Info Overload? ASUS’ Three-Part Plan to Virtual Freedom

Information overload is a very real problem for many modern humans. The problem is only increased by our mobile computing devices, smartphones and other gadgets that let us stay in touch and share information no matter where we are. ASUS thinks their Waveface system is the solution to the problem. The system gives you smarter updates, bringing you only the information that’s relevant to you at that moment through an intelligent network of devices.

When you’re on the go, you’d wear the stylish wristwatch-type smartphone seen above. Your personal network would realize that you’re mobile and would only push information to you that you need right then. But when you’re at home, the connected HDTV would give you the whole picture: your documents, communications, schedule and whatever else you need. There’s even a portable touchscreen tablet that would let you integrate the times you’re semi-mobile but not at home, like in the office or at a business lunch.

The above video, recorded at the ASUS event inside CES 2010, shows how the system works. The wearable component is the most interesting part: it’s built around a flexible OLED display, and the exterior is a touchscreen. The device can be operated by touch, or simply by gestures. The Waveface is firmly in concept territory at the moment, but we can definitely see something like this hitting the market soon and taking some of the info burden off of weary office workers.

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See more in Computers or under Gadgets. February, 2010.