Air-Cooled Collectible: Iconic VW Van Recreated in LEGO

If you were lucky enough to live through the 60s (or if you just really love hippie culture) you’ll instantly recognize the above vehicle. For the uninitiated, it’s a 1962 Volkswagen T1 camper van – the very same van that young people seemed to love driving cross-country in a few decades ago. But of course, this one is made of LEGO pieces: 1,322 of them, to be exact.

The van was faithfully recreated in painstaking detail, from the pop-up roof and aircooled rear-sitting engine to the hippie-inspired interior color scheme and lava lamp. There’s even a T-shirt hanging in the window that encourages fellow motorists to “Make LEGO models, not war.” You will have to save up your pennies for a while to nab this model at $120, but that’s significantly less than most Star Wars kits and we rather think it’s well worth the price.

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See more in Art Vehicles or under Transportation. November, 2011.