Headset + Handset = Convenient Communications Gadget

Bluetooth earpieces are a must if you have to talk while you’re driving, but one of the most irritating parts of their design is that you have to keep track of them separately from your phone. For those of us who manage to lose our phones several times a day, adding one more gadget into the mix is a little too much to ask.

The Aliph Solo concept takes a bit of daily stress off of your plate by combining the cell phone handset and a Bluetooth headset. The concept, from designer Aaron Ricica, is a sleek and convenient way to keep those two very important gadgets at hand without adding any bulk to your pockets or purse.

Separating the Bluetooth headset from the cell phone seems easy enough. You just push down on the headset to make it pop up, then place it into your ear and slide the phone away. The headset is left snugly in your ear, and you can adjust its volume with nothing more than a twist of the earpiece. And best of all, the earpiece and handset charge together so you never need to dig around for more than one charging cable.

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See more in Phones & Mobile or under Gadgets. July, 2010.