It’s a Wash: Revolutionary Fruit Sticker Turns Into Soap

The smarties at Amron Experimental have once again taken a regular, everyday item and redesigned it to do something totally incredible. They’ve figured out a way to make those annoying stickers on fruit crazily useful. Rather than simply peeling them off, throwing them away and being left with an icky residue, Amron’s Produce Wash Fruit Labels would let you run the fruit (including the sticker) under water to instantly turn the label into fruit soap.

It’s pretty common knowledge that most fruits and vegetables you find in the supermarket are doused with chemicals and often covered in wax to make them shiny and appealing in the store. Simply running water over them doesn’t work for removing most of these substances. A whole industry has grown up around special washes and soaps that remove the harmful chemicals and make your fruits safe to eat. Combining those annoying stickers and the useful fruit soaps makes perfect design sense.

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See more in Industrial Design or under Technology. October, 2011.