Button Envy: 18-Button Mouse Kicks Your Mouse’s Butt

warmouse 18 button oomouse

Once upon a time, computer mice were rather simple. They had two buttons – some had only one – and their functions were pretty basic. But then we started using our computers for more sophisticated programs and games, and we needed more input power. So the magical mouse fairies brought us the Warmouse OOMouse: an 18-button behemoth decked out with an analog stick and packed with so much awesome that 80% of you probably won’t even be able to use it.

18 button open office mouse

It looks intimidating at first, but that’s just to weed out the noobs. The OOMouse was designed to be used with Open Office, but it’s obviously got soooo many other applications just waiting to be fired up with its customizable buttons. Imagine programming all of your most commonly-used Photoshop actions into it, so that editing photos was as simple as remembering which button to click. Or one-buttoning all of your complicated OO Calc macros. You can even program the analog stick for up to 16 different keys or macros in the three joystick-as-keyboard modes, which should make your daily work much easier. But come on, let’s be serious – we know what you’d use it for: /mount, /dismount, /equp, /cast…you WoW players are so predictable. It’ll retail soon for about $75, so start saving up your gold now.

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See more in Gaming & Geek or under Gadgets. November, 2009.