniuses behind the tiny tripod that grabs on and holds your camera anywhere are now introducing the Gorillatorch: an awesomely handy little flashlight that goes anywhere you want it to and stays put wherever you need it to.

gorillatorch 2

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While looking like a robot from “batteries not included,” the Gorillatorch manages to be at once adorable and utilitarian. Its three non-scratch legs are flexible enough to grab onto or wrap around any nearby surface or object to hold it just where you need it. If there’s nothing to wrap the legs around, they’ve also got strong little magnets in the feet, so you can just stick this bad boy onto your fridge, car hood, or wherever else you need a little extra light.

gorillatorch 5

gorillatorch 6

The dimmer switch on the front of the Gorillatorch lets you adjust the strength of the beam, which goes all the way up to a respectable 65 lumens. It requires three AA batteries, which can provide light for up to 80 hours on the “economy” setting. It’s small enough that you can stash it pretty much anywhere, and it’s even waterproof – so you’re never without light, even in a downpour.

gorillatorch 3

Besides the cool technical aspects and usefulness of the Gorillatorch, it’s just plain cute. We can imagine it speaking in that squeaky alien-robot language as it tells you that it’s hungry for new batteries.

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