Earbuds Falling Out? Nip it in the Custom-Sized (Yur)bud

Earbuds, we’re told, are wonderful things. They’re much less clunky than traditional headphones or earphones, making them easier all-around for everyday use. But the problem is that we’ve never found a pair of earbuds that don’t fall out and/or cause major pain in the ears. And because they don’t fit the way they’re supposed to and they’re always falling out or falling out of position, we’re forced to turn the volume way up. Those problems may now be solved by these fascinating little “earbud enhancers” called Yurbuds.

Yurbuds are little silicon adapters that fit onto most types of earbuds and Bluetooth headsets. They’re designed to help the devices stay put in your ears, even during vigorous physical activity. But they aren’t just one-size-fits-all; after ordering a set of the enhancers, you’re prompted to take a picture of your ear with a reference item: either an Apple earbud or a US quarter. Based on the relation of the reference item to your ear, Yurbuds’ scanning software will determine what size your ear canal is. Then you get a pair of the little gizmos that you just slip on over your earbuds, and they’re just the right size for your particular ears. Not a bad deal for $19.99.

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See more in Audio & TV or under Gadgets. January, 2010.