Electric Bubble Car Could Change Our Idea of Electric Cars

It isn’t often that a contemporary designer can come up with a truly innovative concept car that looks different than anything else out there. Damnjan Mitic has done it with the EGGO concept car, though. Branded for Citroen in the renders, the car features a totally distinctive egg shape that maximizes interior space – and the concept could be different enough to be a game changer.

The all-glass scissor-style doors allow a much greater degree of visibility than modern car designs. And the suspension is similar to that of an ATV, allowing the car to handle rough terrain and a variety of weather conditions while keeping the passengers inside comfortable.

There is an electric motor in each wheel, which frees up the front of the car for more passenger and driver legroom. Solar panels on the top of the car help to top up the batteries as you drive around.

While the concept is stunning, there are a number of issues that would need to be worked out before this concept is road-ready. Still, we can’t wait for the future when vehicles are no longer limited by the shapes and locations of gas-powered engines.

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See more in Concept Vehicles or under Transportation. October, 2011.