Geek On the Go: Portable Turntable Briefcase MP3 Converter

There’s a very devoted world of audiophiles who wholeheartedly believe that nothing compares to vinyl. And they may very well be right. But the problem with vinyl is that it’s far less portable than, say, CDs or MP3s. This briefcase turntable will let you play your records wherever you go – and the internal speakers will give you stereo enjoyment no matter where you roam.

But even better than playing your vinyl wherever you go is converting all of your old records into digital format easily. The USB port on this briefcase turntable lets you plug it directly into your computer, turning those bulky records into files. Of course, we fully expect you’d still carry the turntable around for those special occasions when digital just won’t do. Unlike a lot of the really great gadgets you see here, this one is available now from Think Geek.

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See more in Audio & TV or under Gadgets. February, 2010.