Deafinitely Stylish: Generation X Solution for Concertitis

It’s not often that fashion and healthcare cross paths. In fact, items like hearing aids are usually bulky and unattractive, but necessary. The Deafinite Style hearing aid concept from Designaffairs Studio of Germany brings a definite sense of fashion to the world of hearing aids. It requires the wearer to have gauged earlobe piercings, and it’s worn like a regular piece of jewelry.

The hearing aid uses the brand new TriMic system for delivering true sound and allowing the user to position the microphones in just the right position. For users with moderate hearing loss, the above model would work just fine. But for users with more severe hearing loss, the Plug model – with additional bits in the center – would provide more help.

Obviously a hearing aid that requires stretched earlobes would appeal to a relatively small niche market, but the design, incorporating attractiveness into an item that’s normally utilitarian and bulky, should provide inspiration for future designers.

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See more in Home & Personal or under Gadgets. February, 2010.