BREAKING! 1 Click Can Help Send Our Lead Editor to School

Update 11/18: Due to some ballot stuffing taking place in the competition, the votes have been reset and the voting poll changed. Please help Delana win this scholarship by clicking right here and voting once per day until November 30th!

Hey there Gajitz fanatics – we interrupt your regular geekery for a somewhat off-topic but very special side story! While we wouldn’t ordinarily ask anything from you other than your continued readership, we think this subject warrants a break from convention. Our Executive Editor, Delana Lefevers, is a finalist in the 2011 Blogging Scholarship and she needs your help to win. Delana has been the main writer on Gajitz since the site was born more than two years ago. She is a hard-working and dedicated writer who truly loves being a full-time professional blogger. Gajitz is her passion and her pet project, and she has helped it grow from day one.

There is another side to Delana as well: she is a single mother of three small children who is putting herself through college after an extended hiatus from school. She’s close to completing her Bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts, and after she does she wants to attend law school. This scholarship would pay for an entire year of tuition so that she can continue to attend classes full-time while supporting her kids and still writing for Gajitz. This blog is, after all, the reason she’s in the running to receive this scholarship.

All you need to do to help Delana win is to click on the “Vote For Me” button at the top of this post (or click right here!) and choose Delana’s name from the list of finalists. It takes less than one minute and you don’t have to register or share any of your personal information. Voting ends November 23rd, so please vote today and send the link to anyone who you think might want to help Delana achieve her dream of being the first person in her family to graduate college.

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