Eyes Straight Ahead: The Rear-Projection Urinal Screen

Horse Bazaar rear projection urinal 2

If you ever visit the Horse Bazaar Pub in Melbourne, Australia, the first thing you’ll probably notice is the art. Their website calls it an “immersive projection environment,” which involves a 20-meter digital canvas showing a continuous display of art. That’s pretty impressive for a pub, but their innovative ideas don’t stop there. The pub also features what might be the world’s first rear projection urinal: a screen you can pee on.

Horse Bazaar rear projection urinal

Ostensibly, the rear projection urinal is meant for continuing the pub’s art display. But think of all of the awesome things you could do with a piece of equipment like this: pee on the opposing team during an important game, show the weatherman what you think of his forecast, or even create a whole art piece especially for this display space. But whatever you do, remember: eyes straight ahead, and don’t get too close to the guy next to you.

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See more in Audio & TV or under Gadgets. September, 2009.