Helmet Hair: LEGO Figure-Style Bike Cap for Human Riders


Meticulously modeled after the stylized heads of hair that one can attach to LEGO figures, this 3D-printed helmet makes you look like an action toy while you ride your bike around town.



The design and innovation firm MOEF created this prototype, basing everything from its size and shape to its color on the toy figure that inspired it.



The idea, in part, is to raise awareness about riding without a helmet, which 44% of children do – perhaps for kids and adults alike this kind of design an inspire more safe biking practices.



The scaled-up version has the same bowl-cut while an attached safety strap turns it into functional protective gear. Currently a prototype, one hopes LEGO might take a look and decide there is a market for these.


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See more in Industrial Design or under Technology. November, 2016.