Fold it Up: Space-Saving Folding Keyboard on Tiny Laptop

The problem of the tiny keyboard is one that plagues the owners of super-small portable computers. But what can you do, short of carrying a keyboard around with you when you travel? Designer Yang Yongchang came up with the ultimate solution that preserves the portability of itty-bitty computers but doesn’t make users give up the full keyboard we all love.

The iWeb 2.0 Laptop concept features a very small 6.5 inch touch screen with a full-size keyboard that folds in on itself when not in use. The keyboard is designed to be easy to use, with shortcut keys and a touch pad for easy navigation.

Unfortunately, the keyboard doesn’t seem to have a full numeric keypad, which would be a welcome addition. But the fact that you can place both hands comfortably on the keyboard without feeling like a giant is a big plus for this design. We’re picturing a very weird hybrid monster laptop in the future featuring this fold-out keyboard and a massive fold-out screen.

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See more in Computers or under Gadgets. April, 2010.