Feed Your Mind: Cook an Office Lunch Right at Your Desk

Just about every workaholic comes up against the same problem time and time again: should you work through lunch and skip eating, grab something unhealthy but quick, or give up some precious work time to actually cook something and risk falling behind? This design from Steve Gates adds a fourth option: make a quick, easy, (somewhat) healthy meal right at your desk.

The Desktop Microwave Oven concept takes the most treasured of office breakroom appliances and puts it right on the user’s desk, making it simple to cook up some tasty lasagna or chicken fried rice in no time. In fact, the user doesn’t even have to fiddle with buttons, read instructions or keep an eye on the meal. An RFID tag inside each pre-made meal’s attached fork lets the oven “read” information about the meal. Sliding the box inside the little oven activates the smart gadget to turn on to the correct temperature and tells you when the meal has cooked for the appropriate amount of time.

And there’s no doubt that this oven is meant to be used in the office: it attaches to your computer via USB. You can even control the oven through a computer application, so you don’t have to take your eyes off of your screen for even a moment. Sure, there are healthier meal options out there than packaged ready-meals, but when you’re pressed for time and just don’t want to eat another bag of chips or chocolate bar for lunch, this cool office gadget – if it ever makes it to production – could be a life saver.

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See more in Various Gizmos or under Gadgets. May, 2010.