Engineering Students Redesign the Humble Cardboard Box

rapid packing container

Cardboard boxes probably aren’t something you think about often unless you’re planning to move house. But engineering students Henry Wang and Chris Curro thought about them a lot: their design, their difficulty of use, their wastefulness. And they decided to do something about the standard cardboard box problems by designing their own.

The Rapid Packing Container requires no glue or tape to assemble. You simply shove the unmade box into a specialized square container, then with one hand close the box with its built-in wax seal. The demo made by the inventors looks extra cool, but the design has plenty of critics who don’t believe the new design can match the durability and strength of the traditional box. We hope to see these young dreamers realize their goals and reinvent the ubiquitous box.

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See more in Industrial Design or under Technology. January, 2014.